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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, Apart from going down the custom made route. Does anyone know of an off the shelf exhaust that keeps the standard look? im fairly happy with the standard pipe but a bit more depth would make me happier, on occasions I feel the stock pipe sounds tinny. was tempted by the Milltek Classic, as shown in the image and they sound good too (not too noisy) from what I can watch online, but, open to ideas and more than happy to be convinced to keep it original too :-)
  2. Hi Folks, I had the car in to my local mechanic here in France to cure a leaking exhaust manifold - I chickened out of tackling this one myself at fear of snapping studs etc! Anyway, he finally got the manifold off after a lot of heat and penetrating fluid and then noticed that there was some corrosion at one of the connecting ports which was allowing the gases to escape. He has replaced the manifold gasket as an interim to get me back on the road and this has cured the worst of the leak. However, there is still a slight leak (faint ticking under load). It looks like I will have to source a replacement manifold to fully sort the problem. From doing a small amount of research I see that they are no longer available from PSA, however, it seems there is an identical item (albeit reinforced) one available with part#0341.94 which is used on the 406 and Xantia etc. Before I go down a rabbit hole on this can anyone confirm this is the case or is there a better solution (I'd like to stick with stock). Thanks in advance for you advice folks. Rich
  3. I'm needing a new back box for my phase 1 306 1.9 TD I was thinking of getting this sportex one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293680282335?ssPageName... But I've never had any experience with sportex. Am wondering if this would be suitable for a daily. Not too loud for my neighbours or going down the motorway but sounding decent. I know it's an arbitrary question based on peoples own opinion but it'd be good to get an idea. It's only a backbox, I'll be keeping my cat on and the description reckons it's not too loud but be good to hear from people with experience. cheers
  4. Evening all just thought I would write up a quick story. Ive a 98 Xantia Ct in amazing condition and have done a few of the mods to her that others here have done to this motor in their 205! Once again this site has been a huge help! I wanted to open up the engine a little and added a cheap boost controller from ebay. Was rubbish (paid 2$ for it) clearly! Bought a shiny electronic one (turbosmart eboost street) which made a massive difference. Good power from 1900rpm to 4500rpm, almost like a diesel! Exhaust was blowing so had a turbo back system made. Was a fraction larger in bore with fresh mufflers. I didnt want any noise so big mufflers it was and a standard down/sideways exit to keep it stealth. While it was there we fitted a xu10J2 NA cam and gave it a full service. Put it on the dyno to check all was well. 115kw at the wheels so knocking on the door or 200hp and loads of torque. 11ps @ 1900 and 14psi@ 2200-5200 now. Eboost helps hold the boost a little more. Epic bit of gear and Aussie made! Few weeks went by and something didnt sound right. Issue with the cam. Have just ordered a new fresh Turbo Cam from Cat Cams and will have that fitted in a few weeks and am exaited to compare that to the J2 cam. Should make a fraction more due to less overlap etc. Great fun to drive now but god it drinks the fuel! Would be an epic motor in a 205! Thanks for reading!
  5. I've got a 205 1.9 Gti (1989 vintage) with an 1.9 Mi16 engine which uses the reangled exhuast manifold. My exhaust system has the two silencers, and has spouted a few holes now (been on the car many years). I recently tried patching up the holes, and after refitting I noticed that the system quite often knocks against the body. It's even worse now on refitting. So I think I'll buy a new mid and end section. However, I'm not entirely sure what I should be buying, as there seems to lots of options and most pictures are completely devoid of detail. My current system is joined via normal slide over tubes rather then with the olive-style joints. I've seen two types of rear silencer, a round one and an oval one. I've currently got the oval one, but can either type be used? Which is a better fit, as mine seems to be knocking against the side nearest the wheel? Any particular brands to buy or avoid? Not looking for expensive stainless system.
  6. Hi, after checking Service Box found the parts I need - 1798 45 - 'exhaust system fitting kit' (ie, bolts, springs, washers, ring gasket) - a 2015 thread mentions these are available for £18, but I'm getting quoted £26-£28 from a dealer and a large Peugeot seller. -- -- I'm having problems with the manifold>downpipe ring gasket not fitting well at all, having tried two pattern parts. The Peugeot ring gasket is apparently a good fit - is the Peugeot version (ring gasket only) available anywhere in the country for mail order at all? -- --Don't really want to part with £26-28 when it appears to drastically overpriced and I only need the ring gasket. Any thoughts please?
  7. Hi everyone, Just picked myself up my first 205 GTI - It's a 1.9 Sorrento green 1990 series 1.5 It needs a new exhaust and I found this new unit on ebay, can't seem to find any mention of this brand from the forum search but it looks like it will do the job, was wondering if any of the experts here had any opinions on if it's worth getting or if not a link to a better alternative would be much appreciated. Very keen to get it sorted asap so I can get out in the car. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Peugeot-205-GTi-1-6-1-9-89-94-Exhaust-System-inc-Downpipe-/350704586504?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Car+Make%3APeugeot%7CModel%3A205&hash=item51a79f4f08
  8. Hi, I'm after some advice for the exhaust on my track based 205. I'm finally getting to the point where I'm going to need to get the car mapped, but want to make sure the exhaust won't be holding it back before I do. Spec is as follows: - Rebuilt MI16 with block decked by 0.4mm (11:1 ish compression) - Newman PH4 Inlet cam, PH3 Exhaust cam - Sandy Brown/Colin Satchel inlet (lotus based 45mm throttle bodies) - GTi 6 injectors - 4-2-1 exhaust manifold (unknown brand), mated to standard ph2 exhaust (Bosal mid section & genuine pug silencer) - Dta S40 ECU I got it briefly fired up last weekend, and if I can get my laptop to connect to the bloody ECU properly then will hopefully have the cams run in this weekend, so it'll just need properly mapping. I'm hoping to make around 200bhp with this setup, but one thing I've overlooked is the exhaust. The manifold looks like your standard maniflow 4-2-1 effort so will probably be fine (although diameter of the primaries looks a little on the large size), but will the standard phase 2 exhaust be restricting this engine? I think I read that Maxi was running 216bhp on a GTi6 with some bodies and catcams installed and had a standard exhaust which would suggest that it'll be ok, but that's not saying it wouldn't have made more power with a larger exhaust. I'm not looking for an excuse to spend even more cash on this project (have spent a bloody fortune already!), but if the general consensus is that the a 2" exhaust is too small then it would be daft not to change it. If so what should I be looking at - 2.25" system? And any advice on a place to build / fit a quiet-ish manifold back system in the South London area? Thanks.