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  2. Nobbly


    I use TFR (traffic film remover) which you can get from various Industrial suppliers. I get stuff manufactured by Gunk which isn't as harsh as some others - but be warned - used neat they are all brutal! I turned my tyre sidewalls brown with some once, which isn't a good look!!!
  3. CamGTS

    205 GTI 1.9

  4. Name: 205 GTI 1.9 Category: Peugeot 205 Date Added: 2019-08-21 Submitter: CamGTS 205 GTI 1.9
  5. CamGTS

    AFM mounting

    Hi all Newbie here to forum but used to work on and prepare rally 205s back in the day so memory a bit fuzzy Refurbing a tidy 1991 1.9 Gti in Miami and will likely have a few questions Firstly can anyone help me with some detailed photos of engine bay of an original car. Mine has been messed around with K&N filter etc so am getting it back to standard. Specifically looking to see how the AFM bracket is fitted , the slam panel air intake as well as the positioning/mounting of the front relay. Also looking for rear bump stops - can't find anywhere. all help gratefully received Cheers Cam
  6. What about a DW12 crank, offset to Ø48 with a 98mm stroke, a K24 rod and a 4G64 CP SC7260 87.00mm piston?
  7. I'm not 100% sure yet myself, but it looks like it will rotate fine in there without any problems. I already bought the crank and some H-beam rods for my future engine block build. I think the crank web that is replaced by the balancing shaft drive-gear possibly should be "modified" to look more like one of the other crank-webs, and then the crank should be re-balanced. At least that is somehow in my plans for that build.
  8. Thijs_Rallye

    1.2w bulbs within the dasgboard switches?

    The illuminated window switches have the same ones if I am not mistaken. https://www.lampengrossier.nl/T32-60mA-WIRE-END Neglin: N14102 Could be 1 W too, which of course has a different PN but at least you'll have a PN to start cross referencing,
  9. As above. What's involved in fitting the dw12 to an xu10j4 block? What mods are needs etc
  10. Yesterday
  11. Here's one I've been working on with more of the standard piping. I cut off the standard hoses, silver solder on #10 fittings either end and iuse push-on hose.
  12. SRDT

    1.2w bulbs within the dasgboard switches?

    Try here: https://www.bulbtown.com/Automotive_Miniature_Bulbs_s/228.htm
  13. It’s not Mi16 but rather standard fitment to all GTi’s with A/C. Thus every GTI delivered in Australia.
  14. have seen that on a 1990 car, was quite surprised myself, motronic and power steering on it, vin number matched up!
  15. Tom Fenton


    You can’t really beat an industrial steam cleaner. Some lorry wash places will probably steam clean your gearbox for not much cash if you ask nicely.
  16. Some late 205 GTI’s had that exact arrangement, well without the fancy hoses, but otherwise as shown. Maybe post 92 cars.
  17. B1ack_Mi16

    1.2w bulbs within the dasgboard switches?

    Thanks. Didn't really find any matching perfectly. But guess I can use some with a slightly different layout. Aliexpress seem to have quite a few
  18. Hi. The heat exchanger and remote oil filter came from a 405 Mi16 ( I think ) I made up the hoses using -10 braided hose and speedflow fittings Some 205gtis had the heat exchanger directly underneath the oil filter and longerfeed and return water hoses that were moulded in to the top rad hose a
  19. Andy, What is this oil setup? I'd love to do a similar setup on my mi16 engine. Cheers, Gareth
  20. miamigtimark


    Screw fix no nonsense degreaser does a pretty good job if you agitate with a brush and use hot water
  21. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=piston+rings+stuck You'd know if the rods had snapped because you'd be able to see them through one of the windows in the block.
  22. How can the piston rings be stuck if the engine turns over?! Unless all the rods are snapped
  23. SRDT

    1.2w bulbs within the dasgboard switches?

    Google "Miniature Bulb Wire Terminal Base" and start the hunt.
  24. SRDT

    205 GTI attempted to be STOLEN

    A botched job from start to finish but at least you still have your car.
  25. feb

    Tig welding

    Hi, I am after a good tig welder who can make me a couple of aluminium brackets, and tig weld these to my aluminium lower control arms (for the HID leveler sensors). Do you guys know anyone who could help? Many thanks!
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