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  2. Hi all, im currently designing some parts for the brakes/front suspension. Plan is to lighten the rotating assembly quite a lot by using some 7075 but retain the original mount points and bushes etc. so its the parts are a direct replacement. Im trying to design the caliper bracket at the minute but need to know where the disc is going to sit, does anyone have a disc laying around they could measure for me? What im after really are the sizes marked, 2 diameters and 1 depth. the depth of the bore could be substituted as the thickness of the flange also.
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  4. Steve205

    Rolling doir pins 1989 1.6

    Thanks for the information. Appreciate it. Might go with the 8 mm pins. Will give local Peugeot dealer a call and confuse thelife out of them. Thanks again. Steve
  5. The blue plug on the blue sensor is correct, that's the ECU coolant sensor and plug. The other two are just for the dash gauges. Unplug the blue connector and measure the resistance of the sensor with a multimeter. Also check the terminals are correctly seated in the plug, they can be pushed back so they don't make contact.
  6. Clutching at straws but have you checked it to see how it varies under load
  7. Well I've has a play with the emerald , copied a few settings from the manual and the ECU and controller now seem to be communicating. Had to copy the AFR target from the emerald PDF. No idea about the corrections page and the setting also copied. Seems to be working . Dunno. Probably blow the engine up next!
  8. Tom Fenton

    Rolling doir pins 1989 1.6

    Try changing the pins by all means, but usually you will find the wear is in the fixed part of the bracket that is welded to the a pillar. Solution is increase the pin size to 8mm from 7mm and drill out both halves of the hinge to suit.
  9. I have a final challenge left to overcome when starting my newly rebuilt engine, I have an over-fuelling issue. I have tested the injectors with the rail removed from the engine and all is well, the injectors have been re checked on a test rig and they perform 100% as they should. It seems that when they are installed back into the head the over fuelling issue appears. I’m going to re check this morning with the injectors out of the car and then individually earth the injectors to check that the earth coil has not broken down on any of the injectors. I have read on this forum about the ECU coolant sensor being connected in the wrong place, causing an over fuelling issue, can I ask that someone in “the know” takes a look at the attached image and confirms that these 3 connections below the dizzy are correct please? I have added a photo of my injector test set up, so that I can see what the injectors are doing, looks very Heath Robinson, but does the job.
  10. I've wired in my lambda sensor so the ECU can read it and operate in closed loop mode. This should mean it tries to maintain optimal AFR . I think? I need to add these values to the ECU AFR table. It's an AEM controller and a Emerald ECU. Has anyone done this ?
  11. Philpooma

    Rolling doir pins 1989 1.6

    You can still get the split door pins from your local Peugeot dealer. You will need to drift the old ones out, plenty of release fluid around the pin and allow a good soaking before you attempt the job. Then make sure you protect the paintwork on the A post with plenty of masking tape or similar. You will probably find that it takes more hammering force than you think to remove these, its an awkward job but very difficult. PS. Dont forget to support the door with at least a jack and a block of wood. Good luck
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  13. I think the pressure is pretty much constant at 3 bar so I don't think so
  14. Doc 205

    What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    Fitted a horn switch, as my stalk is knackered.
  15. Have you checked fuel pressures? Just wondering if high fuel pressures could be causing a leak when car under high loads. Dont think it would show on the AFR reading as the system would probably compensate.
  16. Here's the car just after start received_1561021440.mp4
  17. When I say taped over its proper heavy duty plastic environmental sealant tape . Just been sat in the car . Wrapped blue cloth round the injectors , fuel filter connections , common rail input and output left it idling 10mins. Removed cloth looking for signs of wetting/leak - nothing. With the engine hot you can see the AFR reading in the pic. 14.2 to 14.5. so it's not rich. All the fuel pipes are new from Baker. Not deteriorated so I can't see them being an issue.
  18. SweetBadger

    RealDash - Budget Digi-Dash For DTA

    I didn't find lag an issue with the bluetooth adaptor when it was working, but to be fair didn't have chance to test extensively. Haven't had the engine running with the new cable, but can see throttle position changing and response is quick - as you'd expect really, there should be no lag caused by a direct serial -> USB connection. I think any perceived lag will now be down to the 10Hz data refresh rate from the DTA ECU, which is a limitation of the ECU and would be the same for any digital dash using the ECU data stream. Now just have to find some time to get up to the garage and finish off the rest of the car - not much left to do, but other things keep getting in the way at the mo!
  19. Good work. Did it reduce any lag that you had too?
  20. thanks Peter, much appreciated
  21. Hi all. New to site. Just hoping someone can point me in right direction to get rolling door pins for my car. Bit of play up/down in both driver and passenger doors. Pins do mot have a distinct head on them. Any help appreciated. I am based in Ireland Steve
  22. Sounds like the classic internal pressurisation via the fresh air vents/heater which goes when the windows are down and smells enter the cabin. I had this when the rubber pipes at the top of fuel pump where deteriorating, suggest you might have similar somewhere. I replaced the short lengths of pipe with proper high pressure fuel pipe and no more smells. Taping over holes does not necessarily stop the fumes, grommets/rubber bungs/oil resistant sealant are better.
  23. Last week
  24. Windows closed no smell. Every gap, hole etc has been sealed or taped over . As soon as you crack a window you will smell something. Sometimes immediately sometimes after a while. Seems to depend on wind direction to an extent. At motorway speed it's not noticeable. More so at 30 and below
  25. I don't have the exact timings, but it's just a hall effect square wave that fires between 2 and 1. This is how I connected it in the early days. Depending on the ECU, you won't need the pull up resistor and if using 5V, you can omit the 100Ω resistor.
  26. Seems like the tank is ok? As far as I can tell. As previously discussed on a different thread , windows open driving. It smells of fuel (originally thought exhaust but that's been fully sealed). Wideband lambda says it's running lean at about 15.3 unless accelerating then it drops to 13 ish. So apparently not over fuelling. All lines are new. No sign of a leak. God knows Going to replace the fuel cap and see if that helps . After it's run you can definately smell fuel at the cap. Maybe the seal has had it. The wideband controller isn't wired into the emerald ECU . Will try connecting that and see if it helps. I doubt it tbh.
  27. K20205

    Base model rear arch cutting

    Yes mate all done long time ago.
  28. Are you concluding that the tank is not pressurising and it is venting properly via item 2 and therefore not a vapour/tank issue. So where on the car and under what circumstances are you when you smell petrol ? Driving, ticking over, windows open/closed, engine switched off etc?
  29. With the valve in place ( so going from the start of the small pipe on top of the tank smoke vented at the output of item 2. I'm my case a pipe just below the bumper. Other than that no leaks apparent
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