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[trackday_prep] 405 Mi16 Track Car

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The final issue to deal with in the bell housing area was the length of the release/thrust bearing tube.
The stack height of the AP twin plate clutch assembly was causing an issue with the clearance between the tube and the extra height of the AP assembly.
After some calculations, we shortened the tube to work with the above.
A trial assembly should confirm our measurements.


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I was concerned about the stack height of the twin plate AP clutches with the thicker clutch plates - It wasn't a problem with the sintered plates as they're thinner. I assume you've gone for the thicker paddle type clutch plates?


If you have any more trouble with the spoox bearing, Helix do a 50mm one which is a direct fit on a BE3 clutch fork, smaller diameter than specified for the AP clutch, but works fine.


If you stick to the max release bearing movement specified by AP (5.5mm),  then on a standard clutch pedal and cable setup you'll end up with about half the pedal travel of the standard clutch. I found the easiest way around this was to move the pull point on the clutch pedal (where the cable attaches to the cable) approx 10mm inwards towards the clutch pedal pivot point - this made the pedal travel similar to standard, and reduced the force required to operate the clutch (super light pedal feel!).

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Yes, using the paddle type clutch plates.
I wanted to persevere with the Spoox bearing as it cost a motza. I think all is in order now. I imagine the Helix 50mm would be a contributor to a lighter pedal too.
I’ll probably adjust the clutch with a low pedal initially and keep the release movement in line with the recommended 5 to 5.5mm travel. It's a big job to remove the pedal box on a 405 too.
Did a dummy assembly with a spare bell housing and the shortened tube today, and my calculations appear spot on. Clearance everywhere!

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