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Found 13 results

  1. I have a 1.9 GTI. It is running very rich and my trusted mechanic is unable t adjust the fuel / air mixture. It is also idling at 1,500 revs. He advises me it is the air meter which is non-responsive. I also need a fuel filer bracket. And someone has fitted an aftermarket air filter and I want a standard one. If anyone can help with sourcing these parts I would be very grateful. Thank you
  2. How can I protect my fuel pump from corrosion? I've got a 1994 1.9 Gti which is a LOOOOooooNG term project. I'm on about my 4th fuel pump. Every time I buy and install a new one, then sadly don't progress anything for a while, the fuel pump either fails (which is why it's the first thing I check) or I take it out, and it's COVERED in corrosion. Tried painting it with Hammerite then left it in petrol overnight, EVERYTHING had peeled off. Has anyone else seen this problem? Why don't they coat fuel pumps with something which is corrosion resistant? Why does SO MUCH corrosion occur inside a dry-stored fuel tank??? Suggestions welcomed :-)
  3. Adam205STDT

    205 STDT Fuel Gauge flicker

    Hi all , I'm new to the site so please forgive any breach in etiquette! I am a new owner of a 205 STDT 1.8 XUD7T. I am having trouble with the Fuel Gauge and the Rev Gauge . The fuel gauge flickers wildly from full to half to empty quite randomly and sometimes seemingly is affected by acceleration. I removed the fuel sender to check the plug and wires and all seemed good. I did find the sender covered in a very sticky greasy residue , most of which I managed to clean off and I could hear the float moving freely inside. When I bought the car , the chap suggested that it was likely the “voltage stabiliser” on the clocks that may need to be replaced. I am not familiar with this , where to find it and where to source a new one (the right one). the Rev Gauge does not work at all and as yet I have not had the opportunity to delve into that quite yet. I did also have an issue with the blower fan not working at all but with a bit of a clean up of the resistor it came back to life. apart from that she is in fairly good condition . any advice on the fuel gauge and Rev counter would be very much appreciated . Thanks in advance Adam
  4. Hi everybody. Can anyone help me out. I want to replace the fuel pump on my 205 gti 1.9. Can't find anything on "how to" or a guide to do it. If anyone can help me, it would be great. Also what pump to use? Thanks!!
  5. Only 6 months ago a bought the complete new fuel pump and housing for my 1.9 GTi. It's been sat doing nothing since. Today I tried starting it, quickly realised there was no fuel being pumped. Am getting elec supply to pump so removed pump to test it by connecting direct to battery. Nothing doing :-(. No sound of spinning or pumping. The damn thing has only been in there 6 months!! Is this a common problem? SURELY these things are designed to sit in fuel for YEARS without seizing up?? Obviously the pump is a completely sealed unit. Any suggestions for freeing it up, or a make to buy that won't seize after 6 months??
  6. Car: 205 Rallye 1.9 from 1993 Engine: 102 hp 1.9 with Bosch LU-Jectronic, O2 sensor and catalyst. So basically it should be like a pre-cat 1.9 with L-Jetronic, except for the O2 sensor and catalyst. It's quite different from the Motronic on later 122 hp 1.9 GTIs with a catalyst. Symptoms: The car had been sitting for two weeks, but the battery had been topped up with a CTEK charger which indicated that the battery was fully charged. It started and ran fine before being parked. * Engine cranks when the starter is activated by the ignition key, but it doesn't even cough - so no combustion taking place. Checked: * Spark is ok, checked visually by removing a plug and looking at the spark. Ignition coil, distributor and rotor replaced less than 3000 miles ago. * Fuel pump running, tried loosening the hose at the top of the fuel filter. Fuel came spraying out. * Tachiometric relay next to the ECU replaced with a new one from Hella. Old one didn't click, new one does. Makes no difference. * Fuel injectors checked by dismounting the fuel rail and looking for signs of them squirting fuel. And here comes the part I don't get: The injectors are not firing, when the engine is cranked by the starter no fuel is squirted from the injectors like it normally would. Instead, when the ignition key is turned counter-clockwise and the starter is switched off the four injectors all give one simultaneous squirt of fuel. Has any one on here experienced a similar problem, and solved it, or have any ideas as to what causes this?
  7. GTP_Ingram

    Fuel Tank Link Pipe

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help finding a part. It's a pipe connecting the fuel tank to the feed which runs around the inside of the O/S/R wheel arch, about 150mm long, 35-40mm in diameter. I've had a look through Servicebox without luck, but I've found the part on the Spoox website here. The thing is, they're charging over £11 for postage (for a piece of pipe!) so I'm only going to buy from them if I'm desperate... Does anyone know: 1) the part number, and 2) anyone else who might sell it? Thanks very much!
  8. Hi all, I'm planning to replace my corroded fuel lines at the weekend and after having a quick look tonight I have a couple of questions. Would I be best to go at the joints at the front of the car from underneath or via the engine bay? I can see them well enough with the bonnet up but access looks a bit awkward as they're under the brake servo near the firewall. Also, the two joints toward the back of the car are secured with small hose clips and so is the return in the engine bay but the feed in has a union joint - can I re-use this hardware or do I have to get a new set of hardware once I've removed the old? Any advice and general pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Ian.
  9. Hi, Right well the car is now firing up but it won't run for any time. Checked the spark plugs and one was wet and the other I checked was dry. Need help, is it possible that the fuel is being cut by the engine due to a sensor or maybe it's a dodgy injector or two. Any help and the help already received is greatly appreciated. Phil
  10. I have a problem with my fuel pump not switching off when turning the engine off. Sometimes it switches off as usual, sometimes it will continue to hiss and whir away for a couple of minutes and sometimes it will carry on overnight without me realising ! Trouble is it seems to be killing my battery as it didn't have enough juice to even power the clock inside the car this morning. I'm also not sure if this will waste fuel at all ? Baz suggested to me that it could be shorting out a while back, but I honestly don't know where to start with that part of the loom.
  11. ian010778

    The Future Of Fuel

    Hey all, Just been reading a couple of articles about the proposed new Jaguar F-Type and the DeLorean DMC-EV and this got the grey matter thinking about 'what does the future hold'? Obviouisly there's been a lot about at the minute with the proposed tanker drivers strike and although the strike has nothing to do with finding alternative fuels I'm wondering what people here think about the fuel of the future? I'm on the fence with this one in that I can't see electric only taking over as I wouldn't be happy knowing that I have re-charge my car for x amount of time if I want to go a long way but I'm not sure what the alternatives are. I do remember James May visiting Honda to look at their Hydrogen fuel cell car and thinking 'that looks good'. IIRC James summed it up by saying something along the lines of 'if hydrogen becomes widely available at the pumps then hydrogen fuel cell means that the culture change required with going all electric is taken away as we'll still be able to drive, fill up (with hydrogen) and drive some more - as we do at the moment'. However, am I right in thinking that to roll hydrogen out would be expensive and it takes a lot of effort to produce/gather and therefore it doesn't really stack up as a long-term alternative? I thought this might be an interesting one to discuss, I'm not sure if anyone has experiemetned with alternative fuels in their 205 or even produced an electric 205??? I guess the other question is 'what do we do if/when petrol becomes a rare commodity'? Ian.
  12. Hi I've got a curious starting problem with my 205. I am very much an amateur so please help! I have tried searching the forum but nothing I have found has yet worked. I drove my 205 into the garage in Jan this year, it worked perfectly then. Now 2 months has gone by and it won't start. It turns over fine, and the battery is fully charged. I replaced the spark plugs with brand new ones and checked and there is definitely a spark. However the spark plugs are dry so there is some fuel problem. I took the input fuel line off the fuel rail and the petrol pump is definitely pumping petrol through. I put a voltmeter to the injectors and they appear to have something flow through on starting. Curiously my petrol gauge doesn't come on like it normally does on the second click... My car is a 1991 205 Gti 1.9. It has the multi-point injection system without the lambda sensor, before cats. Any ideas/links I've missed? Cheers, Rich.
  13. ian010778

    Which Fuel For Road Use?

    Hi all, Just wondering if there is much opinion out there regarding which fuel I should use for everyday road use? I've always been led to believe that my 205 would only be happy on 4 star, and following the phase out either super unleaded or regular unleaded with additive. However, the last 'professional' mechanic that worked on my car had a little book that stated my 205 would run fine on normal unleaded. Obviously with the current price of fuel I don't want to be using super or be buying additive unneccisarily but I'm a bit dubious about filling her up with regular unleaded due to advice I was given back in the day. The car is a standard 1.6 XU5JA registered in August '89 and I don't think she has a CAT but in all honesty I'm not 100% sure about the engine/spec' as when I put my registration into sites such as the GSF parts website it comes back with different spec's which conflict with information I located regarding engine type and CAT/non-CAT here which I have corroborated with my car's registration plate. As always, any help and/or advice appreciated. Ian.