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  2. Neat idea to make a bung and tig, but I have neither a lathe nor a tig welder ( sob) so a £1.10 core plug was plan ‘b’ I would love to have both but just not enough space in my garage ( second sob) Mind you, a collection of bikes might just be contributing to the space issue .
  3. Yesterday
  4. It looks like styrofoam because that's how you make the mold with the lost foam process, there is little to no machining needed after but on the other hand they probably can't use crappy pot metal. Speaking of pot metal not all XU water outlets welds nicely.
  5. I turn up a bung and TIG it. That weird looking aluminium welds really nicely.
  6. steve@cornwall

    What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    Pushed it backwards down the country lane to a place it wasnt blocking the road when it suddenly died without warning. Catastrophic ignition amp failure. Luckily I carry a spare. Use it every day and the old bus always gets me home.
  7. Hi Tom, Sorry. Jan out so no car . Sob .Will be at Pugfest though ! Andy
  8. Tom Fenton

    Yet another XU9/10 engine build

    Neat job Andy. Are you coming to Hope show later?
  9. Water outlet on the rear of the block. It has an extra outlet on the iron block engine. I know that a short piece of rubber hose, two clips and an old bolt would have done the trick, but one core plug ,hacksaw, file and a little core plug sealant later .........
  10. LLL

    Side trim clips damaged

    Spot on - thanks for the info. I'll refit without them and see how I get on. Cheers, Rob
  11. It’s a threaded female to male spacer. I had a machine shop where I work so they knocked it up. From memory I cut the thread down on the drop link to allow it to thread all the way into the spacer.
  12. SimonJ

    Length of earth cable

    Thanks Damian
  13. MrAndy

    Side trim clips damaged

    Wow!! You learn something new everyday. -A-
  14. Telf

    Side trim clips damaged

    I have just rebuilt my car post full paint job. I found these clips new very difficult to fit over new rivets- to the point they where marking the new paint. Ive left them off. So far no issues , nothing fallen off , no rattles.
  15. Last week
  16. Gaz205

    Side trim clips damaged

    If it helps, you don't actually need them. They are only anti rattle clips.
  17. How did you bolt these up? Did you need a longer thread to pass through the spacer? Thanks
  18. maxi

    1FM rear speaker change over wiring

    have you managed to find yourself a 1FM mate?
  19. jackherer

    1FM rear speaker change over wiring

    I've never looked at how a 1FM is wired but I imagine they use a switched jack socket, that's a socket with a switch built into it that is activated by plugging something into it. E.G. https://www.hificollective.co.uk/components/1-4-inch-stereo-switched-jack-socket-gold-plated.html or https://www.gapco.co.uk/Mono-Sleeve-Switched-Jack-Socket.html
  20. Don't fit cheap ones, they never line up properly and the heater matrix heatsink fins are further apart, resulting is colder heaters. Valeo were £30ish iirc
  21. Biggles

    Choice of slicks

    Sounds like a jolly sensible approach - 1st objective should always be to aim to leave the venue with the car the same shape it arrived.
  22. Tom Fenton

    Choice of slicks

    I take a set of slicks and a set of semis to track days. If it’s really pissing it down to the point that the semi slicks are struggling I find the best approach is to hole up in the cafe drinking coffee while all the heroes crash and cause red flags.
  23. How are the rear speakers wired in the back of a 1FM as I know that when the acoustic shelf is in the speakers in the C pillars are isolated, and when the shelf is removed, via a jack plug I imagine the C pillar ones work. I would like to replicate this but unsure how to go about it or is there a magic box that does it?
  24. SRDT

    Ignition module reliability

    Dwell is the ignition coil charge time but if you don't even have a chipped ecu it must be something else.
  25. Been about 10 years since I did one. Fitted a Valeo. It came with the pipes, which I used.
  26. As per the thread title, just wondering what the current recommendation is from owners on here for a quality replacement / best place to purchase. Had a look around and it seems there's a number on the market made by different brands (obviously with varying prices) with some being just the matrix itself to others that seem to be a full kit including pipes, etc. A couple of older threads on here seem to suggest trying to reuse the o.e hard pipes if they're in decent order / undamaged - is this still the case or would it be a case of a decent matrix including the pipes, seals, etc, should be a fit & not worry job? Cheers
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