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  2. @xy8 what about the power..any other modification done to the engine ?
  3. I'll have to check my other external hdd for it but it was basically a pdf print off of this guide & this guide from the 306 GTI-6/rallye forum. I damaged the matrix side of this on my new matrix forcing it through the rubber bung on the bulkhead but luckily I got it to stay together until the car was scrapped a few years later. g
  4. It's actually a heat exchanger to warm the oil quicker rather than an oil cooler. I honestly can't remember what I did to the top hose but at most I'd say I trimmed the thermostat housing end of the hose a little to allow for the extra but I don't think there was much difference between the two types of thermostat housings overall. You've got me thinking & after looking through catcar.info to see the set up on the XUD7T, I can't find the top hose assembly for it shown but I can find the later type filter & thermostat housing for the 205 D on there here, along with the hoses to the filter housing exchanger for the XUD7T (under lubrication here) and the hoses are fitted separately to the thermostat housing and I don't think I changed them at all. Does the feed to the filter come off the top hose on your car? It's 13 years since I did it! My original topic where I did the swap is here but I don't go into much detail about how much I had to change things to get it all done so I guess very little needed to be changed. g
  5. Yesterday
  6. motocrosser334

    Full Service History... + gentle refurb

    Hopefully getting a mechanic to come look at it sometime this week...will keep you posted...thanks for the info this far. Looking forward to buying some parts for it and getting the spanners out
  7. disable air bag remove steering wheel drop steering column undo dash retaining bolts, inc those on firewall pull dash backwards away from firewall
  8. Ozymandis

    Broken clutch lever on gearbox

    I`d use an 1/8 ish and maybe chain drill and weaken/whittle the broken part then carefully use a small chisel/wedge to split it, if it still was stuck on after a bit of gentle levering. Dont get heavy with a hammer you can end up smashing the bushes or bellhousing.
  9. rob_mitch

    Broken clutch lever on gearbox

    Thanks Jay that definitely is worth a try. What size drill, same diameter as pin or smaller?
  10. 6 hours is book time from memory, which I have done one in, ac cars take a little longer but not much. make sure you buy the right matrix, ah use BEHR, non ac used valeo.
  11. £360 + vat for an hours work, can’t be bad! Seem to think I broke the matrix pipes on mine where it comes out of the bulkhead, double pipe thing, very brittle plastic/clip affair
  12. I concur, my spot weld bits 3/8
  13. Ozymandis

    Broken clutch lever on gearbox

    You can get the stuck on, broken part off without removing the gearbox. They are a pain even at the best of times for seizing on to the shaft. Put a drill verticaly in the `seam` between the two parts, directly where the hole is drilled for the retaining pin, that will relieve the grip between the two parts and the damage to the shaft will be absoloutely fine to use it again.
  14. welshpug

    Broken clutch lever on gearbox

    later arms are more substantial, make sure it is a push type as the pull one is different.
  15. welshpug

    Where to get driving light reflectors?

    failing that I think the denji reflectors may fit, probably the only part of those that does fit a 205 properly!
  16. Telf

    What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    Removed the radiator as its failed **sigh**
  17. welshpug

    Where to get driving light reflectors?

    i think stew baker at bakerbm was working on these
  18. Telf

    Peugeot to sell factory restored 205 GTIs

    Well whoopee. Because they did such an amazing job when they first built them... did they f***! My H reg 1.6 was rusty as hell when i had it and it was only 5 years old. Absolutely rubbish, it leaked water into the footwells, the front wings rusted , the engine was pretty crap at 86k. So whoopee.. never trust a French engineer.
  19. 10 mm will probably do it, thats the size of the spot weld bit I used from memory
  20. you will have done eventually when the spring breaks and the valve drops..
  21. I had xu7 engine with xu10j4r head and xu10j4rs cams . Never had a problem.
  22. I checked it out in work today using a microscope and it looks the same other side. I guess it doesn’t matter which way it goes. I’ll just stick it in any way. There is a GOE mark on it, stands for Goetze. I’ll use that as the top. Cheers to both yourself and Telf on this topic.
  23. Thanks for the explanation Petert! Cheers.
  24. That'd be brilliant cheers Yeah I've got 4 days off work so no need to rush, plenty of brews will be had Just rung them and they quoted £360 plus vat Not too bad considering they're French specialists but I don't fancy spending that much to drive that distance cheers for the heads up anyway
  25. I’d take my comment with a pinch of salt as I honestly think there’s no chance, worth asking though!
  26. I've got a guide somewhere from when I did mine, I'll have a look in the next day or two & see if I can attach it to a reply (might be too big). As said though, not to bad as long as you're not in a rush to get it done. I did mine at the same time as an engine swap. g
  27. DSYKES5500

    What colour is my car?

    Sorted it! Peter at xtremeautoaccessories.co.uk knew exactly the dilemma I was having with the Magnum vs Steel problem. He re-made the paint and sent it over free of charge. I did it this weekend and the match is perfect. I've a bit of orange peel to remove but other than that it's spot on. It's definitely Magnum M1TA. It just looks so many different shades in different lighting it's untrue!
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