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Found 6 results

  1. How can I protect my fuel pump from corrosion? I've got a 1994 1.9 Gti which is a LOOOOooooNG term project. I'm on about my 4th fuel pump. Every time I buy and install a new one, then sadly don't progress anything for a while, the fuel pump either fails (which is why it's the first thing I check) or I take it out, and it's COVERED in corrosion. Tried painting it with Hammerite then left it in petrol overnight, EVERYTHING had peeled off. Has anyone else seen this problem? Why don't they coat fuel pumps with something which is corrosion resistant? Why does SO MUCH corrosion occur inside a dry-stored fuel tank??? Suggestions welcomed :-)
  2. Hi everybody. Can anyone help me out. I want to replace the fuel pump on my 205 gti 1.9. Can't find anything on "how to" or a guide to do it. If anyone can help me, it would be great. Also what pump to use? Thanks!!
  3. Only 6 months ago a bought the complete new fuel pump and housing for my 1.9 GTi. It's been sat doing nothing since. Today I tried starting it, quickly realised there was no fuel being pumped. Am getting elec supply to pump so removed pump to test it by connecting direct to battery. Nothing doing :-(. No sound of spinning or pumping. The damn thing has only been in there 6 months!! Is this a common problem? SURELY these things are designed to sit in fuel for YEARS without seizing up?? Obviously the pump is a completely sealed unit. Any suggestions for freeing it up, or a make to buy that won't seize after 6 months??
  4. Hi . My Fuel pump has died and I'm in search of a new After Market one locally. What fuel pressure I need to be looking for ? or any detail.. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Ive got a rack ive rebuilt myself using locally manufactured (australian) seals to rebuilt a 205 Si rack (so non-gti rack which has 2.8ish turns opposed to 3.2) using std spline drive. engine is an rfs gti6 with a 306 cabriolet (n3?) pump its had about 5 hours of use before it blew out the top pinion seal, it was coming out like a fountain, as i was pulling into a carspace, and it had some very hard driving the day before. im yet to dissasemble it to check whats gone wrong, but im after some advice as i suspect I may be correcting a symptom not a cause. My thoughts are ive nicked one of the high pressure seals inside (and the top one that blew out is just a dust seal more than anything, not designed for pressure), or scored the housing, the pump has a faulty pressure release valve or ive just used the wrong fluid. I used a castrol version of dextron III. Advice/thoughts/criticism? Much appreciated.
  6. I have a problem with my fuel pump not switching off when turning the engine off. Sometimes it switches off as usual, sometimes it will continue to hiss and whir away for a couple of minutes and sometimes it will carry on overnight without me realising ! Trouble is it seems to be killing my battery as it didn't have enough juice to even power the clock inside the car this morning. I'm also not sure if this will waste fuel at all ? Baz suggested to me that it could be shorting out a while back, but I honestly don't know where to start with that part of the loom.