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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Folks, I had the car in to my local mechanic here in France to cure a leaking exhaust manifold - I chickened out of tackling this one myself at fear of snapping studs etc! Anyway, he finally got the manifold off after a lot of heat and penetrating fluid and then noticed that there was some corrosion at one of the connecting ports which was allowing the gases to escape. He has replaced the manifold gasket as an interim to get me back on the road and this has cured the worst of the leak. However, there is still a slight leak (faint ticking under load). It looks like I will have to source a replacement manifold to fully sort the problem. From doing a small amount of research I see that they are no longer available from PSA, however, it seems there is an identical item (albeit reinforced) one available with part#0341.94 which is used on the 406 and Xantia etc. Before I go down a rabbit hole on this can anyone confirm this is the case or is there a better solution (I'd like to stick with stock). Thanks in advance for you advice folks. Rich
  2. I am (very) slowly replacing the head gasket in my 1.9 after it corroded due to lack of use. I removed all the valves and valve stem oil seals tonight and then noticed some pitting around the cylinders. The worst area is near the 4th cylinder, it is around 1.5mm from the edge of the combustion chamber and around 5mm in diameter and around 2 to 3mm deep. I am planning to have the head skimmed to clean it up, is this something that can be welded up first by a machine shop? Thanks Rob
  3. Hi, after checking Service Box found the parts I need - 1798 45 - 'exhaust system fitting kit' (ie, bolts, springs, washers, ring gasket) - a 2015 thread mentions these are available for £18, but I'm getting quoted £26-£28 from a dealer and a large Peugeot seller. -- -- I'm having problems with the manifold>downpipe ring gasket not fitting well at all, having tried two pattern parts. The Peugeot ring gasket is apparently a good fit - is the Peugeot version (ring gasket only) available anywhere in the country for mail order at all? -- --Don't really want to part with £26-28 when it appears to drastically overpriced and I only need the ring gasket. Any thoughts please?
  4. I've been trying to source the correct gasket for my 2.0 8v Turbo throttle body which looks like this: On Servicebox I can't find the correct part. This is all I can find: Number 3 which is a rubber ring (incorrect) but shows the correct 3 bolt flange. Part number 0365 32. or Number 21 which is a gasket, but shows the wrong 2 bolt flange. Part number 1635 58.
  5. Hello, I've got a small oil leak from the rocker cover, so will change the gasket. I was just wondering if anyone has used Spoox gaskets.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331075779327 ? Just seem a lot cheaper than others I've seen. And also have anyone used their spark plug seals.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181271614718 ? Thanks, Dean
  6. I'm running an Citreon Mi16 and recently started to get a misfire and have discovered oil in a couple of spark plug holes. I understand new seals need to be fitted to cure this, are these the same on all Mi16 engines? Also where can I source them?
  7. Hi guys, I have just finished fitting my Dellorto 40s to my 8v 1.9 for the third time! The first time I discovered the carb manifold was warped and that water from the holes in the block was leaking in, causing loads of white smoke from the exhaust. The second time I acquired a new manifold and plugged the water holes with silicone prior to fitting, but is still managed to find a route through resulting in more white smoke and bemused neighbours. Tonight I got the set up sorted but I still have the same problem. I'm sure there's no water from the block getting through but I'm still getting loads of white smoke. The oil in the sump is now just a creamy emulsion and the water in the header tank is frothy and smells of oil. My question is, is this a result of so much water being dragged through the engine or should I've looking at the cylinder head gasket? Or perhaps something else I've missed converting to carbs? Any help greatly appreciated before I rip the whole lot apart again!