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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, i am in desperate need of the chapters 6 thru 8 of the haynes manual for my 205 since i need to change the speedo cable, clutch cable and gear linkeages, all the pdfs i've found dont have them, and where i live it is impossible for me to be able to buy the original printed manual I have uploaded the manual i have without the needed chapters in case anyone needs it thank you very much in advance peugeot manual haynes 205.pdf
  2. Couldn't have broken down in a nicer spot in the Forest of Dean! Has anyone else managed to bend their clutch pedal like this? Didn't think my thighs were that strong!
  3. It is with regret that I post a thread about my gearbox and the judder/vibration I suffer at low revs. I have the wrong clutch fork bushes in there (mismatched yellow/white), as per this photo, which I knew about when I reassembled the box: clicky mcclickfest In my defence, the ones I removed were the same colour, and the kit I got from Neat Car Parts including the fork and bushes also came with them mismatched. I was stubborn and thought it might be alright. I'm going to take the box off tomorrow or Saturday to investigate my vibration I can feel when setting off in 1st, it's quite horrible actually but completely clears after about 1500rpm, it's just the low/initial idle RPM. I've got the new fork bushes (matched white ones I think) to throw in and a new clutch release bearing incase mine is shot, but the car has only done about 3 miles on the brand new clutch/bearing etc. It's a J plate originally, now running the 1.6 BE3 box with the GTi6 engine and right clutch setup (the 801042 Valeo one) Only other thing being I have a BBM harder rubber solid lower mount which I accept will vibrate more but I think this is clutch related. Anyone got anything else to add that may cause this? Closest thread similar to this was one that Anthony posted about yonks ago and ended up swapping the clutch. Not sure if something was wrong on his setup though or damaged. EDIT> I also just remembered when I took the box off, that it got knocked off the pallet it was on in my garage. A tiny bit of the metal casing broke off around the clutch bush, just about able to see it here - clicky - so not sure if that could also cause an issue? We didn't feel it was enough to make the bush move when the arm was used so left it. Cheers
  4. Over the past couple of weeks I'm beginning to struggle to engage gears, both getting in and out of gear. It seems worse when the car has warmed up. The movement of the gearstick feels fine, so it's just that last push to engage it. I keep adjusting the clutch cable to raise the biting point which helps a bit, but I'll soon run out of thread. I'm not getting any clutch slippage, or funny noises. Could it be the release bearing on the way out or something else? The car is a 205 1.9 GTi with an Mi16 engine, clutch & flywheel with a 1.9 BE1 gearbox.
  5. i have just put down a deposit on a 205 wit a gti6 engine in witch used to be in an old car of mine and the gti6 engine is f****d and i want to put the std 1.9 8v engine back in it my question is it has 1.6 gti box in and i presume a mi16 clutch i no the clutch to b a good quality luck item and very healthy as miles original done the conversion on the old car would the mi16 clutch bolt up to the stander ed 1.9 8v flywheel i would put a new clutch in but am on a very tight budget and just need it on the road help much appreciated cheers olly
  6. As the title suggests as anyone any experience of these, in regards feel for everyday driving and lack of slip my car is a 2.0 turbo running 180 bhp and 225 torque. Thanks in advance
  7. Hiya Guys Clutch has gone on my 205 Mi, its got a 1.6 be3 box - so i was thinking whilst the box is off I may as well add another upgrade to it So which is best lightened fly wheel and upgraded clutch to get and where is best to get them from ? Not really to arsed about the cost as I've got more money than sense - ha ha Any help would be much appreciated
  8. Hi all, Just finishing up my Mi conversion, and having a few issues with the clutch. I have searched round on this subject but not really found anything. First of all I should mention that along with installing the Mi16 engine, I have also fitted a BE1 Mi16 gearbox. My car is a phase 1 1986 (D) 1.6 GTi, and I have swapped out the clutch pedal and cable for a BE3 type. When we first started the car up the clutch would not dis-engage and the gears would just crunch if you tried to select one. So we adjusted the cable and then the clutch wouldn’t engage and you could select all the gears but had no biting point even when the pedal was fully released! After a bit of messing about we finally managed to find a sweet spot on the cable adjustment that would allow the clutch to engage when in gear and dis-engage to select a gear. Unfortunately this has left the biting point right at the top of the pedal and left the pedal feeling rather weak like it is struggling to spring back up as you lift your foot. The mechanic that has been helping me with the conversion says ‘this is the problem with conversions, things don’t work as well as they should, and that the best its gonna get.’ I dis-agree and think something has been fitted incorrectly along the way!! Has anybody else experienced similar issues, or have any idea what could be wrong with my set up? Thanks again Andy
  9. N3VRAM

    Paddle Clutch?

    Could someone please help me out with picking out a clutch for my 1360cc rallye (205 XS engine, MA box). I'm using the car for Motorsport (Targa/Endurance Rally) so was thinking a paddle clutch, don't really want to spend any more than £300ish? Is there any vendors to avoid or are they all practically the same? cheers ~matt