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  2. 113 tooth belt with spring loaded tensioner.
  3. Can I jump in please? same issue I think. just starting a refurb of 1989/90 1.6 gti im so confused about what my belt should be 113 or 114 teeth? tensioner. Spring loaded or eccentric tightening? so many sites differ with info according to Vehicle Check I have a 113 or 116 bop engine. do I need to remove it all first before I order? cheers
  4. This is probably the one you'll need; Gates kit-number: KP15050XS-1 https://www.besteonderdelen.nl/gates-8138917.html (does not ship internationally, but is convenient for looking up (after market) part numbers or cross reference OEM part numbers to after market ones. For example in the link above the separate part numbers of the mentioned kit are also available, these PN's you can cross reference to other (maybe states side available) brands. The information on the ebay link in your OP was incorrect, they list this kit for a XU engine which is wrong (as you found out). Maybe they react lenient if you point that out to the seller, but you'll have to ship it back again.
  5. My plan is to get hold of the non-GTi center plastic piece and save the other for my future GTi project. If someone have that piece and want to sell it just shout out, I want to buy it. It could also be the Lacoste piece as well.
  6. getting wrong parts is a pain taking the current one off first can help to confirm you get the correct bit, but sometimes that's difficult before ordering the catalog reckons your 1989 XU9 has a 113tooth tbelt the pic below is for the earlier versions up to 1990 (so would cover yours) maybe the 114 tooth tbelt is for the versions 1991 and later ? (which I didn't bother checking)
  7. Got some new parts! Looking forward to get this in the car. The steeringwheel is a piece of art and was done by a friend in Bulgary and the gearknob and keyring is from a 205 expert in Poland. Really nice work!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Steve205

    bm baker ajustable gear selector arm

    The sliding ball joint on top of linkage needs to be tightened. The higher up the ball is raised, the shorter the throw is on the gear lever. I set mine just over halfway up. It really tidied up a previously sloppy gear change. Stephen
  10. Eugene wilson

    tick over

    thanks for that,i ll have a go after ive sorted the gear linkage i dont know if the sliding ajusting ball joint needs to be tightened up,the gears work fine with it loose ,i thought id try to tighten it and see the results but it just turns round,i rang baker bm today with no answer,they might not work on mondays,or maybe covid,??
  11. hello, could anybody help with some advice whether or not the sliding ball joint needs to be tightened up after setting up the linkage.i tried to ring baker bm but they dont answer the phone.the cars going for mot friday so need to get it back together.
  12. ian010778

    tick over

    Info' here should help you out Eugene.
  13. ian010778

    tick over

    @DamirGTI did a great post about this with a great base setup for AFM/Idle speed screw/TPS screw setting but neither the site search nor Google will pick it up just now. Hopefully someone can dig it out??? However, as everyone has said, it won't work unless everything's clean and working properly and there are no blockages and/or air leaks. Ian.
  14. You can keep the lock as it is if the GTI6 ecu is correctly "Unlocked", just make sure the car you put the engine in has the Immobilizer module & transponder removed before putting the ecu in the car.
  15. The GTI6 ecu will only work with a GTI6 head & wiringloom. This i because the GTI6 ECU needs the Camshaft Positioning Sensor for the sequential COP ignition & sequential injection. The LFY head doesn't have this sensor as it runs a single big Wasted Spark ignition coil pack & paired injection. So in simpler terms: GTI6 ecu gives 4 ignition & injector signals due to the extra timing info via the cam & crank sensor Sagem LFY ecu only gives 2 ingnition & injector signals, as it run only on crank sensor. So even though the GTI6 & LFY ecu have the same JPT 55 pin "Bosch motronic type" connector, and the pinouts are very simillar (as you can see in the attached PDF's), they are NOT interchangeble without the correct wiring loom & (cam) sensors. Sagem SL96 ECU pinout.pdf Magnetti Marelli 1AP.10 (GTI6) ECU pinout.pdf
  16. Anthony

    Where to buy a rear beam?

    I personally never found the increase in NVH that noticeable with solid beam mounts, and certainly they were fitted to my 205 when I was doing 20k miles p.a. (admittedly a fair few years ago!) and while not directly comparable, have been fitted to my 306's that I've been doing the same mileage in (up until Covid) Everyone is different though and have different tolerances and sensitivities to such things.
  17. Anthony

    Deteriorating braided Fuel Hose

    Yes that's the stuff - gone up a fair bit in price since I first used it mind you (something like £9/m a few years ago). It's rated significantly in excess of pressures found in the fuel injection system, so fine for both the feed and return side hoses.
  18. Looks like the kit for a 1.1 / 1.4 / 1.6 8v TU engine. On the 1.6/1.9 8v XU's you have 2 types, one with a 113 tooth belt and the "big" tensioner with the metal plate and spring, or the 114 tooth belt and the tensioner similar to the one in the picture above.
  19. I bought a timing belt (gates) water pump and tensionser kit (Volz - Spain) because the website I bought it from said it fit my 1.9. It does NOT. But it seems to fit some GTi, the water pump has just two bolt holes, not for my 1.9 (1989). If visually one can say what it would fit, I'll send it to you for free. We can split the postage from the US. Otherwise it goes in the dump. it is new of course. This ebay auction says it fits, and it doesn't. it is DOLZ KD028. Here is a link Kit on Ebay and a pic ... I can't return it because it has been > 90 days.
  20. ob2s

    3rd Gear grind advice

    I acquired a new 3rd gear from Spoox and that fixed it. Thanks for the info, it was invaluable.
  21. Last week
  22. Name: 205 GTI 1.9 Category: Peugeot 205 Date Added: 2021-06-13 Submitter: Damoleary 205 GTI 1.9
  23. Damoleary

    205 GTI 1.9

  24. Damoleary

    Help needed!!!!

    Thanks lads for reply, well I have old sensor leads and can reuse them if I get sensor , also yesterday I have been told to take away a 94 306xl from a garage that's been cleaned out and hoping it has sensors on so I can compare , I will try prob go down the route of 306 if I can and see will they do , I will attach a pic tomorrow of plugs on sensors , also that link only has one available and need two but cheers anyway
  25. DamirGTI

    TU 1.1 Suspension Height

    Seems to be common with aftermarket springs in the std. range for the 205 , that it results with the "level up" .. best to find OE springs or 106 item as said , contrary to the newer cars (which nowadays often need spring replacement) myself also never seen 205 springs rusted/worn as badly that they needed replacement .. thus finding some good used ones shouldn't be a problem . Wouldn't really recommend doing the replacement by yourself (especially if not used to mechanics) , as it's one of those jobs where you (and potentially someone or something standing near) can get seriously injured if "things go south" ... also , aside from the spring compress. tool often than not will need an air gun to undo the central locking nut too . D
  26. welshpug

    TU 1.1 Suspension Height

    106 springs will fit fine, I have used a 106 lowering spring on a 205.
  27. welshpug

    tick over

    with the afm bypass screw all the way in it will be running pretty rich. regarding the throttle stop being seized, I would not worry about that, its likely to be pretty close to where it needs to be! use the air bypass screw, make sure its clean. check the tps is working and set correctly. a Haynes workshop manual covers setting up and testing the Jetronic injection system.
  28. welshpug

    Help needed!!!!

    I would imagine you could use a 306/zx/xsara/berlingo/partner sensor, as the hubs are very similar, main difference would be the lead lengths, plugs on the later ones are different. I'm not familiar with the physical parts of the 205 abs, only the layout, what plugs do the sensor fly leads and wiring loom have?
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