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205 Other
By xnon, 01/14/2016
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Color X-mas Candy red
  • Year 1986
  • Short Description A CT, which is a little bit modified.
  • Car Type / Usage Car currently off the road
  • Engine & Gearbox Engine 1.8 16v, with a midly modified head. (worse original flowing head I head ever seen.) Shortened MI16 inlet, 2.0 16v(1.8 16v)clio throttlebody, 150Bhp injectors(need bigger ones in the future), Original exhaust manifold, with a 130 BHp pipe, completed with a Jetex exhaust. KDFI Ecu.

    Gearbox, a combination of a 1.6 CTI, with a 205 GTI and a diesel gearbox. I want to use the car most of the time on B-roads

    2500Rpm 3500 Rpm 4000 Rpm
    21 3 34 1
    40 55 63 2
    54 75 86 3
    68 96 110 4
    85 120 136 5
  • Suspension & Steering 205GTI rearbeam, with xsara rearbeams.
    Front 205 GTI powersteering rack, with a 106 electric pump for the power steering. Original wishbone. (plan in the future 309 wishbone).
  • Brakes 266 mm, from a 306 with 54mm pistons, rear standaard discbrakes from a 205, mainbreakcilinder 24mm. ABS from a 205 griffe.
  • Wheels & Tyres Winter standaard 1.9 speedlines with winter tires, summer 16 inch ouragans. (color I'am stil thinking of.)
  • Bodywork & Exterior Modified to fit GTI arches, automatic engine bonnet. made a different fitting to the arches.
  • Interior & ICE phase 2 interior, with leather seats, powerwindows all-around, heated seats at the front. Power roof.
  • Comments & Plans Finish the car and drive it on the road.