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  2. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    All the wishbones that I've seen have followed the ribbed = 205 and plain = 309 scheme that Mei mentioned above. Difference is circa 10mm as mentioned.
  3. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    they do look longer, iirc the hole is in the same place and all the extra length outside it. interesting that statement of replaceable parts, I have seen a spherical joint fitted into a chunkier aftermarket arm. i dont think the beam is that much wider, 25mm total sounds about right, mind you if it is 25 a side that explains why theyre horrible with 309 beam, so dull and understeery. 106 is 40mm narrower than a 205, its the roll bar that does it
  4. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    OK so they're 205 ones in 309 packaging then, I was remembering it as being a bigger difference for some reason, 25mm or so but now I think about it that is the rear beam difference per side. I thought the strengthening ribs were always present on 205 wishbones and usually (but not always) absent on 309 ones? E.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253075225446 Edit: I just noticed Compbrake are reproducing them now - http://www.compbrake.com/product/peugeot-309-wishbones-pair/ - they have the ribs and also they say "All components replaceable" which is interesting, I know their adjustable wishbones have a bad reputation but I'm interested to hear what people think of these.
  5. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    10mm, or look at the ribs, 309 are plain, 205 have almost a lattice type pattern.
  6. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    It looks like I spoke too soon, the three wishbones I have are slightly shorter than the 309 one Jeremy removed from his 205. Can someone remind me how large the difference in length is between 205 and 309 wishbones?
  7. It'll take longer to reach operating temp though if you get impatient and put the bower on full blast as soon as the slightest bit of warm air starts to make an appearance. But even then, sounds like it can't just be that, I cant believe it would have that significant an impact on economy.
  8. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    I knew I had three new 309 wishbones that were all the same side but I couldn't remember which side they were, it turns out they are all nearsides and that's what we both need so it is very lucky really, I expected them to be wrong when I dug them out. It doesn't normally work out like that, I'm surprised I even managed to find them at all, in fact I'm surprised I remembered I had them in the first place!
  9. I agree but it should still run at a regulated temp by the thermostat.
  10. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    Were you really lucky or did you have my usual luck and you needed the other side??!
  11. Possible Cracked Block - options?

    Me too - see where it weeps. Radweld sorted mine quickly and cheaply - good enough for plenty of hard use since. Plan is to re-block mine at some point but only to sort a different issue - if it wasn't for that I'd run it as is for as long as I could.
  12. tickover issues

    luckily, i have a couple of spair air flow meters so i swapped one and reset the idle and (fingers crossed) behaved impeccably all day yesterday. got another dizzu so could have a go with that too if neccessary, but idle was a steady 1100 no wild variations. will keep it at that for a few days before i risk dropping it to 950 or so. Thanks for all input. steve.
  13. The heater matrix and interior fan on full power are pretty effective at cooling an engine down not to mention drawing power from the alternator, a cold engine is a less economical engine
  14. Yesterday
  15. They do like to crack at the back, seen the front as well a couple of time, Corrosion is becoming more of a issue these days but at least the Alloy XU engine was used quite late on in 306's etc. As said dead easy to swap everything across, But it would all need to be checked first so it's difficult to price up
  16. If you get stuck I do have them, But generally some RTV around them seals them up fine, even when old
  17. Possible Cracked Block - options?

    Mine is cracked on the back 10mm under the bottom of right head stud inside the web in this pic ,engine hadn't run in 10 years so don't know when it happened or if this was why it was parked up or not or it happened in storage . 20170818_171153 by Leslie, on Flickr
  18. [Engine Work] 205 1.9 Needing 24 Valves

    Brand new from fleabay Maybe the engine doesn't need spacing, just needs a proper one
  19. [Engine Work] 205 1.9 Needing 24 Valves

    that top mount looks particularly tired! dont forget the buffers, they go in after the main bush but before the arm.
  20. having the heaters on shouldn't affect it at all really, I guess you havent got a gauge though? might be a thermostat stuck open making it run cold.
  21. [Engine Work] 205 1.9 Needing 24 Valves

    Had a small amount of time earlier so figured I'd try and get something done but the thought of going into a cold garage with cold tools wasn't exactly top of my list Took off the alternator and had my 1.9 one close by, interesting to see it was a bit smaller and lighter, not sure what amp difference it is, not that I'll need the extra for my cruise control etc Using the 1.9 one would mean a lot less work on the bodywork but a lot more work on making it fit...hmmm Trimmed up some bodywork to clear the cam cover and dropped the lump in Looks like it needs to be spaced up on the right hand mount Got some room at the front, I say some... I don't really know peugeot mounts but is this normal for the top part of the mount to be squashed down, I mean really squashed down or is this a cheap mount Will chop out more of the cam side bodywork and have another looksie at the alternator Nearly ready for the MOT
  22. Possible Cracked Block - options?

    not especially no, I think it was a maximum of £200 in parts.
  23. Cheers Meirion. Expensive job?
  24. Possible Cracked Block - options?

    they tend to crack along the base of the water jacket, so just above where you can see the head bolts poke through, can be on the front or the rear. I built an engine for another forum member due to exactly this issue about 2 years ago, thankfully his engine was in reasonable condition other than the block but IIRC we still fitted new shells etc.
  25. Would rather avoid complete new engine if possible as this runs great.
  26. Any other tips on what to look for once i get it on thecramps? Any other symptoms? if it is a cracked block I’d look to send it to somewhere like Pug racing to get it sorted.
  27. Is anybody else’s fuel consumption gone through the floor? im running a 1.1 carb 205 and the mpg was incredible a month ago and now it’s absolutely terrible! im hoping it’s down to long periods with the choke on and heaters on full cooling the engine constantly rather than a over furling problem!
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