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  2. Hello! Just finished fitting a set of new Bilstein B6 front shocks and Eibach 7001-120 spings. These replaced a set of B4's which had Skip Brown Roadspeed springs fitted. I needed to change the knackered top mounts and bearings and got the new shocks at a bargain price, so it seemed rude not to. The rear beam was lowered approx 25mm about 15 years ago, and the car sat nicely with the B4's and Roadspeed's fitted. FWIW the new EIbach's are very nearly the same uncompressed length as the Roadspeeds. Now though the front seems quite a bit lower though, and I'm concerned that there may be a bit of interference. The car drives a lot better than it did - but this is probably due to the new top mounts. The car still seems fairly level - just a bit low perhaps! What springs are others using with B6's? Engine is an alloy blocked Mi - do I need stiffer springs? Are the SBC springs likely to be that much stiffer than the Eibachs? Many thanks Justin.
  3. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    Halfway through tidying up the interior.
  4. @Anthony, yes I know they aren't exactly precise, especially in the lower part of their measuring range. @Peter, you are absolutely right for suggesting the 22 tooth sprocket but for me it isn't an option at the moment. This engine was our old trackday car engine which, should've been, drop in and drive. Well, that sort of escalated already in regards of stuff I have done to it, but swapping over the gear is something I am considering in winter time. Degreeing the camshaft is quite a pig of a job to do with the engine in situ so I'd rather leave it alone for this season.
  5. 1986 205 CTI Restoration

    Excellent work, especially to detail and having the original fasteners re-plated. most people, like myself ,would of just replaced with new off the shelf fasteners. Definitely gives it that " factory look". Keep up the good work.
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  7. [Body_Work] Rust Rust And More Rust!

    Good to see its ready for paint
  8. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    Fitted some poncy Magnecor leads, cleaned up the main earths. about to go outside and apply another coat of gtechnik g4 on the front bumper. lots more to do.......600 miles last year!
  9. Angle grinder works best on those, New arm but they need it really as new bearings won;t remove all of the play
  10. Also fitted a nice new vacuum hose
  11. Set out with a clear 4 hours today to get some work done. Sort the gearbox clutch fork bearings... 2 hours later and the pin is still in place. Pretty annoyed !
  12. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    Popped down to Torque Technique to pay for the new exhaust system & take the old OMP system away. Looks very nice and with a simple 2" straight cut tailpipe positioned centrally in the lower cut out of my dealer fit rear valance. Looks much more O.E as the old OMP system was designed around the standard rear valance so sat too high in the lower bumper. Should be much quieter too being a 2 box system rather than the 1 box & straight through centre of the old OMP setup - no more earplugs for Miles every year come MOT time Turned out to be a bit more expensive than planned in the end, once the labour's accounted for, but unfortunately the Magnex manifold i'd picked up revealed an internal crack / blow in the collector, where the 4 branches meet, when the car was fired up and needed fixing. TT have done a great job of cutting that all out, replaced it with a brand new section and put it all back together, so at least it's now future proofed. Hopefully the car should be moving onto Miles early next week to get the rest of the cars issues sorted Only bad part of the day was some of the crappy traffic around Salisbury / Stonehenge, etc. What is it about decent weather that brings out the worst driving standards in some people? Judging by the state of some of the cars parked up at the side of the road, most of the accidents appeared to have been completely avoidable had people paid more attention rather than dinging into the back / side of other cars in queueing / slow moving traffic. The best one was on the Salisbury bound side of the A36 where a builders truck tried to get out of lane 1 from behind an HGV and drove into the side of a BMW 1 series, but then kept edging the car until he'd wedged it into the barrier in the central reservation - WTF - probably also not the best thing to do when there was a fully marked Police car just 3 cars further back in the queue - they didn't look particularly impressed either.
  13. Car sos series six trailer.

    Using the delay between the NG & More4 broadcasts, for the previous seasons, i'd imagine it will probably be broadcast by More4 in the Autumn / Winter '18 schedule so about 6-9 months time.
  14. Can anybody give me any advice on the best way to remove the pin on the clutch arm so I can get the bushes changed! Thanks
  15. Check Engine/ Throttle Position Sensor

    Yes, pretty much. Even good condition wire does technically have some resistance but it's fractions of an ohm per metre so insignificant compared to the resistance of the sensor itself.
  16. If you're still using the standard pressure sender and gauge, I don't think I'd be worrying too much at all - accuracy isn't exactly their forte at the best of times and plenty of people have worried unduly as a result. I would be surprised if a decent mechanical gauge doesn't show that you've plenty of pressure at idle. I remember limping a badly knocking XU engine back from the 'Ring to UK and despite all the damage we found upon stripping it, it was still showing really good pressure on the mechanical gauge when we got home.
  17. I can't believe this still hasn't been finished by them. The rear strip was ok on mine, would a cut from a door deal grip well enough? I know it's quite hidden and may give a tighter seal
  18. Check Engine/ Throttle Position Sensor

    Should it be the same?
  19. I think you have a small driving sprocket, typical of 8V alloy engines. You never see a 1.9L Mi16 with low oil pressure at idle, thus why I suggested the 22T sprocket. Don't be tempted by the 26T 2L sprocket, they're too soft. I smear Threebond 1211 between shim, pump etc., just to ensure a complete seal. Likewise, I have never seen a dowel in any engine.
  20. Check Engine/ Throttle Position Sensor

    Check the wiring between the TPS and the ECU plug by measuring the resistance of the TPS itself then measuring the resistance on the relevant pins on the ECU connector.
  21. According to the gauge in the cluster it is approximately zero, oil temp 90 °C. Light doesn't come on, unless it drops to the point where the engine is about to stall. (at +/- 650 RPM it flashes) When cold everything is fine, pressure at idle is about 3,5 bar then. I just went through my photo's and saw I have the 18 tooth sprocket (with woodruff key).
  22. Hey, maybe someone could help me with a Problem that i have till months now and which i cant handle. I have Check Engine light from time to time on, and it readed the Fault Codes, it says 2 Errors about Throttle Position Sensor. I buyed 2 new and screwed them on, but that changes nothing. I installed it as in Haynes told and it changes nothing. Finally i drove it with disconnected TPS and that too changes nothing. Car runs very good, Idle is very good. Someone has an Idea? Its an 1991 205 GTI 1,9 DKZ.
  23. What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    With spring finally having sprung, I dragged one of the 205 from it's prolonged winter slumber, re-insured it (a whisker over £100 FC - bargain) and then sailed through it's MOT with no advisories. Rewarded it with a service and replacing the suspected under-reading oil pressure sender - it's now gained about 2 bar across the board and now subjectively looks to read about what I'd expect. Looking at the MOT certificate, I only did 2500 miles in it last year which is bordering on criminal - it's no investment-grade concours example so deserves to be used and enjoyed whenever the opportunity arises. The pleasure in these cars is driving them after all. It was also interesting driving it back to back with my Xsara VTS, which has taken the 205's place in the storage shed of much shonky French tat while I decide what to do with it. It's certainly no quicker and the pops and spluttering of Jetronic remind you how much engine management has improved in the intervening years, but the 205 feels so light and nimble by comparison, so eager and so immediate. The glorious sunshine pouring in the open sunroof does wonders to beat the last of the winter blues too
  24. What exactly is your issue? What is your oil pressure showing at warm idle? Is the oil pressure light on at idle? At hot idle you should be around 30 psi (2 bar), the oil pressure switch (light) kicks in at about 0.9 bar I think.
  25. @Kristian, pressure release valve and spring were replaced prior to assembly. I only wish I had paid more attention to what gear was on the crank. An O ring will need more machining than inserting a little tube. @Tom, I agree it shouldn't leak that much, I think it will be a combination of things. Engine isn't exactly new. I'll be taking of the sump as soon as I receive my pickup spacer, then I will replace the rod bearings just in case. I am yet still undecided on what pump to use. Thanks for thinking with me.
  26. I run my engine until it's warm then set the idle by adjusting the idle screw on the throttle body. Set it to 900 or so rpm. Ignition timing as Tom said. Be aware that if you have any air leaks then engine that idles ok warm will be a pig when cold.
  27. If you are looking for a loss of oil pressure where the pump bolts to the block you are wasting your time.
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