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Found 6 results

  1. Oreyt, long time no post, Im currently removing the engine on my 1.9 gti so i can replace the inner wings but i’m wondering if i have to drain the transmission oil or not first? If so will the gearbox be ok without oil for a few months while it’s out the car or will it corrode over time? cheers
  2. The last few days my oil pressure gauge has been swaying a bit and I have been noticing a drop in oil. I've tried to locate the leak and I think it's somewhere around the mounting for the rotor. The little clip that holds the dizzy-cap is really oily I noticed today (with fresh oil) so it's probably somewhere right over it. I read somewhere else that a guy had a similiar leak and people suggested the dizzy O-ring or the seal between the thermostat housing and the head. Is that probably where the oil weeps? Just the dizzy-cap removed and it's right under the rotor most of the oil gets: http://imgur.com/HPAwysg If that's so, how hard is it to change that seal and is it difficult to get? And can I do it without draining a lot of oil? Thankful for replies!
  3. As The topic title T25g turbo does it need a restrictor on the oil feed. ​
  4. Sorry if this is a repost but I've got a 1.9GTI, it has a 285 Piper Cam, Vernier Pulley with some head work and a few other bits. It's due an oil change and I've only recently had the car... i know what grade a normal standard 1.9 should have but I was just wondering what everyone would recommend? I've wrote to the previous owner to find out what he used but haven't had anything back and need to do an oil change. All help is much appreciated! Andy
  5. Hi guys, I have just finished fitting my Dellorto 40s to my 8v 1.9 for the third time! The first time I discovered the carb manifold was warped and that water from the holes in the block was leaking in, causing loads of white smoke from the exhaust. The second time I acquired a new manifold and plugged the water holes with silicone prior to fitting, but is still managed to find a route through resulting in more white smoke and bemused neighbours. Tonight I got the set up sorted but I still have the same problem. I'm sure there's no water from the block getting through but I'm still getting loads of white smoke. The oil in the sump is now just a creamy emulsion and the water in the header tank is frothy and smells of oil. My question is, is this a result of so much water being dragged through the engine or should I've looking at the cylinder head gasket? Or perhaps something else I've missed converting to carbs? Any help greatly appreciated before I rip the whole lot apart again!
  6. Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen. My oil breather hose has just literally fallen apart at my touch. The question is, do I replace it or change to one of those new-fangled breather filters? Just wanting to know the arguments for each of them these days. I know the function of the hose, but is it necessary these days? FYI I'm in New Zealand, a place where chopping your catalytic converter off is all but encouraged, so the environment doesn't enter into the equation! Thanks in advance for your opinions and help :-)