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David Simson



I have recently bought a 1.9 205 GTI.


It is in very good condition but has been modified away from factory spec and I want to get it back to factory spec.


The exhaust system is very loud and I hate it. 


Can anyone please tell me where I can get a standard exhaust system for a 1.9?


It is a late model, 1989, G plate. Phase 1.5.




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Leslie green

When I was looking recently on likes of auto doc there didn't seem to be much everything was out of stock for them. 

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Aftermarket systems are still available/on stock , at least from where i'm buying spare parts ...


There's Bosal and MTS variants (MTS is Italian made exhaust systems ..) , for both early sleeve type and later flange/olive system too ..


Myself , i have MTS system on mine (middle and rear silencer) for around 3 years now , no complains , seems good quality (welds , silencers , pipe bends ..) and sounds good too it's decently quiet when driving normal , yet still a bit more raspy when you floor it but not as near as "big bore/free flow sport system" .


Bosal has 2 quality levels ... one (the best) for OE supply for factory fitment on new cars , and another for aftermarket sale @ car parts stores  .. aftermarket "grade" Bosal systems tends to be bit more louder sounding and made out of thinner material (pipes and silencers) , also from my personal experience tends to rust/blow holes in silencers faster .


Walker systems are out of stock for quite a while now ... you might bump into some every now and then (lost & found old stock) but it'll be 1 or maxi 2 items on stock for a 205 .







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David Simson



Fantastic information. 


Much appreciated. 





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