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  2. Armoured 205 GTi

    I *think* it's this outfit who did the conversion, but I can't find any references for sure: http://www.labbe-fourgons.com/les-vehicules/vehicules-specifiques/
  3. Armoured 205 GTi

    Wonder what the silver bedknob sticking out of the the C pillar badge is.
  4. Armoured 205 GTi

    It turns out I've inadvertently made my 205 look like an armoured car by fitting non opening excessively tinted rear quarter windows... I've heard of these before but those are the best photos I've ever seen. The hole in the air vent that would normally be for an aftermarket immobiliser is surprising/interesting. It would be nice to know exactly what they did to the suspension and brakes to cope with 1400kg, I certainly can't see it being much of a drivers car any more.
  5. Armoured 205 GTi

    Very interesting! And 1400kgs!
  6. Armoured 205 GTi

    €37,500 - must have been an interesting project, looks to be in amazing condition: http://www.artandrevs.com/car.php?id=560
  7. yellow plug is driving lamps as mentioned, red plug is a switched live for twin fan looms, brown plug is for the fan low speed resistor or the dim dip resistor, the plug is the same for both, the resistor for the fan has a socket straight in the top of it and should be on a metal clip on the top edge of the radiator. The dim dip resistor is on the front panel near the horn, below the nearside headlamp also on a metal clip but the resistor has a short fly lead to a socket. yellow wire looks as mentioned may be the car's positive feed to the shunt box, need to trace that back to confirm but should have a ring terminal onto the shint box pictured. large grey plug is part of the fan loom and is the main fan connection, it wont plug into the bottom of the shunt box, there is a large plug half way along the loom.
  8. How to know a 1,9 GTI hub ?

  9. How to know a 1,9 GTI hub ?

    If the hub is complete with the bearing in then you can usually identify it by the drive flange having a slot across the end. I think the 306 hubs are usually plain on this flange, another identifying point could be the ABS mount more likely to be found on the 306 hub. g
  10. Hi I am in the middle of buying hubs from a 205 1.9 GTI, but I wondering how to see difference between compared to other hub that looks like the a 205 1,9 GTI. For example the Peugeot 306 hubs look quite similar, but I have heard they are not. How do I know a peugeot 205 1.9 GTI hub. I know that the Peugeot 205 1,9 GTI has 25 splines for the driveshaft and a wheel bearing in the size. wide [mm]: 36 mm Inside diameter [mm]: 42 mm Outside diameter [mm]: 82 mm Thanks for the help - Martin
  11. Actually, yes, I think you might right Tom. The wires out of the back of the driving lamps are quite long & from what I can remember when I replaced burnt out wires on my car of the same year, the driving lamps wires are brown, again, can you see a number on the wires near the plug? g
  12. I'm sure brown plugs are the indicators, yellow are driving lamps.
  13. Have you got wing side repeaters fitted? These usually plug into a smaller link loom that feeds the side & front indicators on each side separately, a simple add on from when they didn't have the wing repeaters. There is a number on the yellow wire, can't make it out in the picture but what does it say? g
  14. I don't have the "green pipe". Bleeding is no prolem as I have a bleednipple in that top hose to gete the air out.
  15. I can't quite tell from the pictures, but the yellow wire looks like it might be coming out of the fan loom.
  16. Last week
  17. Sorry I never saw this reply, he got it sorted in the end, he had counted the teeth on the supplied belt and was the same as what was written on the box and on the parts website, he told me removed the idler pulley, put the belt over it and forced it on, it's running OK and has been fine. I don't remember ever having to do that to get a belt on one of these but it's working so must be OK I guess. Thanks for the reply.
  18. So sorry to hear Thatcher bad noise. Sounded really healthy before. 7500 rum for 130 Lars must be tough though. Some good lines your son makes.
  19. Hi Leslie, Yep she's a keeper, I always wanted a 205GTI and this was just the job - I've been around cars long enough to know that this will be an absolute corker, yet for what I paid I could only have got a rotten old dog. When done I'll have a rot-free shell with 79k miles, an engine with zero miles, refurbished running gear, fresh paint and a re-trimmed interior for less than £4k. It'll take a bit of graft, but I'm happy with that. As for the clear history - these things are all 25+ years old and plenty have 'history'!! My history is recorded that's all - there will be plenty of '3rd party insured, repaired on the cheap' but unrecorded cars out there for £££ more, I know which I'd rather have. I'm aware that plenty of folks won't touch a recorded car with a barge pole and that's their prerogative. To me, for a car of this vintage it isn't an issue if the car is honest.
  20. V6 plumbing

    Green pipe looks a good idea to me for its self bleeding effect ‘al a’ 8v. I always add these into gti6 thermostat housings for that exact reason, fill up the coolant and off you go, no faffing.
  21. Always crap to see a good block popping rods... feel sorry for you. Any clue on the cause? It popped on straight and not in a left corner. Looks like the rod bolt snapped?
  22. I did the same thing, the new style injectors needed some spacers to stop them slipping too far down the orginal injector bosses, so they are in a tight fit between manifold and fuelrail.
  23. IS it connected by a ring terminal on one end of the shunt box, if so it’s the live feed to the rest of the car and should be connected to the battery positive.
  24. Johniban, I don't know if the yellow wire is supposed to be live or an earth. I have not tried tried to start the engine or put power on the loom yet as there were so many wires not connected. Now I have eliminated some thanks to the help from you and other guys on this site. I want to connect all the wires correctly if I can before trying to start the engine. As its been stripped and rebuilt completely including all the ignition and timing then many things could stop it starting. By sorting as many of the wires out a possible give it the best chance of starting, running and not doing any damage mechanically or electrically. If I can get someone to point me in the right direction with the yellow wire in the next day or so then great. If not I may do as you suggest, put power on the loom and see if the yellow wire shows power or not. I still won't know where it is supposed to go. Does anyone else have this medium sized yellow wire coming out of their shunt box mounted on the slam panel and if so could you look were it goes to???? Thanks, Bob.
  25. V6 plumbing

    All I know is that without the green pipe it was near impossible to bleed and always had airlocks and overheated. With the green pipe it still requires a nack to bleed it properly but it no longer overheats or has air locks.
  26. Favourite Tools

    Drop me a pm with what you need and we can sort something out I’m sure. Cheers
  27. Screwed in with a very fine thread, 10mm hex on them
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