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Found 2 results

  1. Hello All, I have a 1992 K reg 1.9 GTI which has the dome blipper unit in the overhead central console but no blipper. I am thinking of getting an aftermarket unit to remotely control the central locking which still works fine from the key. The blipper unit has four wires which I hoping I might be able to use but I cannot identify what/where wires 205 and 206 go. The other two are a 12v supply and earth. Can anyone tell me about these wires? The Haynes manual doesn't mention them and I don't know where else to find a definitive map. Kind regards, Rob
  2. ian010778

    Central Locking Reminder

    Hi guys, Can anyone remind me whether my central locking should unlock as well as lock the passenger door when I use my key or operate the drivers side plunger please? I've finally got around to fitting one of Maplin's universal two wire actuators to the passenger door after having to run around the car for about 10 years but although it locks with the drivers side it doesn't unlock it. My wife seems to think it used to do this rather than her having to wait for me to unlock her door from the inside but I just cannot remember how it used to work. It's a standard but probably not factory fitted early 5 wire drivers side and 2 wire passenger side and boot set up however the boot actuator is currently off the car as it decided that it didn't want to work yesterday when I re-fitted it. In the longer term I'm looking to hook the central locking into my newly fitted Toad Ai606 using a second motor in the drivers side but at the moment there is no remote functionality or anything - just three motors and the wiring. Any help appreciated Ian.