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Engine Maintenance & Upgrades

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Untilting an Mi16 engine




When fitted into 205's, Mi16 engines are sometimes tilted to make the job easier. This avoids the problems of the exhaust manifold hitting the bulkhead and the inlet manifold hitting the radiator.


In doing this however there is one MAJOR problem. With the engine at an angle the oil pickup in the sump is not at its lowest point, this means when being driven hard oil starvation can occur. If oil starvation does occur, even for a split second the engine can seize, not good!


To get round the oil starvation it would make sense to put the engine in at its correct angle.



Getting started:


To begin the bottom engine mount must be removed, this is simple, jack the car up and undo the 2 bolts on the engine mount. (Photo soon)


You will see where the engine mount has been extended to bring the base of the engine forward. You will also see the original hole that the horizontal bolt must go through. with the bottom engine mount off you will be able to push the base of the engine back and forth, however when you do this you will notice that you can't push it all the way to line up with the original hole. This will probably be because the enhaust is knocking on the bulkhead. Crawl under the car so that you can see the exhaust manifold and push the engine towards the back of the car. Note where the exhaust downpipe hits the bulkhead so that it can be beaten back later.



Removing the exhaust:


You must now remove the whole exhaust system so that you can get to the bulkhead. This is easy enough.


Remove the 2 rubber hooks on the backbox and unbolt the 2 bolts at the manifold to downpipe connection. The whole exhaust should now shuffle away from the manifold.



'Negotiating' with the bulkhead:


Now that the exhaust is out of the way you can beat the area of the bulkhead that was making contact with the exhaust downpipe. beat this with a lump hammer and a long bar so that there is enough room for the exhaust. Your may prefer to have the downpipe cut and welded to fit, this is a less brutal approach but may lose engine power due to a restricted gas flow resulting in higher back pressure.



Almost done:


Now the trial and error begins. replace the exhaust system and push the engine back so that the bottom engine mount lines up with the original hole. if the exhaust is still touching with bulkhead you must remove the exhaust and beat the bulkhead back further. If the engine can be pushed to its original place without any contact you can pat yourself on the back. bolt the bottom engine mount back in place and you Mi16 is successfully untilted.

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