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Making an Induction Shortener #2

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Make your own induction kit - cold air induction, shorter air path, increased flow and a lovely whoooOOOOoo noise at around 3500 revs, yay :-).



You will need:


- a Pipercross cone filter (standard Pipercross kit for 205 GTi)

- 3" of 15mm copper pipe

- soldering gear - blowlamp, flux, solder

- two brass/copper washers to fit round the pipe

- stanley knife

- new washer bottle

- hylomar sealant

- length of 3" aluminium duct

- the usual suspects of various hand tools


You will also need to sacrifice the long rubber air duct that runs between the intake in the grille and the filter box.




this is what you're making :-)


The job:


1. remove the air filter, airflow meter and all ducting up to the throttle body.


2. the long pipe between the intake duct and the air filter is tapered. cut it about 3/4 of the way towards the thick end, and slice bits off it until it fits nicely on the exit side of the airflow meter. Then cut off the rest 4" below that. It doesn't matter that it's a sloppy fit on the throttle body, it'll squash down just fine.


3. Using an electric drill, drill a 1/2" hole halfway down this short pipe. This is for the cold-start air valve.


4. Take the copper pipe and solder one washer on 3/8ths of an inch from one end. Clean it up well, smear on some Hylomar and push through the hole in the air hose. Put the other washer on the other side, and peen the inside end of the copper tube out by carefully tapping it down onto a ball-pein hammer placed inside the air tube. Finish off with the flat end of the hammer.


5. Remove the washer bottle and fit a replacement to the bulkhead. Mine is from an older peugeot, a 305 I think - have a look round the scrappy, there'll be one that fits. Get a nice big one in any case, the old one is too small.


6. Move the battery back.


7. The filter should fit over the end of the airflow meter - make a 1" cut in the side, slide it onto the airflow meter's intake and secure it with a hose clip. If not you'll need to source one that does, or alternatively Pipercrosss make one that bolts onto the airflow meter instead of the GRP trumpet fitted as standard.


8. Fit the new hose to the airflow meter and throttle body, and the cold-start valve hose to the copper pipe. Use the best hose clips you can find. Squeeze the filter in! It's a lot bigger than K&N's kit effort!


9. Make sure everything's screwed down and plugged in. Start the engine and make sure it runs and throttles up ok. Shut it off again.


10. Fit the aluminium duct from behind the nearside driving lamp to under the filter.


11. Drive the car quickly 'til it's warm. Pull over and feel the airflow meter body. It should be cold from not sucking in hot engine bay air. If not, fiddle with the duct 'til it is.





You may also want to make up a bracket to support the airflow meter, but I haven't, and it hasn't dropped off yet. Just make sure the hose clips are really strong and tight.


Drink tea or coffee as required at any point :-).

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