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Found 2 results

  1. ian010778

    The great headlight debate

    Hello all, Back in 1998 when I bought my 205 it had odd highlights. One side had an H4 bulb and the other a 65W round bulb. I soon got them matched up and have had H4’s in both sides since. As part of my restoration I want to replace both headlights as one is broken and they both look a bit tired but I’m having a job identifying which type it should have. I’ve put my VIN into Servicebox to save me having to try and identify which brand I might need and it returns only the Marchal type; but, the attached diagram shows both the H4 (09) and the older style round bulb (02). To my reckoning I’m better off trying to source a couple of new headlights that take H4 bulbs as I’m assuming they’ll be brighter/whiter and consume less power (45W) but all of the decent looking online replacements (such as the Lucas ones on Ebay) require a 65W round bulb. There is an H4 variant listed on the Peugeot Museum website but they only supply one side and it’s not all entirely clear if it’s for RHD or LHD! To add to the mix; the attached diagram says that the 65W round bulb is for clear glass and the H4 is for yellow glass. As mine’s a RHD UK car it has clear glass – the description next to the Headlight Assembly (01) just lists with or without H4 but doesn’t say anything like ‘except GTI’ so there’s no clues there either. From the info’ available I **think** I perhaps should have the older style 65W round bulb units and I’ve been driving around with the wrong headlights all this time, but my common sense tells me I should fit lights with the more modern H4 bulb that should be brighter and draw less current. Should I have gone the other way 22 years ago and ditched the H4 or is it just a case of going my own way with this? Any opinions on how different the two bulbs might be when driving and which are likely to have been fitted as standard would be welcome please. As always – thanks all. Ian.
  2. Hi all, apologies for the short story here I have been having a few issue with the headlights on my phase 1 -A few weeks ago I was driving down a country lane with my lights on, out of nowhere cabin fills with smoke and that familiar smell of melting french electrics So the wire that runs from the fusebox to the headlights has got caught between the gearbox mount and the bodywork and shorted out - Its melted to nothing. Its melted all the way back past the fuse box and on to the combi switch for the lights. On its way out has melted together the other wires running to 4 pin plug at the front of the combi - the tail lights and indicators. what a mess! Ive cut the melted stuff out, and rewired the tail lights and indicators to their respective pins on the 'R' plug in the fusebox - these work fine. I still cant get the headlights to work on dip beam, despite them working on full beam If i connect a live directly to the output from the fusebox to the lights on plug 'B' they work, (light on the dash cluster, and the foglamp switches both illuminate aswell) I have one pin available on the combi switch, and one (slightly charred!) pin on the 'R' plug on the fusebox. The pin on the fusebox according to my multimeter goes to earth, and it seems that the pin on the combi plug on the dash does absolutely f***all whether its connected to power or earth or plug R or anything Are these two supposed to be connected? you would assume so but it doesn't worky im pretty sure im now on the hunt for another phase 1 combi switch, im now also thinking that has done the inside of the fusebox aswell heres some pictures a digit in a hole (bottom left as we look at it) https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxjttwi4wnynmgh/IMAG0039.jpg?dl=0 Pin in Plug R https://www.dropbox.com/s/egytahocm93a4wo/IMAG0040.jpg?dl=0 (ill tidy it up once it works!) Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated Cheers, Matt