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  2. Hi all, I have an intermittent misfire that's driving me crazy. The frustrating thing is that the car is running like a dream, it ticks over at a rock steady 1000rpm and pulls like a train, then completely randomly it will just die for a second and spring back to life. Occasionally after this happens it will die all together and struggle to start but then it's fine again. When it does start it starts crisply with no bogging or indication of unburnt fuel. So far I've changed plugs, leads, new distributor, new coil, new temp sender, new tps, new tachometric relay, new fuel pump, low miles on afm, ignition timing set, new timing belt, checked earths. Any thoughts on what it could be? Ecu? Immobiliser? Should I be running resistor plugs? Any help would be much appreciated, I'd love to get it sorted for a few events over the summer.
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  4. earlier cars had the coil on a bracket behind the battery on the side of the strut tower, along with the ignition amplifier, most decent plug lead kits came with both types of King lead to suit either type, as the other leads were all the same. whether the coil wiring would be long enough to reach this prior location I'm not sure.
  5. I have searched for quite some time but cannot find the answer. I have a 1991 205 1.6 Gti which had the ignition coil bolted to the inlet manifold I sold the engine and have now swapped it for a 1.9 engine. The problem is that the manifold isn't the same type as the 1.6 one. The inlet manifold has been ported and painted so I don't want to buy another with the mounting points on top of it. Question is what to do with the ignition coil. Do I need a different coil, if so which one and where is it placed. Or do I buy a longer HT lead and mount the coil elsewhere.
  6. ...easy enough with the dizzy out of the car and on the bench, mixed with a little bit of patience
  7. Thanks very much, I will take a look. Is changing the canister over an easy job? Can’t imagine it will be to tricky…
  8. I've just bought a new "correct" vacuum canister from here :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134520900184?hash=item1f52120a58:g:LZAAAOSwnZFkLn2w - hope this helps :-)
  9. No idea how it drives…. I brought it as a project with a cold idle project (and lots of other issues) about 6 years ago. The idle issue is now the only thing outstanding.. I have checked grounds / connections / relays / SAD / temp sensors all with no real success. Timing was the current avenue to investigate which is when I found it did not have full range of adjustment which has now exposed an incorrect vacuum unit….. interesting comment about the sad, I will look for some images on Google any other thoughts very welcome.
  10. For quite a while it was very hard to find new OE vacuum unit , and the small percentage of canisters which where left available on stock went for a lot of $$ . Recently they started to reappear again and asking prices went down (oddly) .. and also think the guys from the "H&H Ignition Solutions" started to refurbish vacuum canisters (cutting them open and replacing the diaphragm inside) Out of curiosity - how did the car drive with that canister ? (i'm looking for some non standard canister with lower vacuum/Hg advance deg.) D
  11. Because the right part is unavailable/expensive... I think your SAD housing is bolted on incorrectly but hard to tell from that image.
  12. I thought the same, nothing like other pics I have found…. why would someone bolt on the wrong part?
  13. That one is wrong/non standard vacuum canister . OE item Bosch : 1237123091 https://www.vfrenchcarparts.com/shop/suspension-motor-electricity/059/peugeot-205-309-405-engine-distributor-vacuum-unit-capsule-dallumeur-595186/ D
  14. Hard to show exactly but does this help?
  15. How do I fit a new roof motor and where is it located in the car ? How to add new lubricant.
  16. DamirGTI

    B2A Engine

    Interesting one .. did something similar on a GTI head along with the porting and valve seat mods .
  17. Thanks guys for the hints&tips and codes. In the meantime i have glued back the transparent glass wiht two-component epoxy. Just few drops on few spots. I think ot will be fine cheers, Vladimir,Slovenia
  18. chris 417 mi

    What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    Finally got round to swapping out the stained carpet I had in the 205 for an upgrade I’d bought last year … good excuse for an interior clean aswell
  19. Pictures would help. Does not sound normal
  20. Hi, my 1.9 205 gti does not idle well so I decided to look at the timing (have spent lots of time trouble shooting other things temp sensor SAD etc). when rotating the distributor clockwise I have found that it won’t rotate far before the vacuum advance unit hits the water temp housing below….. this has reduced the amount of adjustability a lot.. Is this normal? Nothing in that area of the engine looks aftermarket or altered so unless the vacuum unit is wrong I’m not sure what is going on…. thoughts feedback would be very much appreciated. thanks Adam
  21. Last week
  22. Approximately 1k miles done since rebuild, another oil change also did timing belt, water pump as its been about 7 years since the engine was built Car went to Ricky Gauld for mapping last week and I'm delighted with the results, was running pretty good on the emerald base map but he's made a few changes and it has a fair bit more torque now. Nice to drive! Going back to the painter on Saturday morning for a couple touch ups then possibly daily driver for the rest of the summer It's nice having a project somewhat complete, I'll have to start the next one soon
  23. The XU5JP/XU7JP block doesn't have the same part number but it looks close enough, the XU7JB with it's swirl head is using a XU7JP4 block an is clearly not a good match. Early XU5 blocks also lacks the oil pressure sensor bung despite having the "right" part number.
  24. DamirGTI

    B2A Engine

    Scroll down and you'll see the difference .. D
  25. DamirGTI

    B2A Engine

    Yes ! Can even use "newer/later" ones from XU powered 306/406/Xantia/Partner 1.6/1.8 8v .. those are even better/stronger - more stiffening ribs on the block thus less likely to crack around the liner base or around the head bolt holes . D
  26. welshpug

    B2A Engine

    They will be close enough to use, some wont have the holes for the sliding tensioner of the earlier cars.
  27. Exactly what i thougt , im thinking about buying this engine to stock some parts especially the block. Thank you for the tip!
  28. Sure! Pistons are quite diferent but the block itself, is it the same thing? But i will be using the same pistons that i have on my B6D. I heard somwhere around here that XU engines are pretty much the same, what changes is the pistons like you said, the crankshafts and the engine heads and camshafts. But the block itself without the sleeves, are they pretty much the same?
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