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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, I think its about time I started a project thread for my 205 Rallye. I have owned the car for just over 3 years now and it has changed quite a lot since then and will keep changing! The person who owned the car before me used it for a couple of hillclimbs so was fitted with bucket seats and harnesses. The engine was fairly standard apart from an Autosprint 280 cam and was quick enough for a while! When I first got it home I kept the buckets seats in for a few months but as this was my daily and only drive they soon did my head in! I was on the lookout for some rallye seats and came across a full rallye interior for £25! As I only wanted the seats, I sold the rest of it for £25 so it was a bit of a bargin! The seats were ripped like most so decided to get them and the rear bench refurbished. I took the seats to ‘A Touch of Class’ upholsters who did an excellent job! We decided to go for vinyl on the bolsters as it would be hard to get a perfect match for the rallye material and the vinyl would wear a lot better. The car stayed pretty much like this for a year while I finished uni and found a job. The rallye then become a second car after the arrival of my 147 GTA and this is the point that I wanted more power! Initially I only planned on upgrading the carbs to some twin Webers, but that all changed when Adam ‘Trogboy’ told me that he was selling his TU24 head, carbs and TU3s bottom end. A deal was soon done and I was on my way to Bristol to collect my new engine. I have to say a big thanks to Adam as he spent most of the day with me helping to rebuild the engine! It took me a few weeks to swap the engines over before it was booked in to get the carbs set up. Unfortunately the rollers broke the day before I was booked in so had to wait a few months for these to get fixed before I could drive it properly! After getting it setup it made just over 100bhp at the fly, which is around a standard TU24 power so I was quite happy. It still has a little flat spot when on part throttle but I hope to get that sorted soon! The sound of the carbs at full throttle is really addictive! Just ordered a new synchrometer to balance the carbs again which should be here tomorrow! And that’s where the car is at the minute. I have done a few trackdays in it this year at Llandow and Donnington which has highlighted the need for some suspension upgrades, there is quite a lot of body roll! I hope to get something sorted over the winter ready for the spring. It does have some cheapo lowering springs on it, maybe spax dampers and bilstien rear shocks but think it is still on the original beam and front subframe. What Im after is a nice fast road/track setup that doesn’t cost the world. Im going to upgrade to a 1.6 gti rear beam first, but need some advice on what to do for the front. Is it worth changing to a gti subframe? If anybody could give me some ideas that would be great! Cheers, Rhys
  2. hello 205 gti drivers, its been a while! I've been out of 205 ownership for around 3 years, until my old man asked me to do something with his CTi a few weeks ago. And I kinda got the bug again! so last week I put an add out on here after a 3 door base model, and last night I went and picked it up. After 6 hours of a drive down country to north Devon, and 5 hours back to Shropshire I can say I am a proud owner of a 1.0l 205 xe! first job is to sort out the bodywork. It needs a n/ wing, headlamp, indicator and possibly a bonnet if I cant straighten it.
  3. hi there ,i have got my self a peugeot 205 1.1 j reg (91) 3 door for a project ive done a fair bit with 205s and thought about a wee project ive decided i want to strip it out and paint in yellow and make it a 205 rallye replica and drop a 1.6 16v lump in it? i was after help on how about to do the conversion!,can you use the 1.1 running gear with 106 gti 1.6 16v engine? the 205 has a carb engine in it right now and theres no ecu! is it possible?? what sort of things do i need to change? thanks
  4. Hi, So I thought I would post up a few pics of my 205 CJ. It's a little daily driver I use for track days and just to be different it's a convertible!!! Lots of little mods here and there, current spec: Engine: 106 GTI engine Cat cam 708's, Janspeed 4-2-1, decat and remap to ~150bhp at Pug1off JP4 covers Ramair filter Various bits of samco Spec r catch tank Baker BM mounts Suspension/Brakes Spax RSX + comp brake eccentrics (to be fitted this weekend) 106 gti brakes 205 GTI subframe 21mm Torsion bars + 23mm arb (when they arrive in the next week) Wheels/ tyres 106 S2 rallye steels Currently Vredestiens Interior Standard, half stripped 205 gti front chairs and steering wheel
  5. N3VRAM

    Paddle Clutch?

    Could someone please help me out with picking out a clutch for my 1360cc rallye (205 XS engine, MA box). I'm using the car for Motorsport (Targa/Endurance Rally) so was thinking a paddle clutch, don't really want to spend any more than £300ish? Is there any vendors to avoid or are they all practically the same? cheers ~matt
  6. Been looking at 205's for a while now, started out on Ford Fiesta mk1's and finally moved on. Fed up of the rust and stupid prices of things I decided to sell all the stuff i had (and I had some very good bits) and invest in a 205. picked this up off ebay, bit of a daft blind bid followed by some midweek travel to collect it. Covering less than 100 miles in the 3 years before i owned it, came with 10 months MOT and had to buy tax, got a smidge under 90k on the clock and looks very solid. Inner wings are a tad soft at the very front but compared to mk1 fiestas that's sod all. so went to collect it, drove it 140 miles home then a few days later drove down to the retro rides gathering at Prescott hill, a 300mile round journey. Drove faultlessly apart from spongy brakes. Then started taking it apart. koni shocks/springs on the front, rears to be fitted when I get a few more spanners - daft size bolts on these things. 1.6gti calipers fitted with 1.9gti pagid discs. Still got to collect an XS engine from George XS on here, will rebuild that and tune a wee bit then fit next winter I reckon. I will be racing this next year in as many hillclimb/sprint events as I can afford, in the roadgoing class for the time being. i have bought some control tyres and today picked up a bucket seat. anyway, piccies.