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Found 11 results

  1. Not been here for a good few years but still have my GTI and trying to get it through the MOT due to a couple of niggles!! Failed on horn not working which cause me to do loads of wiring checks inc removal of fuse box. Now it’s all back together when I switch on the high beam the headlights go off ! I also have no flash. It was working ok before I had it apart. Following going through all the similar threads on this site I have confirmed the relay (far left) in the fuse box is working by swapping it with the electric window one and then swapping back, and also changed the relay near the expansion tank and confirmed it is working. I have also fitted a new indicator stalk. I suspect the one thing that MIGHT be contributing is the loose wire that I have found when going back to the fuse box! It is stamped 6J and has a single plug on it but I can’t for the life of me see where it connects to nor can I even find it on the wiring diagram. Any electrical gurus help? many thanks
  2. Hello All, I have a 1992 K reg 1.9 GTI which has the dome blipper unit in the overhead central console but no blipper. I am thinking of getting an aftermarket unit to remotely control the central locking which still works fine from the key. The blipper unit has four wires which I hoping I might be able to use but I cannot identify what/where wires 205 and 206 go. The other two are a 12v supply and earth. Can anyone tell me about these wires? The Haynes manual doesn't mention them and I don't know where else to find a definitive map. Kind regards, Rob
  3. I've been looking into fitting electric windows into my 1.6 which didn't have them originally and from all the old topics it looked straight forward but I'm having a bit of a mare with the wiring. I have a 1992 1.6 but it has the older style tube between the door and the car for the wiring not the 306-style plug you would expect on a later car. There also isn't any cabling for leccy windows in the door already unfortunatly. I bought a set of door wiring looms, but I can't for the life of me work out where they plug in the cabin. On the driver’s side, I found the brown 4-pin plug OK which matches the loom I have. However I also have a 2 pin white plug (with 3 cables going in) and a 5-pin yellow (all earths) but nowhere under the dash to plug these. The plug which comes from the door at the moment is a chuncky black 2 row plug with a latch. On the passenger side, I have found where by existing door loom connects but this is a 4-pin brown plug and the new electric window wiring has a 5-pin white plug. Do I have the wrong looms or does my car just have weird wiring? I'm leaning towards just wiring the electric Windows up myself using the Haynes diagrams and leaving all the existing wiring alone as it looks like it only connects to one pin on the fuse box so pretty simple to hook up. Any help much appreciated. I can snap some pics if it helps but I'm pretty stumped!
  4. Thought I would add a few of the most common ECU pinouts and wiring diagrams, as I've managed to get a PDF writer working as well as a copy of Autodata. Unfortunately due to the file limits it's one per post. So lets start with the 306 S16, Bosch Motronic MP3.2. 306 XU10J4 wiring diagram.pdf
  5. jonny453

    Ignition Help

    Hi, We are currently working on a 205 Gti 1.6 We have 5 young people doing it up with us but we have been having some issues along the way. we have a facebook page to see the progress. www.facebook.com/2fast2soon.projectgti at some point it has had a starter switch added and a toggle for the gin. But i'm not sure if it is wired correctly as currently it will not start the car. we have checked fuses and starter and that is all ok. and help would be grate. when you turn on the ign you do not get the fuel pump on until you press the starter (i know they can me down to pressure but we have had the fuel pipes off so no pressure and it still doen't work untill you press the starter button) The starter button has 2 cables coming off it. i thourght it would just be one cable?? If anyone knows what colour cable are and what they do that would help me out loads to check if they are right. many thanks jonny
  6. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me which wires I should have at the rev counter on my 205? I have a 1.9 Mi16 conversion and the rev counter was working when I had the wiring done, but it suddenly stopped after a few weeks. (Its a phase 1 205) I originally thought it could be the gauges so I have acquired another set, and no joy. I have a feed coming from the coil that I have belled out, and all the fuses look to be intact, although I'm not 100% sure which fuse I should be looking at... Other than that is it just the live and earth wires that I need? Thanks, Andy
  7. i have hit a dead end on a couple of wires and just need to no where to reconnect them theirs one yellow wire from left pin of aa witch went to 1 of 2 grey wires cant remember with one ​ ​ then another wire witch came off one of the 2 grey wires and went somewhere ( was pulling about and must have puled wire out of crimp ) i allso can not find where to conect the left aa wire (yellow) back up to ​ they all come out of this side of the car ​ other than this slight issue the wiring should be straight forward as the loom and ecu have been left in just a case of soldering all the wire back together i hope help much appreciated cheers olly
  8. Hi Guys, I am in the middle of doing an Mi16 (XU9) conversion on my 1986 Phase 1 205 GTi. I have read through mountains of guides on the wiring but they all seem to be based around the phase 2 GTi with the 2 brown multi plugs under the dash which I don’t have, and this thread; http://forum.205gtidrivers.com/index.php?showtopic=81453 is the closest I have seen to describing my situation… I’m just looking for a bit more information / clarification if possible. So far I have routed my 405 Mi16 loom round the engine connecting plugs as I go. The 405 loom still appears to have several unconnected plugs towards the end of the loom, which I am assuming the 205 doesn’t make use of? Then there is the two brown multi plugs, and this is where I am stuck! Can somebody please tell me on a Phase 1 205 how many and which wires am I looking to splice from the 405 loom? Obviously there are the two mentioned in the thread above for the Fuel Pump and the Tacho, as I understand it the Fuel pump wire is going to come from the box on the passenger side inner wing, and the Tacho is coming from the 205 Coil pack? Is this all that is required?? Thanks in advance for any help DGTi
  9. First ever post so excuse any mistakes... Right, so I have been removing a Thatcham (Sigma M800 T2) immobiliser, and got to the point that engine cranks and sparks, but injectors don't fire. Fuel pump IS running. Couple of unknown wires left though, and some that should be there, but are not.... Picture time!! (Hope I uploaded them right) First picture: fuel pump relay, please note the thin black wire from pin 30, this is a Thatcham wire and so needs to be removed...However, I have found that this should usually go over to the fuel pump fuse to power the pump, but as I said, the pump is already getting power from another yellow/cream wire, picture to follow. Second picture: the immobiliser control box, was simply screwed under the steering column in a silver box. Third picture: immobiliser wires wrapped in black electrician tape (by Thatcham) Fourth picture: immobiliser wires wrapped in black electrician tape (by Thatcham) Fifth picture: the mutilation!! Sixth picture: THIS IS THE PICTURE I NEED HELP WITH PLEASE !!! Once I disconnect the black Thatcham wire from the cream Peugeot wire, it has no where else to be connected!! Please any help, what is this wire for/where roughly does it go. I have traced it over the steering column and through the bulkhead, it is live when cranking, but have no idea what it is for!! Seventh picture: the unknown cream Peugeot wire joining the loom. Please note, half the wires of this loom goes to the fuel pump relay (which is why I suspect the cream wire goes that way as well) Eighth picture: the unknown cream Peugeot wire over the steering column, before it goes through the bulkhead, under the heater pipes Ninth picture: black connector, as part of the fuel pump fuse, Please note, the wire either side of it changes colour, i.e. yellow in, cream out. Is this normal?? Tenth picture: fuel pump fuse connector on fuse board. The yellow wire goes to the black connector (pictured above), the cream wire goes to the fuel pump. The red connectors with black wire in between are connected together. I assume Thatcham made a mistake when fitting. Right, Hope this all helps, it is as detailed as I can make it, if I have left anything out, please let me know. Any help, much appreciated!! Thanks very much, Alex
  10. does any body have any photos/diagrams of how to wire up a 106 gti engine into an xs? I've been delaying the engine swap until I moved house, now thats fallen through and my 1.4 engine is using water. So basically I need to get this done asap. getting the engine in and plumbed in shouldnt be too difficult its just the wiring that is very daunting! Im not very good with electrics and i've never had a car that is injection, so thats new to me too! typical that my MOT runs out next week as well. Im very much trying to avoid this turning into a 300year project that never gets finished, so I dont want to get stuck in the middle with no transport! any help much appreciated!
  11. Afternoon, probably a strange question, basically in the process of cleaning up the wiring etc on my gti, and wondered if anyone had a decent drawing/schematic/labelled photo of the gti fuseboard could do with an explanation of what pins are where or even just what plugs are where? Thanks for any info Cheers Sam