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  2. Deanmivin

    Best Way To Clean An Interior Carpet?

    the only solution that I could find is a carpet cleaning company
  3. Ozymandis

    Repairing split header tank

    Every black square one I ever had split there, so I cobble in a round white one, I never saw one of those split they are a better design for long term reliability.
  4. Jhowell212

    205 STDT Price Tracker

    I own L413 SAE not moved in over 10 years I believe, surprisingly hardly any rust and paintwork looks real good
  5. SRDT

    Repairing split header tank

    It's kind of a design flaw as they all end up like that but it takes many years to reach that point even with the 1.4 bar cap of a diesel.
  6. stevengrassman

    Best Way To Clean An Interior Carpet?

    It depends on how dirty your carpet is. In my case, the jet wash did not help and I had to throw out the carpet. Did you find anything suitable?
  7. edited wiring diagram post the issues we discovered on start
  8. artois7

    Repairing split header tank

    At the front, under the halfway seam? It's a hairline crack. I have a post in the wanted section. Frustrating as the actual repair would be easy but it would always be in my mind that it could fail so it's probably not worth it... Assuming I can get another.
  9. To be honest the first things I wohld do to an1.6 is Fit power steer from a 1.9 or xsara. Someone who knows what they are doing will have no trouble doing this properly. Get decent pads or fit 1.9 calipers and discs. Fit a quaife diff if a road car. 1 for i surance on the box and 2 youll enjoy it more! A 1.6 with more conpression, cam and some throttle bodies would be a nice engine with the above mods. Mind you it will cost 3-4 thousand pounds to do all this properly. (The above included) The other fists wohld be to rebuild the rear beam and refresh all the suspension bushes if they are old or worn. 205s really are terrible to drive if they are not right. You dont need more that 150hp in a road 205 to go fast. They are not traffic light drag cars by any means. Get them in the turns and they will really suprise you.
  10. SRDT

    Repairing split header tank

    Not all plastics are easy to glue. With the black square tank I think coating the inside with slow cure epoxy is the best bet.
  11. Tom Fenton

    Repairing split header tank

    I’m sure I’ve got a spare one. I’ll have a look for you.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Telf

    Repairing split header tank

    To be fair there's no real reason you couldn't glue it if it's a plastic one.
  14. Ojm25weobley

    Looking at a 1.6GTi

    In the process yes still unsure what to do. Going to get it running standard and then go from there I think
  15. Connor

    Water in Sill

    Hey, Are there any drain holes in the 205 sills? I'm pretty certain there is water in my drivers side sill since under breaking there is a splashing sound. It looks like the sills have been worked on at some point at the front so I'm hoping that they haven't welded any holes up, I've had a poke around and couldn't really find anything though. Cheers for any help. Connor
  16. Hey there, So I've changed the gear linkages on my GT with the TU3s engine. However, the gear change is still very sloppy and loose and I've also noticed that there is oil coming out of the gearbox where the linkage connects ...I'm not too sure how to describe it. Is there any bushes/seals available that can be replaced to improve the gear change and stop any oil leaking? If anybody on here is selling anything like that then I'm keen to buy from you. I'll take some pictures in the next couple of days to illustrate, its quite a bit of oil coming out of it now though so it definitely needs sorted soon. Cheers Connor
  17. SRDT

    Repairing split header tank

    All the square black ones end up cracking at the same spot, you can look for a guy that's good at welding polyethylene but it's probably not an easy job.
  18. Ozymandis

    Repairing split header tank

    Stick a wanted ad up on here You stand a v good chance of getting another . I`ve given up trying to repair this kind of plastic tat, it never works long term. Are you using the squarer black type or the round white type?
  19. Ozymandis

    Clutch arm/fork movement

    No worries Callum, first one I did I ended up drilling out and pissing about making a special bolt, tapping a thread etc older and wiser now . Be aware there are two completley interchangeable types, earlier ones with yellow bushes and later with white, I think 94 ish was changeover, its a common problem for people to get the bits from both mixed up and it all goes wrong a short time after they get it back driving and the release bearing goes tits up. The geometery of the two is totally different despite looking identical. get familiar with the difference and double check you have the right fork to match whichever bushes you use, there are aftermarket ones with a yellow bush and a white bush, avoid them.
  20. welshpug

    Front to rear stance

    don't forget the torsion bars/rear springs or it'll be an understeery pig.
  21. Hi all, My mi16 unveiled a hairline crack in the header tank yesterday, decorating the driveway. I thought finding a replacement would be easy but I've not found one for sale yet. I don't think plastic weld / superglue would hold up very well, has anyone had any luck repairing one?
  22. Of course! Why did I not think of that ! I have been scratching about using the damn clamp on about 5 head builds now. Screwing the baseplate to the head would be much better. Thanks for that tip. Measuring finished. Need to contact Precision Shims in your homeland as I am now in need of some new bespoke shims . Out on the road this afternoon. Time to do another FTP session. Not exactly looking forward to that!
  23. so as stated on the other thread ive swapped to 10W40 - ill probably run it for 2 weeks (about 400 miles ) and change it again
  24. Richie- yeah it is- MOT on Thursday and then driving again
  25. well in terms of running in the engine it was a run in crank and cam so I only had to worry about the bores and rings. What actually happened in the end was - I carried out a few starts on the car. Ran in up and down the farm track at varying revs but it was massively over fueling as the MAP supplied wasn't really correct. I then went on the rolling road at Emerald to get the Map sorted and the technician ran the engine in there, set the Map and then did the power runs. The oil used initially was... well actually I've no idea ! I took it from a 500L barrel in the garage where I've been building the car. I do know it was exceptionally thin as we had to stop the rolling road for a bit to allow the engine to cool ( the pressure light had come on at idle). I've since drained the oil as described. I guess that it has worked out ok as the car made good power for a standard engine at 129.3Bhp (flywheel) and 101 at the wheels.
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