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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, i am in desperate need of the chapters 6 thru 8 of the haynes manual for my 205 since i need to change the speedo cable, clutch cable and gear linkeages, all the pdfs i've found dont have them, and where i live it is impossible for me to be able to buy the original printed manual I have uploaded the manual i have without the needed chapters in case anyone needs it thank you very much in advance peugeot manual haynes 205.pdf
  2. Hi I am in the middle of buying hubs from a 205 1.9 GTI, but I wondering how to see difference between compared to other hub that looks like the a 205 1,9 GTI. For example the Peugeot 306 hubs look quite similar, but I have heard they are not. How do I know a peugeot 205 1.9 GTI hub. I know that the Peugeot 205 1,9 GTI has 25 splines for the driveshaft and a wheel bearing in the size. wide [mm]: 36 mm Inside diameter [mm]: 42 mm Outside diameter [mm]: 82 mm Thanks for the help - Martin
  3. Joshgti91

    My 205 Restoration.

    Hello all, thought i'd share with you the progress i have made with my 205. I got this car from my brother who had owned it for the past 10 years. it was his daily until he had 2 kids! I used to love him taking me out in it when i was about 12, so was chuffed to finally get my hands on it and (attempt!) to restore it back to road/showworthy condition. The car itself is a 1.9 8v completely standard from 1991. The paintwork was fubar'd, few car park dents and minor rust creeping in. It really didn't look very tidy when i picked it up. I was lucky enough to find dry storage for it in my GF's dad's lorry shed. Here i had all the tools and space to begin work sanding back the horrible paintwork!
  4. My 205 1.9 GTi has just started developing an irritating quirk. At low speeds I get juddering through the steering wheel, which is still present at high speeds but less noticeable (probably masked by other general vibrations). I've checked the wishbones and drop-links and there's no play on anything there. The tyres look fine to me (unless I've missed something). I'm at a bit of a loss to what the cause could be. The overall handling also feels flawed and lacks the usual tightness and confidence. I'm sure it gets quite understeery on right handers too. Any suggestions welcome!
  5. Hi there, I've been a member of this forum for while now since buying a 1.9 GTI a few months back. I wanted something interesting to get my teeth into and still had fond memories of my Red (orange in places) F reg 1.9 that I sold approx. 8 years ago.... After looking in the usual places I came across one advertised for £850 with 3 weeks MOT and only 10 miles from my house, registered in 1992 with 107,000 miles. I went round to see it, took it for a spin, noted the large amounts of blue smoke from the exhaust, totally solid drivers side rear suspension, vague gear stick, fairly naff brakes and thought to myself "this is PERFECT" :-) An hour later after parting with £750 I had it parked on my drive! During the test drive I was shown the immobiliser which seemed to immobilise the car even when you didn't want it to, so my first mission was to rip it out... Turns out it was a Sigma unit fitted approx 1993 that was screwed into the floor in the passenger side footwell, had an alarm too with a bonnet switch etc and within a couple of hours the whole lot was in a heap on the garage floor (best place for it). Thankfully my wiring repairs must have been good because she started straight away once I'd finished.. no more "ignition on, press the fob, fingers crossed the LED would go out after 10 seconds" nonsense... Whilst I've been on the forum I've enjoyed seeing everyone's photo's of their restorations and thought it about time I posted my own shots of a stripped out engine bay, and wheel arches with scraped off underseal...so here we go!! So far I've got the engine out, and stripped back the underseal from the passenger side arches and the sill. Rust wise it seems really good, there's none underneath at all that I've seen so far, just the usual places in the engine bay (under the jack) where there's a small hole. There was some surface rust down the legs that run down the behind the headlights but it came off with a wire brush on an angle grinder so I gave it a quick coat of primer to stop it coming back... the primer in the arches isn't permanent, it's just to stop it rusting over xmas when I probably won't have any time to continue for a few weeks. I plan to use the epoxy mastic two part stuff that gets mentioned on this site occasionally. I've recently taken off the rear bumper and am now thinking about dropping the tank out. Then I can go all over the underside to the same standard... rear beam needs taking out too. Later on I intend to get the car re-sprayed professionally as the lacquer is peeling pretty badly in places (boot lid and wings) On the list of jobs done so far.......... in no particular order.... Discover that the master cylinder is pumping more fluid out the back than front, filling the servo with brake fluid and running down the pedal. I've now bought a new servo as I was concerned what state it would be in after being half filled with brake fluid, and a new master cylinder from a 406 so that I can use the GTI-6 callipers that I bought on ebay. Got some seal kits so I can rebuild the front and rear calipers. Replaced the heater matrix as it was leaking and making the (original Clarion) radio go rusty! Removed the engine, found that in the past some loon has snapped one of the bolts attaching it to the gearbox! Great! Found the gear linkage ball joint on the subframe to be TOTALLY loose. Inspected the shocks and found all four to be original Peugeot items with 1991 stamped on them! Bought new shocks and springs... Bilstein / Eibach combo that most people seem to go for. As mentioned above, started removing the underseal to make sure all is well underneath... Got a PTS stripe for the grille... no idea why I got it so early on, I'm sure it'll be ready for fitting sometime next year! Pulled all wiring back into the footwells and given the engine bay a scrub. That's about all for my intro, I promise to make regular updates as and when I have the time to work on the car. Future posts won't be so photo heavy, just wanted to get up to date.. Thanks for reading... Jon
  6. Hi everybody, I looked at the rear of the engine of my 1.9 205 gti, and noticed three sensors. 1. Is the sender for the temperature gauge. 2. is for the coolant temperature sensor. 3. The third one is unplugged but the car runs fine and everything. I have a cable thats loose, but when i connect it, the oil temperature gauge goes to the top. I'm asuming thaths the earth for the oil temperature sensor or gauge. That third one if anyone knows whats it there for, i could really apreciate your help because i don't wnat it there doing nothing, it has to do something, and i'm guessing it's important. Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, Just picked myself up my first 205 GTI - It's a 1.9 Sorrento green 1990 series 1.5 It needs a new exhaust and I found this new unit on ebay, can't seem to find any mention of this brand from the forum search but it looks like it will do the job, was wondering if any of the experts here had any opinions on if it's worth getting or if not a link to a better alternative would be much appreciated. Very keen to get it sorted asap so I can get out in the car. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Peugeot-205-GTi-1-6-1-9-89-94-Exhaust-System-inc-Downpipe-/350704586504?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Car+Make%3APeugeot%7CModel%3A205&hash=item51a79f4f08
  8. Oecist

    Cesm Build

    Hi all, I thought I should document my build as a reference for myself if no one else J First some history: I brought the car several months ago intending to use it as my daily car. I’ve always liked the 205 GTI and looking around I found this online: This is my little 205 gti bought it about 5 years ago has not had much use with me as its just been a toy I got the front seats reupholstered and they are very tidy (half leather type) I changed the motor bout 4 years ago for the130bhp motor and did the head gasket,timing belt tensioners and water pump back then it was done around 194 500kms. It has Spax adjustable suspension all round and is certified for this. Its just collecting dust in my garage would prefer it went to an enthusiast no timewasters as im very busy with work. nice tidy classic hatch Of course buying a car online – sight unseen – is a bad idea, but the price was right and having certified suspension was a plus. The pictures looked ok, so ….. I won the auction! I flew down to the South Island to pick it up (I live in Auckland, New Zealand), and was happy to see that the owner was a mechanic who owned a garage. On a test drive the car rattled, the clutch grabbed and I couldn’t fit in without the sunroof interior cover back – but …. it was my scruffy 205 GTI J I knew it needed work and thought I’ll drive it around for a few months while it figure out what was needed. First I needed to drive it the 15 hours or so back home, so I started off slowly and carefully listening to each creak and groan, but completely deserted winding roads (the South Island has spectacular roads!) led me to drive the car in a ‘spirited fashion’ late into the night. What a car! Suddenly I heard a weird noise, watch the oil pressure collapse and then the back stepped out alarmingly. I quickly pulled over to the side of the road and saw a big puddle of oil. Oh dear. I was in the middle of nowhere. In the morning I reassessed the problem and was just about to start hitching when I local farmer came along and was gracious enough to give a hand: My new car was literally being held up by #8 wire which he had cut out of the nearby fence! After examination the oil cooler feeder hose from the block to the cooler/filter was split, so we tried to MacGyver a new hose out of some old bulldozer hydraulic hose and jubilee clips – we also crossed threaded the bracket as it is made out of a metallic alloy of cheese – but the pressure was too much…. Very luckily I had ticked the mechanical breakdown option when I had brought insurance the day before, and the kind lady said that it was policy to return the car home! So after a couple of weeks faffing around the car was trucked up to Auckland and fixed (several times they suggested I scrap it, as it would be the same price. They also said they would fix the hose (and spoiler: the #8 wire caused damage), but would not start the car, or guarantee the engine. After picking it up I drove it about 300 meters and then it overheated. At this point many bad words were used……many, many bad words. Especially when I realized the *kind* mechanics had removed the bottle of brand new oil from the front seat and placed it in the boot, rather than the engine where I had thought it was. The engine was billowing smoke out the exhaust and some in the engine bay itself. After a couple of days calm down I realized that it was just an opportunity to move the rebuild earlier than anticipated. CESM Build Parameters: The car is a 1989 graphite 1.9 8V non-cat (Phase 1.5?) – which is the most desirable to me. This is a road car, so I want to keep it fairly stock – certainly looks wise – and keep the 8V engine. It will be my daily driver, so I am looking to create a reliable, well sorted car that drives great and keeps the spirit of the original. I would also like to keep the keep the BE1 gearbox, although the synchros are suspect. I have access to a well stocked garage over the university holidays, so I began to strip the car a couple of week ago. I have worked on bike engines before, but this is a significant step up and I have limited time – so I am hoping for some advice as I move forward: Current known issues: 1/ The complete exhaust is rusted through. 2/ The radiator is decrepit ‹3/ All the coolent passages are covered in rust and perhaps some weird algae (!!?!?) 4/ The cylinder liners are pretty rusted and have a decent notch at the top. 5/ The conrod and big end bearings are very worn 6/ The head may be cracked and is certainly very pitted. 7/ The driver’s side universal joint disintegrated whilst removing the engine block. 8/ I’m pretty sure that the BE1 synchros are toast. 9/ etc, etc, etc..... Tally ho! Ben
  9. Hi all, So I have now had my 205 for about a year and finally got round to starting some proper work on it. I thought I would make a thread so people can start to see what I have been up to and provide advice or thoughts if they wish! I bought the car as my first project in about September 2013 but with work commitments, no garge and moving from Aberdeen to London and back in the space of 12 months I struggled to find time to spend on it. I now have a single garage which is just about big enough to work in (I roll the car half out every time I work on it!) and some time so hopefully will make good progress. So the aim: I wasn't sure what the full scope would be when I first bought it and maybe didn't realise how much work she would need but having talked to a few people I have realised I wouldn't be entirely happy until I had carried out a full rebuild! So the plan is a pretty much nuts and bolts rebuild, including respray and engine overhaul as well as treating any rust, refurbishing or replacing the interior and putting all back together in time for the summer. Extremely ambitious for someone with no prior experience and a full time job, but aim high and all that! I hope you enjoy the thread - I intend to add pictures and comments/thoughts/ramblings as I go...
  10. http://forum.205gtidrivers.com/index.php?showtopic=60923 ​ i have the exact same problem that is described hear i have emailed the person who started the topic and as of yet no reply wondering if any one else can shed any light on the mater things i have done allready new recon afm by atp electronics new plugs leads dizzy cap and rota arm new ecu temp sensor used new to be good ignition amplifier reapplied paste new plug for ignition amplifier as wires where not great new sad cant find any air leaks replaced inlet mani gasket completely baffled
  11. Since I purchased my GTI over 4 years ago, it has always been running with Wilwood big brake setup. The only downside to this is that I am unable to fit standard rims - either 14 or 15". So i have started to acquire a set of 1.9 calipers along with pads, 1.9 caliper bolts and 247mm discs to enable me return the car to a more standard look. However, the reconditioned calipers I purchased from the UK do not include the carriers. See image: So what else do I need? Obviously the carriers - but is there also a kit that includes the correct bolts to attach the carrier to the caliper? The reason I have gone this way and not the 306 etc upgrade is that I am using 1.6 GTI hubs, and are therefore fairly limited in my choices (and am trying to avoid the old 1.6 GTI calipers). I have tried base model hubs but had trouble in fitting them over my aftermarket coilovers.