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Found 11 results

  1. For some time my brother and I have been meaning to write a blog of our 1991 J reg Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6 which we co-own. What with storm Frank continuing to batter the North East of Scotland and with some time on my hands before heading back to work I thought I’d make a start. After I bought my house in April 2013, with a built in, and rather narrow, single garage, I knew that I had to fill it with something cool rather than become a dumping ground. My brother, Jamie, who is also a member of this forum decided to get involved with my early mid-life crisis and we started hunting for a toy. Originally we aimed towards old front engined Porsches; I even test drove a 2.5 944. I fancied an MX5, Jamie wasn’t so keen, sighting rust issues (ah the irony). Eventually we both agreed that we loved the looks of Peugeot 205s. We then pretty much jumped into buying (online) a 205 GTi sight unseen from an auction in Dundee. Having never sat in one, let alone driven one, I set off one miserable April evening from Aberdeen to the outskirts of Dundee to pick up our new acquisition – a Graphite Grey 1.6 Peugeot 205 GTi with a 1.9 half leather interior and 149,000 miles on the clock. Collection from Dundee by Andy, on Flickr The car looked decent enough, tucked in the back of the car park. It came with a fairly thick wad of history and a couple of keys. I paid my dues and it started first time, surely a good start! A relatively uneventful drive home, however much excitement for me nonetheless; checking the lights before setting off, marvelling at the throttle response, the rasp of the exhaust, and wondering if I’d make it home! I did make it home and sent a few phone pics to my brother of our latest acquisition, describing to him the heavy (non-power assisted) steering, the ‘chuckability’ and feedback from the steering wheel. Our first task was to sort out an MOT as we had bought it without long to go. I booked it into our local Halfords and predictably it failed on several items; Headlamps incorrectly set – minor issue, easily solved. Excessive play on offside ARB – bit bigger. Offside front wheel bearing shot – bit bigger. We repaired these immediate issues ourselves, having been given a quote of over £300. Issues resolved the MOT was duly passed. What followed was a fairly trouble free year of occasional blasts about the roads of the North East. In this time we replaced both drive shafts with SKF replacements, changed the grotty transmission fluid, changed the front lights, fixed various leaks with varying success (this is a non-sunroof model so no issues there thankfully). We’ve also fitted a new cheapo (no stainless steel unfortunately) exhaust. The rear wheel bearings were also replaced ahead of it’s second MOT in our ownership. These had been advisories previously and thought it wise to be ahead of the game. 205 at Cairn O Mount by Andy, on Flickr A run up Cairn O' Mount, Aberdeenshire Banchory car park by Andy, on Flickr Couldn't resist! IMG_0837 by Andy, on Flickr However our confidence that the majority of the issues were sorted ahead of the MOT was shattered when I took it to our local garage (wasn’t greatly impressed with Halfords) and received the dreaded phone call. The issues were: rust to the nearside inner sill near seatbelt mounting points, excessive play to both rear bearings (?!) and a very unhealthy emissions test with high CO and hydrocarbons. There did seem to be a fair amount of grey smoke out the back thinking about it… MOT fail 2015 by Andy, on Flickr MOT 2015 emissions by Andy, on Flickr At this point we had a bit of soul searching to do, keep and fix these fairly large issues or scrap it? We decided to keep, as we were committed and wouldn’t get any more than scrap value for the car in any case. Not a fun discussion to have. That MOT test was on the 29th of May 2015. From that point on we have been finding and attempting to repair some fairly serious corrosion on all the usual 205 spots – inner front wings, inner and outer sills, boot floor and rear passenger floor. IMG_1723 by Andy, on Flickr Nearside sill by Andy, on Flickr Boot floor by Andy, on Flickr Front end by Andy, on Flickr We have since decided that the engine needs a rebuild – the emissions may be from something fairly minor such as valve stem seals, but with such a high mileage it’s probably a matter of time. As for those rear wheel bearings, after a bit of a closer inspection, the rear beam was found to be shot – witness marks on the inner arches at the top being a give away. So far we have been concentrating on the rust, having dug out an old MIG welder from our dad we’ve repaired the boot floor but a fair bit to go! This thread will be a way of recording the work on the car and hopefully be a source of information for us and for others in the future…what not to do possibly! The overall plan is a slight OEM+ 205, with good quality repairs and components used throughout. Whilst the car has been sat in the garage looking sorry for itself we’ve picked up some wishbones, Bilstein B4 front dampers and Eibach springs, sach rear shock absorbers and a short shift kit courtesy of Kam Racing. These will be fitted as we go along and our exploits recorded on here. Feel free to give any advice as we go and point out any mistakes. With us both being fairly new to this then there’s definite scope for improvement!
  2. IMG_2796.MP4 IMG_2796.MP4 Hi all seems like I’m always on here asking questions and getting great responses. So I got the pug started but the idle was rough it went upto 2k then down to 15 before settling at 1k revs however I noticed that there was a hissing noise coming from the engine like air was escaping. I removed the coolant lid and it was bubbling out suggesting air but when accelerated the hissing noise stopped, but was loud around the afm and cone filter area. Has anyone else suffered the same problem?& what is the cure? The leads n spark plugs have been changed and oil. It hasn’t been driven since 2012 since last mot IMG_2796.MP4
  3. Oreyt, long time no post, Im currently removing the engine on my 1.9 gti so i can replace the inner wings but i’m wondering if i have to drain the transmission oil or not first? If so will the gearbox be ok without oil for a few months while it’s out the car or will it corrode over time? cheers
  4. Hi all just joined and first post on here. I have a XS with a TU3S K2A engine. I want to rebuild it to its original specs. Can anyone recommend a good guide other than the Hayne's manual that details out the steps of stripping down and rebuilding? Also where to find genuine OE parts to use for the rebuild? Thanks
  5. Hello all first post go easy please.I did a quick search but no result.I was lucky to get a nice 92 205 gti 1.9 non cat....but the engines in the boot along with plenty of other parts.Can anyone point me to a guide,with pics would be great,on how to reinstall please please.Thanks.
  6. Hi all. Does anyone have a revuild guide for the xu10j4rs please ?
  7. Hi everybody, I looked at the rear of the engine of my 1.9 205 gti, and noticed three sensors. 1. Is the sender for the temperature gauge. 2. is for the coolant temperature sensor. 3. The third one is unplugged but the car runs fine and everything. I have a cable thats loose, but when i connect it, the oil temperature gauge goes to the top. I'm asuming thaths the earth for the oil temperature sensor or gauge. That third one if anyone knows whats it there for, i could really apreciate your help because i don't wnat it there doing nothing, it has to do something, and i'm guessing it's important. Thanks.
  8. I have an mi16 engine in my 205GTi and for some reason at a certain throttle position it makes a squeaky almost whistley sound... when i bought it i knew the cam tensioner bearings needed changing which i did as they squealed at a certain RPM, So i changed those which did the trick however there is still a noise coming form the engine bay when my foot is so far on the throttle, its not at a certain RPM and the noise does not change pitch at different speeds. Its really bugging me lol and i hope iv explained it well enough so i don't confuse anyone... Any ideas would be much appreciated to save my sanity . Cal
  9. Hi, I understand that there is a difference in compression ratios etc between these two engines but what are the physical changes? I currently have one B6D engine and one B6E. The car is a phase 1 and the B6D engine is originally from this but has done over 180000 miles compared with the 75000 on the B6E engine. What I want to do is to replace the consumables on the B6E engine and fit the auxiliaries/ loom/ etc from the B6D engine, can this be done? if not what are the differences? I hope you followed. Carl
  10. I have a bog standard 1.9 GTI engine and gearbox to overhaul, and was looking for some help with sourcing parts. I'm fairly sure there is nothing major wrong, But I have the engine out to paint the car so will do it for the craic (I used to be a mechanic and miss that kind of thing). I plan to replace all the usual suspects seals, gaskets, shell bearings, piston rings etc. Should I steer clear of aftermarket parts and try and stick with OEM? Is there sutch a thing as a rebuild kit containing all of the above, or do the parts have to be bought seperatly? Finaly where is the best place to be sourcing this kind of stuff, Peugoet? Or are there cheaper alternitives?
  11. Starter motor is gubbed and I need to replace it for another unit. Looking at the Haynes manual it appears that this is the procedure for replacing a starter motor. 1. Disconnect battery 2. Remove air box 3. Drain cooling system 4. Disconnect coolant hoses from the manifold 5. Unbolt the manifold from the cylinder head 6. Disconnect the wiring from the solenoid 7. Unscrew the bolts securing the brush end bracket to the engine 8. Unscrew the mounting bolts at the flywheel end 9. Withdraw starter from the engine Just wondering if there is anything else I need to know before I start as I've never done this before? Also do the coolant hoses definitely have to be removed from the manifold and the system drained or can it be moved to one side to make room? Cheers, Gav