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  2. petert

    Better ratios 3rd onwards

    Fit 3-4 and 5th from a GTi6 box. Problem solved. If not, then 3-4 and 5th from a 205 GTi.
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  4. petert

    Ideal wheel offset advice

    A 7” wheel on a 205 needs to be between ET5 and ET10. If you consider a standard 6” wheel is ET18, then add 1” evenly and you need 18-12 = 6. Speedline SL434 15x6.75 are ET15.
  5. Ashman

    Ideal wheel offset advice

    Thank you So, aim for ET15 on the rears and a higher ET on the fronts? Ashley
  6. Honestly the car hasnt been driven since they were fitted and i only just bled all the brake system, which also had new braided hoses throughout and new rear calipers, over Christmas just gone. They do look proper good though!!
  7. welshpug

    Ideal wheel offset advice

    typical offset for 7x15 is et15. they will stick out a bit on 1.6 front hubs though, but you can't go for a deeper offset as they will hit the trailing arm on the rear.
  8. Thanks, thats a very good tip on the spare bolts torqueing it temporarily. Why didn't I think of that :-) The silicone should be good I hope, it's what BMW recommends for M engine valve covers, Drei Bond 1209
  9. That is way too much silicone. Using silicone between the mating surfaces of both sump/spacer and spacer/block is factory correct. Fitting gaskets would leave the pump pickup too far away from the base of the sump. What ever you're using looks atrocious. The best sealant I've found for this application is ThreeBond 1211. You'll like it even better when time comes to remove it. Use just the thinnest of smears on BOTH surfaces. The best procedure is to fit the spacer to block first, with the two cap screws and some spare M7 bolts/spacers/washers and torque to spec. You'll be able to see if any squeezes out. If it does, you've used too much. Leave for 24 hrs then fit the sump to spacer. Trying to fit both at the same time will leave you bothered and flustered.
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  11. Tom Fenton

    Better ratios 3rd onwards

    I think the easiest way could be the gti6 6 speed box. 6 gears instead of 5 for I think the same overall gearing. Certainly when I’ve driven a gti6 they are easy to keep on the boil. If it’s a race car then the steering lock restriction should not bother you.
  12. Anyone have any ideas? Or maybe an idea of someone who could make one up? Cheers
  13. Evening I would like to go up to 7x15 wheels on my 205 and was wondering what the ideal offsets would be? The Pug has stock 1.6 GTi hubs on the front and a 1.9 GTi hubs and beam on the rear. Any advice much appreciated Thanks Ashley
  14. allanallen

    [race_prep] Guernsey Hillclimb 205 Build

    Bodywork looks great. how are the tiny 4 pots? Have you used them in anger yet?
  15. Hello, I have no idea why Peugeot thought it was a good idea to put only a gasket between the spacer and the sump and silicone between the block and the spacer. Silicone has a way of squeezing out when the surfaces mate and if that goo brakes loose in your sump there's a chance it will clog up the oil pick resulting in oil starvation and engine failure. Anyhows, I do not often apply silicone so the amount was probably way too much, pic 1. Once I tightened the two hex screws to mount the spacer goo squeezed out. No problem as the sump was still off so just removed the excess silicone. But while tightening the sump afterwards a lot more goo came out on the outside, so probably on inside as well. I let it settle overnight and next day removed the sump and indeed a lot of goo all around the spacer edge, just waiting to fall into the oil pick up, pic 2 (it was more than on the pic). Very time consuming to remove, it's in hard to reach nooks and crannies. Why they didn't simply go with a gasket is beyond me. Such a low cost item and the damage if it goes wrong can be critical, so from a cost-benefit analysis there doesn't seem to be a reason to use goo (unless it's because of materials, alu on alu or something, don't know about that). I read that some fasten only the spacer first, let the silicone harden overnight and then apply the sump. Don't think that's a safe solution as the silicone may be somewhat harder, it's still maliable and when tightening the 20 or so sump bolts to 15ft-lbs I'm pretty sure it will squeeze out. All the bolts together press the spacer much tighter against the block then just the two spacer screws. So it settled in too loose a manner and will get squeezed out anyways when fitting the sump. I guess the only way to make sure there's no goo in your sump is too mount the sump to torque, let it settle overnight and then remove the sump and start cleaning away. That is my tip of the day. Bonus tip, once the spacer is fitted goo will also block the bolt holes. If you turn a bolt in and out much of it will stick to the top end allowing you to remove it before it hardens out.
  16. SRDT

    Better ratios 3rd onwards

    i think your ratios are close if not the same as a Mi16 gearbox, the 205/309 GTI ratios are shorter on 3/4/5 so it should be perfect unless you feel it's a bit short. If you have one of the last BE3 your secondary shaft may be a BE4 one, if so you need BE4 gears from a 206 GTI.
  17. Richie-Van-GTi

    Better ratios 3rd onwards

    I'm running a xsara vts be3r box on an xu10j4rs engine in my race car. I find in particular 4th and 5th are a bit long. The gearbox is due a set of bearings, is there a better gear set I can fit in the process and what are they from? Currently on standard CWP with Quaife ATB. I do t want to sacrifice 1st and 2nd if possible as they are great as they are, even 3rd I could live with, it's mainly 4th is the issue
  18. Ha I was waiting for someone to comment on the ridiculous spacers, those are only for my road wheels to get me to and from events, they had the wrong offset but we’re a bargain with R888s so couldn’t say no, race wheels are 10” front and 9” rear Revolutions with the correct offset for no spacers at all. I need to give an update of everything I have done over the last years but one of those it’s longer custom shafts from Colin S, I wasn’t having any luck with his previous cut down and sleeved ones so he made me custom set to my length which are a little longer than 309 shafts iirc as I have changed the mounting position of the wishbones to the subframe The fibreglass front end was hand built by me based on my old panels, took months to complete but has come out fantastically and allowed me to cut much of the front away
  19. It does require moving the top out a tad out further, but works very well.
  20. welshpug

    Paint of peugeot 205 gti rims

    what year? the most common one is the earlier code of EVE, i dont recall the later one but it has been posted many times on here in the pinned paintcodes thread
  21. strut tops are still in standard location so longer shafts wouldn't work, though having a solution to avoid such massive spacers isnt a bad idea at all, an fia or msa sanctioned event wouldn't allow those. steering would be easier too is it a maximotorsport wide front bodywork like Colins?
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  23. Very nice. Have you considered using 405 driveshafts? You wouldn’t need spacers then.
  24. GBCS

    205 gti 1989 new bumper trims all round

    Does anyone know if these are any good? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bumper-Rear-Anthracite-Peugeot-205-Year-90-98-Gti-Cti-ABS-Plastic-94V/333285271376?fits=Car+Make%3APeugeot|Model%3A205&hash=item4d9959a750:g:f5YAAOSwtfpdCXa7
  25. Hi, I need paint code of the peugeot 205 gti rims. I want to paint them to be like new. Please help.
  26. Ignitors can have a sensor but on a Bosch unit it's a big pulse generator: You can check the coil (3) and the cable (4). I don't have the specific value for the GTI ignitor but the coil should be around 990-1210 Ω.
  27. Name: 205 Rallye 1.4 Category: Peugeot 205 Date Added: 2020-02-15 Submitter: Anthony Robinson 205 Rallye 1.4
  28. Anthony Robinson

    205 Rallye 1.4

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