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  3. Any idea where this goes?

    You are correct
  4. Xmt - Sarty's Xsara Mi16 Turbo

    Seems an apt use of it yes, however it is Richards money so we'll let him have a play and learn Theory is that shifting this volume of air with the aid of boost the position of the injectors will make less difference than it would in a Naturally aspirated engine.
  5. don't let the battery get so low! many of the modern chargers and jump packs will not charge/provide jumping power if they don't sense a voltage above a certain threshold.
  6. Xmt - Sarty's Xsara Mi16 Turbo

    I think it's bollocks on the 8 injectors idea. A modern ECU and four new injectors can do your power range easily and still idle like a kitten. Have I used the word "bollocks" correctly? It's not in the Straylan vocabulary.
  7. I bought a powerful and decent quality little portable battery jump start pack to keep in the boot for times when my 1.9 GTI won't start. Went out the other day having not driven the car for a while and it wouldn't start, so got the pack out and attached to the battery ready to jump start. However, it wouldn't properly connect. I think this is because of the immobiliser, as the battery was so dead the immobiliser light wasn't even flashing. However, if I connect the car to another car with jump leads the immobiliser light starts flashing and I can then jump start it. I know this pack works, as I have used it on the GTI when the battery wasn't so flat that the immobiliser had stopped working and also on my mum's old Mercedes, which is a 280SL, so has a bigger engine. Anyone else encountered any similar issue or got any thoughts on how to get round this? Thanks Simon
  8. Xmt - Sarty's Xsara Mi16 Turbo

    If I'm following this, could a Fiat/Lancia P8 ECU therefore be modified to work on any 4cyl turbo engine? BTW glad to see this coming along Doc.
  9. Front spoiler

    Hello Perhaps answered before, bu i"m mounting a gti/rally/generation front spoiler to my (fake) rallye. There are two holes though near the wheel arch. 1 tugs the bumper inward thigh, and the other lets it go wide to match the sideskirts? Hope this makes sence. BR Arthur
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  11. [Engine Work] 205 1.9 Needing 24 Valves

    Put the buffers back on the right hand mount but still the same - the top part of the bush caves in right down to the bottom where the notches are (for when removing them) So looks like you get what you pay for, ordered some Baker ones, will bin this once they arrive. I don't mind the extra vibrations through the shell, used to it with the mini as it is running uprated mounts which have a shure rating of something like 75, they are harsh but the engine don't move for nothing and with 5mm clearance everywhere you need it steady so I'm guessing with the tight clearances with this swap it'll be the same In the meantime my rubber mallet snapped Had it for years, quite sad but as you know things happen for a reason... Then cue Kam madness Took off around 30mm, roughly the same the bush mount was caving in... Fits nice Engine sits more level now but will wait till new mounts are here, this will do in the meantime to check subframe clearance Clearance seems fine underneath to steering rack and manifold So looks like I will use this subframe a template and start cutting up my one and reinforce it All good
  12. Engine bay question

    Coil and ignition amp for the phase1-1.5 cars?
  13. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    Checked on the Pug after the last couple of days of freezing temps. Discovered that the cold weather appears to have buggered whatever life was left in the rear window & tailgate seals due to water getting in and having to scrape the inside of the tailgate screen as that had frozen over about as badly as the outside was this morning and there was a nice frozen puddle behind the passenger seat which I haven't had in years Also found the car appears to be dead as although the battery had been inside on charge over the weekend and there was power feeding everything in the car including locking, dials, blowers, etc, the car made no effort to start Cant hear anything from the fuel pump and no clunk or anything when the key turned in the ignition Not the best time of year, but it looks like there will be some expenditure next year now - and if I'm going to be having to completely replace window seals (not cheap from France) it looks as though it might be worth me looking into decent resto costs and get paintwork / bodywork, etc, sorted at the same time as the other bits I had pnanned early next year like sorting the exhaust, alloys, etc - all good fun.
  14. On the passenger side suspension strut tower there is a bracket with 2 threads, anyone know what bolts on there? Really should of taken more pictures when I stripped this car before the rebuild.
  15. I think I’ve partly cured this by putting some air in the tyres see how this week goes
  16. On the passenger side suspension strut tower there is a bracket with 2 threads, anyone know what bolts on there? Really should of taken more pictures when I stripped this car before the rebuild.
  17. oil pressure gauge oddity

    I have also had sender units fail and work like this. About £25 aftermarket a bit awkward to change with the inlet on but do-able.
  18. oil pressure gauge oddity

    poor connection somewhere. depends on the age of the car, there may be a multiplug in the middle of the engine loom under the afm that can cause issues, also the terminal on the sender can come loose.
  19. Getting my 1990 1.6GTi issues sorted bit by bit. The next very minor issue is a gauge that bounces about intermittently and drops to zero then back to normal. I know it's not a big deal, but would be interested as to why it happens. Checked oil level and although it burns a bit I am pretty sure it is not that. Any ideas? thanks in advance, Steve.
  20. rear wiper relay i think.
  21. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    Changed my wiper stalk as the washer jet function was quite temperamental and modified an ignition barrel so the car is back to 1 key does all locks.
  22. tickover issues

    the car has been transformed. had 2 long journeys in start stop traffic today and behaved impeccably. amazing what a dodgy AFM can do!!!
  23. Or what it’s for? stripped this car 2 years ago for a full repaint and only just getting round to putting it back together.
  24. Did you check for sparks after checking the dizzy cap? Did you check the connecting contact from the coil was still ok? (did not drop out while refitting?) (Right picture; contact in the middle, from the coil)
  25. [Engine Work] 205 1.9 Needing 24 Valves

    Yeah just mock up for now, engine will be back out, also there is no clutch on, box is just bolted up Hmmm maybe the new mount isn't goofed its just carrying all the weight on that side (and heavier weight) as the buffers ain't in as mentioned? I'll pop them on first to see if the buffers take any stress off the mount arm
  26. [Engine Work] 205 1.9 Needing 24 Valves

    I’d get those buffers in at WP suggests, if you are mocking things up, a couple mm change at the top mount could he 20mm down the bottom!
  27. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    All the wishbones that I've seen have followed the ribbed = 205 and plain = 309 scheme that Mei mentioned above. Difference is circa 10mm as mentioned.
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