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  2. There's allen bolt which goes trough the thermostat housing sideways into the 1-st bearing cap . Need to remove the distributor (mark position first to save timing adjustment) then you'll be able to see and undone the bolt , so that 1-st bearing cap can be removed . (cylinder No1 is flywheel side on PSA and Renault engines) D
  3. Hey guys, Have a 1.1 1991 205, which I recently acquired. Found this under passenger seat... Can anyone tell me what it is so I can make sure it hasn't fallen off somewhere?! I have no idea where to start looking!! Many thanks in advance!
  4. There is an extra cap head bolt if remember right
  5. East_Hud

    Locking Wheel Nut Help

    Cheers, yes there was one on the bay that looked almost the same so ordered that yesterday. Though things hardly ever go that easy with me and cars.....so trying to keep all avenues open!
  6. Pug 205 cti 1987 Are all the bearing caps meant to come out. I'm trying to access the shims. I have taken them all off and the cambelt sprocket, but there is one final one in place which is located on the distributer end which wont budge. Is this supposed to come out, if so how?
  7. jackherer

    Locking Wheel Nut Help

    Just hammer a sacrificial socket over the centre part and that type tends to come off quite easily. You could try looking at used Peugeot/Citroen locking bolt keys on ebay to see if there is one with the pins in the right position.
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  9. East_Hud

    Locking Wheel Nut Help

    Yeah I know, was just wondering if anyone had had any joy with Peugeot. Had a proper battle last time I had a set of Saab ones to remove!
  10. Those are Dellorto carburettors not throttle bodies. That type of pump is needed to supply them with suitable fuel pressure. Try mounting the pump on rubbers.
  11. Turned out it was the spark plugs. Still has hesitation when accelerating mid range, but at least she drives!
  12. Hi all, My Skip Brown GTi on throttle bodies has a very noisy external fuel pump in the engine bay. The seller also said the tank had been changed for a 205 diesel tank IIRC. What would be the reason for this? Seems a bit excessive? I'd like to replace the pump as it's so loud, not sure what to!
  13. Tom Fenton

    Locking Wheel Nut Help

    If anyone could buy a key without the proper code then they wouldn't be much of a security device would they? Chisel the c**ts off.
  14. East_Hud

    Locking Wheel Nut Help

    My random/semi drunken eBay purchase is missing the locking wheel nut key. I phoned the dealer to ask about getting a replacement wheel nut key. He gave the usual sigh and the computer is going slow routine so clearly didn’t have a clue. l have this set on the car I don’t have the code that goes with it sadly. Does anyone know if you can get a replacement? I’d like to go this route before going down the removal route. Long shot maybe I know. Cheers
  15. ArthurH

    Wiring questions 8v 1.6

    As part of the work we have done over the winter, we have run new wires to the transponder. It is very simple wiring and I'm sure it will be OK, but I do like to check things before race days. Does anyone know a way of testing that a transponder is working correctly away from a circuit?
  16. Heres my solution to mounting the Throttle potentiometer in place of the standard TPS
  17. Name: 205 Other CJ 1.4 Category: Peugeot 205 Date Added: 2019-02-18 Submitter: Terry time 205 Other CJ 1.4
  18. Terry time

    205 Other CJ 1.4

  19. Several years ago I had stating issues, as part of the elimination process a cable was connected to the starter motor and then you touched the other end of the cable to the battery, obviously you need the ignition turned on whilst doing it.
  20. That's great thank you ever so much for your reply. Could you let me know which way the centre screw in the cam belt sprocket turns is it clockwise or anticlockwise.
  21. MrAndy

    Mr Andy's 205 Family

    Car #4, Cleaning and taking care of the MAF and suction hoses.. (Must say that I'm happy how they turned up, they are 30 year old rubber parts) -A-
  22. I think you mean camshaft. Yes you need to remove your camshaft, by removing your cam belt (you need to replace it after removal) and camshaft bearing caps. The buckets will lift out (I suggest using a strong small magnet, and you will see your shims. You can measure your shims, figure out the thickness you need, and get new shims at your local Peugeot specialist. Best of luck!
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  24. 1.6 1987 cti Ive measured the gap between the shims and the lobes on the crank shaft and they are way out. How do I recalibrate this gap. Do I have to remove the crank shaft and take out the shims? If so how do I remove the crank shaft?
  25. Name: 205 Griffe Mi16 1.9 Category: Peugeot 205 Date Added: 2019-02-17 Submitter: Alan_M 205 Griffe Mi16 1.9
  26. boldy205


    Not wanting to piss on your chips, but I think there are a lot more suitable cars out there. May I ask why you want to use a 205? Matt
  27. Alan_M

    What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

    Bought my 205 a friend.......Anthony/Feb/Pauls old F reg 205 GTi in white as written about here. Plan is to put it back to standard, maybe with a tinkered XU5JA and a few other choice mods.
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