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Found 34 results

  1. Mr_Frosty

    Anyone Fancied A Camping Trip?

    Not sure if this is the right place. A friend of mine who drives a VW T4 showed me this. we converted his standard van into a home early last year and he has been telling me it's the best thing ever. He has been living solely in the van for about 18 months now (cheaper than student houses) after 3 months in he is still trying to get me to buy something similar. Today though I think he maybe pushing it a bit fair but all the worth its very unique. http://tinyhousetalk.com/extreme-car-camping/ Anyone thought of this?
  2. forbeslongden

    Alternator Help.

    Hey there guys, I think my alternator maybe shot in my STDT. It's been fine except one morning where it took maybe a second longer to fire up than usual, thinking nothing of it I drove back to my house from where I was and slightly later that day went to start the car and there was just a clicking and nothing, the ignition startup lights were lit however,. I took the battery out and charged it and sure enough when I put it back in some hours later it fired up first time, I'm not 100% sure what alternator to buy though, will a 1.8D XU7 alternator be enough for the XU7T engine? Is it worth buying the part to get fitted or just get a garage to supply and fit? If supplying it myself is cheaper/faster will this be good enough? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/300566668733?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Best wishes
  3. Hi all, Only just joined - eager to learn more about my new project and share my progress along the way. Seems a very active forum, which is good as i've never messed with a pug before! I commute a long way each day for work, so have a Skoda Fabia TDI for a daily. I did have a 197 Clio Cup as a weekend toy. Unfortunately i never had a great opportunity to use the car - it just sat in the garage. It was irritating having such a new car sat at idle, especially if the market dropped on them overnight. Decided to move it on. The Clio. Decided to look for something slightly older - something i could have sat doing no work and wouldn't lose money. Fell upon this gem which has had tonnes of love in the past but sat in storage for around 10 years before i bought it. An enthusiast had it before me but then unfortunately fell ill. It was about 10mm deep with dust when i bought it - got it home, gave it a wash, clay and wax and this was the result. Certainly in a tidy state! The engine sounds sweet as a nut and everything is in a decent state. I thought i would make this thread to show my project. I wish to keep it original and get it to A1 condition and hopefully show it. Things to do - Replace/rebuild seized rear beam Paint, protect and underseal floor Freshen up the interior Rebuild engine, seam weld subframes, tidy things up in engine bay, cure some rust. Basically want to get everything in 'near new' condition, so may take a while. I also have another project though so this is a hobby project in effect, will keep you all updated. Everything seems factory on it bar an open cone filter and a receipt for fitting and mapping (not investigated yet) of a megasquirt ECU... :-/ Thanks, John P.S. i see this forum is quite active with track day go'ers, motorsport followers etc, so here is my main project. A 1600cc Honda Powered MG ZR stage rally car.
  4. Hi Guys, I am in the middle of doing an Mi16 (XU9) conversion on my 1986 Phase 1 205 GTi. I have read through mountains of guides on the wiring but they all seem to be based around the phase 2 GTi with the 2 brown multi plugs under the dash which I don’t have, and this thread; http://forum.205gtidrivers.com/index.php?showtopic=81453 is the closest I have seen to describing my situation… I’m just looking for a bit more information / clarification if possible. So far I have routed my 405 Mi16 loom round the engine connecting plugs as I go. The 405 loom still appears to have several unconnected plugs towards the end of the loom, which I am assuming the 205 doesn’t make use of? Then there is the two brown multi plugs, and this is where I am stuck! Can somebody please tell me on a Phase 1 205 how many and which wires am I looking to splice from the 405 loom? Obviously there are the two mentioned in the thread above for the Fuel Pump and the Tacho, as I understand it the Fuel pump wire is going to come from the box on the passenger side inner wing, and the Tacho is coming from the 205 Coil pack? Is this all that is required?? Thanks in advance for any help DGTi
  5. Hi everyone. I decided that i want to post a topic of my cars restoration project. I bought the car in 2010 10 march. It was in very bad condition. The engine was completely taken apart and was in the trunk of the car. The car had big rust problems. And had front springs cut down half way and the rear beam was completely dead and the car was sitting almost on the ground. The previous owner had done loads of bad things to the car. The original seats and wheels where gone as well. So I decided to buy the car and wanted to restore it to it`s orogonal condition. That's how it looked like when i started to work on it. First i decided i need to start with the engine. So i bought a complete 1,9l engine. And after short time i first installed it in the car. As you can see the front end of the car is nothing but rust. Shortly after the engine was started for the first time i understood that the engine had oil problems. So the engine went straight back to it`s seller. And working on the car i understood that i need to weld new front end. So i stripped all the car and found more and more rust Taht was just the rust at the front end. The rust was also at the side skirts and rear of the car. After long period of welding. The car needed to be primed and painted. The car from factory had electric windows and central locking. Before me someone had changed the doors and had cut the wires. Since then the car had manual windows, but i knew that i will put the electric windows back in. I toed the car to the painters garage. And he did a complete respray. Except for the engine bay. The car had two colors. but i didn`t like that. I wanted it to be just red. I didn`t like the red paint that it had. It seemed to me that is too light and looked a bit pink or orange. So i found the red tone that i liked. It was the paint from volkswagen. Tornado red. In the time when the car was painted i started to work on the engine. I send the engine to my friend who is a big 205 gti fan and also a good engine builder. He helped me with the engine rebuild. The engine is standard 1,6 with a head with big valves. I had problems with the electrics in the engine compartment. I didn`t know which wires go where. And the engine didn`t run when i hooked up the wires. And there where some empty wires as well. So i got an electric to help me. He had to work pretty hard to fix some bad wires and get the car working. Sometimes i thought that this project will never end cause i always could find something broken, or something i had to redo. It was 2 years already since i started working on the car and finaly it started to look like one All this time my car had no exhaust. So i had to custom build a new one. Starting from the downpipe all the way back we welded a stainless steel exhaust 60mm in diameter with the back box from magnaflow. My plan is to finish the car till summer. Get the original recaro seats, and drive as much as i can. Sorry for my english. I hope it was interesting for you guys to read John
  6. Chapperz

    Quick Sunroof Question..

    Evening all, I'm not one for posting much but could do with someone pointing out the obvious for me, Took my 205Gti project car apart 4 years ago and since then I've moved house twice, I know there's something not right here, but I could do with someone pointing out just exactly what I'm looking for in my garage full of boxes of bits of 205's \/ Whats the Missing Piece? \/ Before I resort to zip ties and gaffer tape!
  7. Smokey fae fife

    Spoox Motorsports 205 Mi16

    Hello all, I have already introduced myself before but here is my full run down on the car and hopefully my progress through getting it to a standard where i will be happy with it. The 205 originally a 1.6 GTi and had the conversion to a XU9J4 engine in November 2010 by Spoox Motorsport and it was an intended track-day car until i had purchased it at the end of June this year http://www.spoox.co.uk/catalog/ It has had an extensive amount of work done to it but i am in the mind that i could do with maybe advice and help in the work that shall need to be done as it is my first pug and especially one this quick and nice. The stuff done to it already is as follows : Automatic bonnet fitted and painted 3 Piece Clutch kit Spoox motorsport 4 - 2 - 1 Exhaust Manifold Spoox motorsport custom inlet manifold valve Spoox motorsport ITG Air Filter Spoox motorsport uprated lower engine mount Some mad South African alarm thing It has the 1.6 BE1 Gearbox still and is in as much as original condition the wheels were acid dipped and powder coated just before i had bought the car I am having some issues with the engine it can give more but how would be the best way of going about it , I am thinking of weber carbs but would that make a difference over what is done ? Thanks for looking
  8. Hi all, after some inspiration here. My 1986 1.6 GTi has been in storage, damp most of the time, for around four years. It has been started on and off during this time and after the damp had cleared it ran ok. Went out in it last week for the first time in 4 years and it ran ok but the alternator was showing a weak charge, so I fitted a good spare. Sorted that fault. Drove over the weekend and it was ok, and ran quite well, then Monday night, went to the Ace Cafe for French car night. On the way there, got to Hanger Lane Gyratory and the engine cut out at the traffic lights and took three phases of the lights to get it to cough into life again. Annoying and VERY embarrasing. On the way home I had little or no low end throttle, no mid range and loads of full throttle, not very usefull. Tuesday night, changed the afm for one off of another car (that was a runner, but may be faulty), and tried a working tachymetric relay, no different. Weds night, changed the ECU, no difference. Changed the plugs for new ones, no difference...etc etc... Thursday night, changed the Throttle body for a later one, changed the SAD for a tested and working one, and the car started, then cut out again and wouldn't start again, pretty much as Monday night. Tonight, cleaned plugs as they are getting really sooted up, really qiickly. Removed alarm to make sure it isn't the immobiliser causing the issue and it started, got hot then, when turned off, wouldn't start again. It is idling at about 1200rpm + and can't be adjusted down on the air screw, i've done as many of the tests in the Haynes book of lies as possible with no real faults found and i'm struggling to find fault. Also changed the distributor sensor wire for a good one, changed the coil and ignition module for working ones too, and it will sit and idle ok, if a bit high. Isasue now is that it won't rev cleanly and once it's turned off, won't start again!!! I'm going to try the AFM off my rally car, which I know is ok but don't want to strip too much off and rin that....if that doesn't sort it i'm flummoxed! Any ideas??? Kev. Oh and it's not the car in the picture! That IS my rally car which is fine thank you....
  9. Hi All, Further to my last post lots of bits have arrived, new sad hose, all the air filter hoses and the gear stick, which arrived for £29. Question is whether it's the right one. There is the white plastic bit that holds the lift up reverse cable in place on the existing stick but not on the new one. As this seems to be stuck on (there is a small hole in the stick into which a metal tube is stuck through plastic then stick) I can only assume that I've been sent a stick for later cars without the lift up reverse. Or is there a way of transferring the the plastic bit over. I did specify it was a lift up reverse, so is a little disappointing if it's the wrong part. Thanks, Phil