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  2. Gohn, your first and second paragraph sum it up nicely. If we are talking about standard 19mm torsion bars at standard height Haynes does not give any help. The manual I downloaded does not give a measurement that I could find. The Haynes by Comber for the 309 has a little more. Apart from a wider tube and bars the rear suspension geometry is the same as 205. It does mention twice that the dummy shock spacing is 288mm between centres. The ride hide is 330mm measured from a flat section on the chassis "rail" to the ground. Does the 205 have a similar flat? After chewing over all the info from a recent discussion I still didn't understand why there was no real conclusion. How could Haynes and Comber get it wrong? I searched around and couldn't find anything to clarify the issue until I found this comment: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "Sorry if this sounds boring/technical but having just readjusted my beam yesterday ( to take account of the extra load of camping gear for the EuroTrip) I found that on std length rear dampers the travel from bump to rebound is 75mm. So to have the damper piston sitting at the centre of it's travel and therefore equal amounts of bump and rebound - the bolt centre distance at static deflection(i.e. four wheels on the ground with half a tank of fuel and spare wheel and whatever you normally carry on board) should be 277mm. That's half way between 315mm (fully extended) and 240mm (fully compressed). The obvious problem when lowering is that you are reducing the amount of otherwise available bump travel and be on the 'bump stops' a lot of the time; if you're going to lower the ride height, get appropriately shortened dampers to suit. We've mostly all been there and yes it does look good, but the ride is greatly compromised unless done properly. My car now looks like std, which I always thought looked too high but, the ride quality overall is worth it in my opinion. Edited April 9, 2009 by fangio " ( 205gtidrivers.com/forums/topic/104122-is-standard-ride-height-330m ) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> That is the best measurement of half travel that I have seen. It makes the manual's figure of 288mm seem correct. Is the 10mm difference to allow the bump stop to give 10mm of compression before the shock piston bottoms out at the end of its travel? The 288mm spacing on the dummy shock ( nice work Gohn and PeterT ) will help align the correct splines for the factory ride height (which should measure 330mm from chassis to ground). fangio's comment has me thinking that the factory/manual stated 288mm is the only way that the torsion bars are unloaded at half travel and acting with equal twist either way from full compression to full extension. Ditto for the shock bushes. I hopes this helps rather than confuses. Bryan
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  4. The splines are different on either end of a torsion bar you remove the bar entirely, set the ride height using the dummy shock, then put the torsion bar back rotating it until the spline line up I’ve managed it and I’m proper thick
  5. barneys66

    Parts ordering for shipment to the U.S.

    I'm happy to help with consolidating parts and shipping them out to you in one box. I have a couple of American classics and would be lost without guys over there helping me out, so happy to offer the same.
  6. You're definitely overcomplicating it. If you have 19mm bars and want std ride height, set the dummy shock to 325mm. Try to insert the torsion bar. Keep rotating a spline at a time, until it slips in. Lock the bar and remove the dummy shock. Job done. Repeat with the other side.
  7. I can't comment on the shipping or how long it takes to arrive to US but buying lots of parts to ship far is difficult you can get good prices shopping around but shipping lots of packages separately kills on total freight but getting heaps of parts from one supplier is difficult anyway, and the prices wont be as competitive UK owners have way more choice and much better prices over here, its just use every avenue available UK peug dealers seem pretty good but wont sell to you cause your not there (me either) I've only bought a couple things from these guys lately but you can search with part numbers easily and find out straight away whats available: https://www.pieces-de-rechange-classic.com/15-l-aventure-peugeot-classic another place has been recommended and they've got plenty of parts but I haven't used them yet: https://www.franzose.de/en/Home/ and Dean's good: http://www.peugeotparts.co.uk there's also ebay too. lots of the newer places in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania are pretty good if its not urgent as the mails slow due to covid also JDMotorsport (they're in UK) is good too, they have a few ebay names
  8. right so the different settings reflect the torsion bars being run AND the engine so a TU and XU would set the dummy shock to a different length, to target a different ride height even if they had the same torsion bars? so is this the same thing?: if 325mm is my standard ride height setting, and if rotating the torsion bar 1 spline gives plus or minus 50mm in ride height wouldn't the next useable dummy shock settings be 275mm or 375mm ? any settings in between wont work cause the TB splines wont slot in ? maybe that's overcomplicating it
  9. Steve205

    What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    Put petrol tank back on after sanding/schutz. Waiting on clutch cable... Still must source 3 wiper arm nit covers... Getting there though
  10. Thanks. Was your problem the same as I am experiencing? Cheers
  11. Last week
  12. I had a problem with my distributor also! Made a full repair in H&H Ignition Solutions. All brand new parts and the distributor was like new!!
  13. Ruben

    Flywheel TDC match

    Thanks for the advice guys!
  14. Ruben

    Flywheel TDC match

    Just fitted it today and i used the dial to find TDC and it matches perfectly with the tooth , but the bolts that bolt on the pressure plate are slightly tinner than the ones of my old flywheel , but no big deal just solved it easily! I used the dial just to get a more milimetric and precise measuring! Thanks for the advice! Best regards! Ruben Figueira
  15. Ruben

    Flywheel TDC match

    Sure Thing! I can confirm that , just fitted it today and i used the dial to find TDC and it matches perfectly with the tooth , but the bolts that bolt on the pressure plate are slightly tinner than the ones of my old flywheel , but no big deal just solved it easily! I used the dial just to get a more milimetric and precise measuring! Thanks for the advice! Best regards! Ruben Figueira
  16. Spencer

    What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    Purchased a new battery and spark plugs, and started tracking down everything else on my punch list.
  17. Hello fellow GTI folks, I've got a long punch list on my phase 1 1.6 I just acquired, and I was wondering if anyone had some good tips on parts ordering for delivery to America. I've ordered from the UK off of EUSpares, which took forever, and off of EBay, which did not, but I'm wondering if there's any particular supplier folks would recommend. My shopping list includes pretty much all hoses and combustibles, rear brake slave cylinders, coolant temperature sensor/unit, thermostat, cap and rotor for the distributor, rear hatch struts, washer pump motors, quarter window rubber, and various other bits and bobs. Thanks!
  18. AlexRS2782

    What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    EXIP alloys & PS3's fitted on Tuesday - thanks to Fordingbridge Tyre & Battery for that Make for a nice period mod and fit in with the dealer kit quite nicely. Also booked it in for some paintwork in mid May to deal with the, quite badly faded, Miami Blue paintwork on the upper half of the driver & passenger doors and possibly get the lower rear bumper repainted too.
  19. Hi Folks, Need a little advice. I have a 1990 1.6 GTI all factory original with approx 50k miles which I bought approx 6 months ago. Since buying it I have completed all the servicing items and also dropped it into the local Peugeot garage (here in France where I live) for the timing belt kit (I chickened out of doing this myself). The car generally seems to be running well, however, it seems to run very rich (i can smell exhaust gases while driving or sitting with windows/sunroof open), it is also difficult to start, particularly when warm. Further, I get the odd backfire on over-run when driving somewhat enthusiastically. I decided to take a look at the dizzy cap and was surprised to find that 2 of the 4 contacts where almost totally worn away, as if the arm had been hitting them. I ordered a new cap, arm and leads but upon doing a little Googling it seems that there could be a damaged distributor causing this - potentially a bent shaft. The question is has anyone else experienced a bent distributor shaft and, if so, is it a case I need to for a complete new distributor unit? Or can you suggest any other causes for this type of damage and rough running? cheers Rich
  20. I’ve just rebuilt a 205 Xs beam and it was 330mm centre to centre i believe every 1mm at the shock absorber = 3mm at the wheel
  21. the dealer tool has a 12x1.0 thread pitch with a lock nut, so half a turn = half a mm. I would agree with Peters numbers as a very good starting point, but be prepared to tweak a little to match whatever you have up front as there is quite a variance with all the different spring manufacturers, engine weights etc.
  22. A poor imitation I'm sure Peter, but as close as I could make it! Your own looked too impressive to not make one up Found the M14 ends in a shocky boneyard, took a few goes to get the right RHS blanks, but good now thanks for the measurements, and the inspiration I already can front and rear are all regular peugeot shocks and Im just looking for an easy way to set standard ride height the same way the factory does before they rolled off the line, the rear ride height was set by a tool like yours or the one I copied from Peter from there I can lower it by rotating the torsion bar one spline (-50cm) or increase the ride height by rotating the torsion bars one spline the other way (+50cm) rather just leave it though got any pictures of your fabled workshop tool ? it already does the steel bars are hollow and telescope in/out ..any further 'suggestions' will be forwarded onto PeterT, proceed
  23. welshpug

    Flywheel TDC match

    I think the missing tooth is in the same place on the flywheel relative to tdc and dowel hole, but the sensor is further back.
  24. Thijs_Rallye

    Flywheel TDC match

    The EW will fit but has a different missing tooth location, at least that is what I read here somewhere on the forum (the embrace the ew topic likely).
  25. Telf

    1989 1.6 cherry red refurbishment

    not too bad really Ian!
  26. SweetBadger

    Driveshaft Failure - Intermediate Bearing Moving

    That looks like a good solution, will bear it in mind should we need a new driveshaft. for now this should do the trick!
  27. That looks very similar to mine. I'd say: 23mm - 290mm 21mm - 210mm 19mm - 325mm
  28. Or, cut a slot in the outer tube, and tap a thread into a hole in the inner tube, and then it will slide. No comment on the specific lengths.
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