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Motronic MP3.1 wiring diagram and more

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on the 8v 205 and the zx & bx the IAT is a different type screwed into a boss moulded into the intake hose, the type you have pictured is the 106/306 type that fits the Solex throttle body, the plug is the same and I believe the scaling of the sensor is the same.

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On 1/12/2022 at 7:42 PM, Gavin Waddell said:

So now i need to find a 106xsi wiring diagram and a bxgti one. He also stated fitting a lambda .

BX GTI uses the same ecu as the 405 SRi so you be able to follow the diagram for that which is on here somewhere iirc.


The BX wouldn't have a double relay but the two separate relays like the 405.


I don't think the 106 ecu plug wiring differs that much to the ZX one but I'll get some screen shots from autodata in the next few days & add them in a reply.


I know the ecu from a S1 106 Rallye fits the 405 & ZX loom as I have one somewhere.



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Gavin Waddell

Thanks for that Graham, that clears this up a bit. I will use the 405 wiring  diagram to check the ecu outputs and make sure that every thing is where it should be and also maybe wire in a lambda. When i was reading Josh's old posts he said he had some trouble with the co2 pot. 

And then once you upload the 106 diagram i will be able to check the double realy wiring.


Thanks again.

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