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205 GTI 1.9
By cfraser16, 01/09/2014
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Color Red
  • Year 1990
  • Short Description Bought recently as a first car and first project, want to restore and replace - long view a mint looking standard car.

    Now off the road and full nuts and bolts rebuild in progress!
  • Car Type / Usage Road car
  • Engine & Gearbox K&N airfilter, straight through exhaust with large back box - both to be removed and returned to standard when I get the chance
  • Suspension & Steering Lowered - to be changed back to standard
  • Brakes Standard
  • Wheels & Tyres Standard
  • Bodywork & Exterior Standard
  • Interior & ICE Interior in need of TLC, aim to return to standard
  • Comments & Plans Drive and restore when get time and or money!