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  2. barneys66

    Best tyres for standard 1.9gti

    I've not tried many, but love the way my PS3s handle so it's a +1 from me. If you decide to go with them have a search on here/ebay as there's a few people knocking out slightly worn ones for decent prices.
  3. barneys66

    [Engine_Work] The Graphites 2Nd Chapter: 2.1 Gti6 Turbo

    Flickr is good for me - looking forward to seeing the pics!
  4. Thijs_Rallye

    Best tyres for standard 1.9gti

    Michelin Pilot Sport 3.
  5. Last week
  6. Eugene wilson

    reverse light not working,never has

    thanks alex didnt know that about the mot regulations,
  7. matty_gti

    [Engine_Work] The Graphites 2Nd Chapter: 2.1 Gti6 Turbo

    There’s been a few!! It’s now on the road. Any one know a good image hosting page for some URLs so I can post some pictures?
  8. SweetBadger

    reverse light not working,never has

    The reverse light not working is not an MOT fail on a car the age of a 205. Only a fail on cars from Sep 2009 onwards. Before you replace the switch in the box have you checked continuity across it when you put the car in reverse? Also to check the wiring / bulb just pull the plug off and short across the two pins in the plug with some wire - the reverse light should then come on. If it doesn’t then your problem lies in the wiring or its a blown bulb.
  9. Eugene wilson

    reverse light not working,never has

    ive discovered my sensor is the 22mm nut size with the black connector and short end,does anybody know if the light grey pins casing type of a simliar size fits,thanks eug.
  10. Eugene wilson

    White wire in engine bay cut

    Hi, I have been trying to sort my reverse light and have noticed a White wire thats cut near the distributer. It's also cut at the ignition module does anyone know why? What is the White wire for?
  11. Thijs_Rallye

    Recommended Coolant

    You'll need to check what is in there atm and use that. My bet it would be a G11 based type of coolant (in general: blue or green).
  12. I need to fix the rotten coolant pipe, been a while since I looked at replacing the coolant (usually leave it to the garage) is there a recommended product to use? Thanks.
  13. Hi would like anyone's advice on the best tyre choice for a standard 1.9 on speedlines driving your everyday roads? I have 8 rims so was planning a winter and summer set maybe?? As I say any advice would be helpful as I'd only ask the garage otherwise, thanks.
  14. Those flow more than the yellow 1.9 ones if my memory serves me right. These are standard on the 105 hp 1.9 DFZ engine (@2,5 bar).
  15. wicked

    205 Rallye (eurostyle) mi16

    Car has been sold a while ago..
  16. Have you checked fuel is actually leaving the pump? Connect a short length of hose direct to pump outlet into a container and try the pump?
  17. on another note, noticed the injectors are black ones instead of blue for 1.6 are these uprated for flow?
  18. hope not Phil... checked lines today. Pump spigot (outlet) nearest beam runs to bottom of fuel filter, then out top of filter to gearbox end of fuel rail. The line at pressure regulator then runs back to tank, so I've definitely not mixed the lines up. going to remove filter tomorrow and investigate further from there. Only other thing I can think of is I've mixed up the polarity of the pump itself but green and yellow wire went to green and yellow, the other wire was off colour, probably faded over time by fuel.
  19. Keep looking for a bad ground, with the left indicator you have at most four of them: front indicator, repeater, light on the dash, rear indicator. The brake pedal points to the rear or the dash.
  20. I tested each relay with known good, no change. Replacing Hazard switch with known good, no change. I noticed that the wipers "wiping" only happens when indicating left and pressing the break pedal and only the wiper only stops if I stop indicating left (or set Hazard switch to "off" state).
  21. Rallyepalmer

    1988 205 GTI 1.6/1.9 restoration

    The Dimma was purchased by a friend and fully restored It was just way too much work for me at the time and they have done a pretty amazing job with it.
  22. Have some of these ended up in the fuel lines?
  23. Eugene wilson

    reverse light not working,never has

    thanks that helped,think my sensor is the long one with the black connector my car being a 1990 1.9 non cat with an xu9 ja engine and be3 gearbox
  24. yip, done that, car was running fine with previous pump before it sat around I mean, nothing has changed, even took photo just to be sure. They are braided lines and run inside car, they're nicely routed and would have to cross over each other to go on wrong. This has got me stumped. Even swapped Tach relay over from other car (known good one)
  25. check the lines on the pump are on the right way round.
  26. Car has been sat for a while with low fuel and won't start. Removed faulty fuel pump which had hardened encrusted orange coloured deposits around it. Assume this has been caused by fuel going off and lack of it in the tank. I've fitted an OE used pump bought from Jim on here (very clean, thank you) and have tested it on bench with direct current from battery before fitting back into tank with plenty fresh fuel. Engine still not starting or offering to. Electrical supply to pump is fine, pump can be heard priming when ignition is on. Removed fuel union at top of filter, filter is empty, no fuel getting there, any ideas where to go next?
  27. PhilNW

    Cooling temp gauge

    Getting there ! the joys of 30 year old electrics...
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