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  2. If you want to use only one tensioner you need vernier cam pulleys and a way to lock the cams in place when you're tensionning the belt.
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  4. Gavin Waddell

    Decent wishbone suppliers

    Bit of a thread revival, i needed to change my wishbones, so i ordered a set of Delphi from mister auto. After 3 months of them sitting in a box finally got the time to fit them. So i tried to fit them and well got the front bolt in and the rear bushing was. 10mm to far out. Tried the other side and same thing . So i went and got the old wish bone and ran a long m12 rod from the rear to the front bush and and they are offset by 10mm where as the delphi ones you can fit the rod through the 2 bushes, mean they are aligned no offset, meaning i cant fit them. Out of interest all gti/diesel wishbones are the same? I called mister auto, and i am now arguing with them because thay have a 30day return policy and now wont take them back. They do have a clause in there policy for a 2 year guarantee for any defects or no conformity. Trying to make them understand that they are no conform. Wil post some pictures to show what i mean. Basically dont buy delphi wishbones
  5. i don't recall specifically but there may be a difference in the position of the teeth between MI and gti6, but the twin tensioner setup will account for this, you'll likely find that one side needs to be cranked further to retain correct tension and still have the cams pinned.
  6. there are some currently on ebay in italy (https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p4432023.m570.l1313&_nkw=0831s5&_sacat=0), 0831 25 or 0831S5 are the two oem numbers for the 134tooth belt and two tensioners. http://catcar.info/peugeot/?lang=en&l=c3Q9PTgwfHxzdHM9PXsiMTAiOiJNb2RlbCIsIjIwIjoiMzA2IiwiNDAiOiJCb2R5OiB3aXRob3V0IHBhcmFtZXRlcnMgXC8gRW5naW5lOiAyLjAgaSAxNnYiLCI1MCI6Im1lY2hhbmljYWwiLCI3MCI6InRpbWluZyBnZWFyIiwiODAiOiJDQU1TSEFGVCBCRUxUIENBTVNIQUZUIEdFQVIifXx8Y29kZT09MVBOM3x8Ym9keT09fHxlbmdpbmU9PUIwRjJHfHxjYXRfaWQ9PUZDVDAwMDF8fHN1YkdycF9pZD09RkNUMDAwN3x8cmVmZG9jcz09TjNGMDA4QTUwQXx8cmVmZG9jPT1OM0YwMDhBNTBBfHxzdWJHcnBOYW1lPT1DQU1TSEFGVCBCRUxUIENBTVNIQUZUIEdFQVJ8fHN1cHBsaWVyPT0%3D
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  8. Thanks for replying, I believe I may indeed have a 136T belt kit, will order the correct one as well as the pulley. Unfortunately it is very difficult if not impossible to find parts for this engine like gear wheels or belt covers as nobody (in the Netherlands) has this in stock anymore. I was lucky to even find a wider crankshaft gear wheel/sprocket to allow for the wider 16V belt, not sure how I will be able to fit an XU9J4 or XU10J4 harmonic balancer using what I have as the 051346 isn't available anywhere, instead I have the 051377 sprocket (gti6). 1.9 Mi16 belt cover seems to fit as I don't have big gaps if I remember correctly. Will update when I have the correct belt kit
  9. You dont have an Mi16 belt kit there, thats a gti6 one which is 136 teeth long, thats why its not working. The block is 11mm taller so you need to use the iron block Mi covers.
  10. Pierre_b

    205 TT resto

    Hello, Really nice work. I am curious how on TT the piping go from the turbo to the intercooler, it is non visible, and so clean ! Do you mind showing some pictures? Thanks and good luck for the end of the project, Pierre
  11. Use an XU10J4 adjustable inlet pulley, XU10J4 cam covers and matching cam cover pins. The lower one secures the plate of the pulley. I'd also use either an XU9J4 or XU10J4 harmonic balancer, as the timing pin is in the centre, not the outside, which will rotate over time. Use XU10J4 lower covers etc. 134T belt. Thus basically, you're building an XU10J4 (Mi16 or S16) with an XU10J2TE block. Let me know if you need more pics. Not sure about oil hoses, as I dry sump. There are differences between XU10J4 and XU10J2TE blocks in this regard.
  12. Last week
  13. 2.0 8v turbo block, 1.9 Mi16 cylinder head. Is there anyone who has done this before and could tell me what would be the right way of doing this? I managed to find the long ARP stud above the water pump so the cylinder head is held in place correctly. The timing belt kit I used is for a 306 S16, it has 1 tensioner and 1 idler pulley (the red paint on the bolt helped me find out where to drill a hole in the 1.9 Mi16 timing cover, it didn't fit otherwise). The tensioner pulley is set to the max so the belt can not get more tension, I hope this is enough and that it won't fail (hope you can see how much tension the belt has in the pictures as I 'checked' it using my finger, I don't have any tools to measure this) . Valves do not hit pistons, timing may be off a little as I have done this using only my eyes and not the correct timing pins or even a drill bit (I will buy a Peugeot timing set soon to check this again). Crankshaft pulley, gear wheel and standard MLS head gasket for RFS engine have been used. Unable to find the timing cover I was looking for (0320E5) under the engine mount so I will try to modify a 1.8 cover as seen in the picture. There is a bolt behind my finger on the picture that holds a cover in place but I am worried that it might damage the timing belt, the clearance is only 2 or 3 mm's. I am also having trouble with the oil breather hoses (2.0 8v turbo breather hoses) as I can't fit the oil filler anywhere when the Mi16 inlet manifold is fitted. Does anyone know if I have used the correct belt kit, if I should remove the bolt that is close to the timing belt and what I should do with the oil breather/filler hoses? Would appreciate the help as I am stuck (again)
  14. greenclaws1975

    Peugeot 205 XS ride height

    Ooh I'd be very tempted to put a new tube on if they are OE.. mine is pretty rusty inside . How much are you looking for them ?
  15. jord294

    Peugeot 205 XS ride height

    You only needed to ask the question as I have fresh original base tubes available in black
  16. greenclaws1975

    Peugeot 205 XS ride height

    The tube was badly corroded and worn on the NS. Seems to be medium carbon steel so doesn't machine easily but got it down to 53mm. New tubes don't seem to be available?
  17. pugfrank

    Relay driving lights spec? HELP

    Perfect, many thanks.
  18. SRDT

    Relay driving lights spec? HELP

    There is a 15 Amp fuse (F4) to protect the circuit so as long as the relay is rated for more than that you're good.
  19. Name: 205 XS 1.6 Category: Peugeot 205 Date Added: 2024-02-18 Submitter: Arndt Mühle 205 XS 1.6
  20. Arndt Mühle

    205 XS 1.6

  21. It took some time, but I've finally gotten it running right. Had some issues with the sensors and maybe the ecu, but it's all fixed now. VID-20240218-WA0000.mp4
  22. pugfrank

    Relay driving lights spec? HELP

    Just picked up a 30amp one from shops will it work?
  23. pugfrank

    Relay driving lights spec? HELP

    Fantastic many thanks.
  24. SRDT

    Relay driving lights spec? HELP

    Yes it's this one, a 25 Amp relay. OEM is green and the same than the one for the rear defroster on the far right of the fusebox. PSA part number 6555-33 bdw.
  25. Help Im trying to source a relay for my driving lights, electrics is not my strong point . . . Can anyone send me in the directionn of an exact replacment please? Is this pin lay out correct? Found from another thread by no name or spec for me to shop too. I currently have the relay missing from my GTI, far left in the fuse box I understand. So dont have a part to try and match! Haynes manual isent helping with relay spec.
  26. Merc A series, GM or Peugeot electric pump?
  27. I have gone back out to look at it again and I can reduce all of those questions to just one. How important is that non-return (bypass?) valve? it went here: And there is no provision for it in either the 206 gti 180 heat exchanger or in the mounting block for it, so it can’t be refitted. on the other hand, assuming I am ok without, I am really happy with this: it is 5mm deeper than the original but it fits perfectly and I don’t think anyone would ever spot it is not original.
  28. Brian Barkley

    Rear end clunk

    Many thanks for your comment. I've purchased the parts for a rebuild but have put them in the too hard basket for now. I'll certainly check these bolts before i pull anything apart.
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