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  2. I can see the photos now, it turns out I had to add http://uupload.ir to my adblocker whitelist.
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  4. Hi Sina, great to have you on the forum. Great project that you have there. I did not know that manifolds were made in Iran but it's great to see that they are. It's a very simple engine Sina so it won't be to difficult to do an EFI conversion to it and also not very expensive either. I have sent you a PM. All the best, O.T.
  5. i guess you mean s1 106 Damir, as the s2 uses the sealed plug like a 306. I think I have a 306 motor in mine though it has been so long since working on the car the memo is vague! the motors seemed identical and to be honest probably not an upgrade at all, though will be a decade or two newer! I have successfully stripped and regreased the unit for my zx, much the same motor in a very different assembly
  6. welshpug

    Brembo brakes & alloys

    that may cause more wheel compatibility issues as the 305mm disc is zero offset. if you want to use 405/6 hubs, satchell engineering do wishbones to suit.
  7. B1ack_Mi16

    Brembo brakes & alloys

    I put some Renault van discs on mine, spaced the caliper 4mm rearwards and put a 3mm spacer ring between the hub and the wheel bearing. It just about makes it possible to run SL434's without using spacers (which is visually a no-go over here due to MOT). If I ever get time I will rather put a 405/406 hubcarrier on the 205, as that can use 305mm discs from the 406 coupe and Brembo caliper without spacer.. so just need to figure out what to do with the bottom arms first.
  8. petert

    Brembo brakes & alloys

    I don’t think there is a 15” wheel (other than what welshpug suggested) you can use with Brembos that doesn’t require a spacer, which is why I don’t use them anymore. They are a bit of a false economy when it comes to track cars and racing.
  9. Indeed , it'll be the same 306 and Xsara ... possibly just a little bit wiring/connector difference between the two . Also , think the 206 and Xantia wiper motors could be used too (Ph1 206/Xantia models at least) .. by the looks , seems to be the same/similar type of the wiper motor as on the 106/306/Xsara ... 106 is by far the easiest to fit , as there's no need to rewire the connector its basically plug-and-play ! D
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  11. mmt

    Brembo brakes & alloys

    I use original 1,9 speedlines, 406 Brembo brakes. Just fit a spacer (which bring the wheels out). I Use 15 mm spacers. Works fine.
  12. and this is our new project like everytime me and shahab peugeot 405 xu92c 1998
  13. Welcome to the forum! Sadly none of your photos are working for me?
  14. we using Sagem sl96 xu7jpk ecu for injection system
  15. I guess that's the same as the Xsara one in @K20205's thread..?
  16. and this car was really good this is me and my homie shahab
  17. and this one is side feed fuel injection system french made
  18. and this manifold is iranian version too made by cruise and xu10j2te handmade fuel rail
  19. this intake manifold is iranian version made by cruise company in iran called Xum engine
  20. hey friends whats up! my name is sina and my nickname is poorich and im new here and im so happy for join this site and have good friends like all you. and sorry for my bad english and this post will be my first topic this is my new project convert xu92c car to the fuel injection system
  21. Yup , 106 motors are pretty much direct fit .. and much better , not as much faster than the OE motor but stronger . Certainly worthwhile upgrade . 306 motors fits too , with some connector re-wiring . D
  22. Hmmm, no stock anywhere for those it would seem!
  23. jackherer

    Heater Blower part no for new?

    Valeo 883995 Peugeot 644159 That's for right hand drive/left hand traffic (i.e. UK spec) make sure you don't buy a LHD one.
  24. 106 motors fit IIRC. Also there is this thread from a couple of days ago:
  25. Second thing I want to sort is a new heater blower, as mine isn't very strong. Already changed the resistor pack to a new one, so it's new blower time. Any part numbers?
  26. Hi All Wipers are really slow, going to do the usual strip down and regrease of the whole system but want to change the motor while I am at it. Are there any brand new wiper motors that fit without any modifications aside from the plug? And where is the earth located for the wiper motor? Cheers Alex
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