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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I'm 18 years old , I bought a pug 2051.4 this summer .. unfortunately I can't afford buying and upgrading to a new bigger engine like a 1.9 GTI can someone help me with some ideas to gain more power please ? because my friends are making fun of my car but I really love my 205 is swapping the carburetor would be a good move ? and is there any specific carb model ? and Thanks
  2. Hello, i am in desperate need of the chapters 6 thru 8 of the haynes manual for my 205 since i need to change the speedo cable, clutch cable and gear linkeages, all the pdfs i've found dont have them, and where i live it is impossible for me to be able to buy the original printed manual I have uploaded the manual i have without the needed chapters in case anyone needs it thank you very much in advance peugeot manual haynes 205.pdf
  3. Hi, I'm a new member with a problem. Wonder if anyone can help? We have a 1987 205GR with 1.4 TU3 engine. 74,000 miles. ex Peugeot management car (mine) and owned from new. It's now only getting light use but has strong sentimental attachment for the family and is too good to scrap. Engine has been running hottish for some while i.e. cooling fans cut-in sooner than seemed right. Also had a tendency to sometimes run-on after switching-off. Otherwise it ran well. I flushed the cooling system, replaced the thermostat, radiator, temp sensor and water pump. Didn't make much difference, so soldiered on for a couple of years. Now the temp warning light is coming-on and the cooling system is becoming excessively pressurised; blowing lots of coolant from the expansion bottle which quickly drains the system. Car is unusable for more than 10 mins. It felt like a head gasket issue so......... I have carefully removed the head, carefully cleaned all surfaces of the head and block, checked head and block for flatness with edge of a steel rule, reseated the valves, fitted a new head gasket, torqued head bolts to setting in Haynes manual, reassembled everything and bled the cooling system to let any air out. Engine now starts and runs but the water problem is still occurring. After running for 2 minutes, water is being blown out of the expansion bottle. I re-used the original head bolts and did not have the head skimmed. It looked OK QUESTIONS - Should I have lightly dressed the upper face of the new gasket with Hylomar or a similar gasket sealer? Is it possible the head bolts have 'streched' over the years and are now not keeping sufficient pressure on the head? Are TU3 Aluminium heads particularly prone to leaking, cracking or internal failure? (I looked for signs of a hairline but all seemed OK) What else other than a head gasket might be causing the problem? Thought I'd seek advice before taking it all apart again. Suggestions would be welcome. (does anyone have a 'known-to-be-good' TU3 head available to buy?) Cheers
  4. Hi All, Was just wondering if anyone knew what the maximum 'safe' amount would be to take off the head? Thanks