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Found 4 results

  1. David 205CTI

    205CTI SORN since 2005!

    So where do I start, apart from I am new here , never been on any forum before and really need some advise/help, so apologies if I do not follow the correct etiquette. I purchased a 205CTi back in 2000, drove and loved it for years but ended up putting it in a garage and sort of forgetting about it. When we moved 6 years ago I transported it to a barn where it has been sat gathering dust until now when I need to move it. The car was in excellent condition, except the drivers seat had a small rip in it. It has done just over 98k miles, had 3 former keeper and has a full set of old MOT's & service receipts. I has not been started for at least 8 years as I am to nervous just in case the cam belt has rotted and snaps. So why I am posting this, what should I do with it? 1. Try and sell it 'as is', if so any idea of how much to advertise for or where to advertise (prices seem to vary loads on autotrader). Anyone interested, as I think this is my preferred option? 2. Restore it and sell it, if so anyone know who might do this for me in the Essex area and thoughts on costs etc. 3. Find another location to store it, as the prices are going up and worth the storage costs. Thank you in in advance and if you need any more information, please let me know.
  2. forbeslongden

    Is This The Latest Cti In Existence?

    Hey all, I was just having a butchers around eBay this morning (I know eBay links aren't strictly allowed, bare with me) and this Altlantic CTi popped up which was imported from Japan, looks pretty tasty with the later engine and AC options and only around 15,000 miles on the clock. What really struck my interest was the registration date being late 1995 - that puts the car on an N-plate doesn't it? This has got to be the last one to registered by some margin hasn't it? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PEUGEOT-205-1-9-Cti-CONVERTIBLE-RHD-AIR-CON-TIME-WARP-CAR-COLLECTOR-QUALITY-/171928868249?hash=item2807c25599 Looks to be an absolute beauty, probably worth the money as well, can't say I'd pay that for a CTi though even though this would in theory tick all the boxes for me!
  3. Hello all, I'm new to this forum although over the last few months I've been updating my progress over on Detailing World. I'm going to upload all of the content from there onto here, so apologies if the time frames done quite make sense! I purchased this car in September 2017, I had been searching for a little 205 for a year or so, but never found one local, and nearly all of them needed a lot of work. (that also turned out to be the case with the one i've bought!) With GTI prices sky rocketing, I decided to go for a slightly cheaper but just as good alternative, a little CTI. The market for these is very hit and miss, not many around, and not many good examples. I found this 1986 Space Grey Phase 1 205 around 2 hours away. Chap had owned it for 2 years, driven it a handful of times and kept it in a large empty unit of which he had free use of due to being the site maintenance man of a large industrial estate. The bonus of this is that the car had been dry stored for the last 2 years of its life. I initially walked away from the car due to it needing paintwork, engine work and interior work, however the 2 hour car journey home soon let me change my mind, I later called him with an offer, to which he accepted. Add photos: Collection day: And soon it was next to my restored MK1 VTS: (which I have since regrettable sold on) First job was to go through all the paperwork and date organise it and file it correctly, there was plenty to get through! The original dealer 'stag hill' had done a lot of the servicing on the vehicle in its early life. Next I moved onto giving the old girl a good check over, carried out a full service, replaced the timing belt and waterpump, radiator, thermostat and replaced all the cooling hoses with some replacement hoses from BakerBM. As you can see in this image, the coolant consisted of nothing but K seal, something that later down the line came back to haunt me... more on that later. Timing belt covers where all broken and in need of replacement! Good second hand upper covers where sourced, and a modified re-made lower metal cover was purchased. (plastic lower cover is prone to breaking) Whilst waiting on new parts, I sourced the correct 1.6 phase 1 pepperpot alloys and had them powdercoated and new Pirelli P1s put on. With the engine service all complete, I installed the new wheels and assessed the bodywork. Bodywork is not to bad, unfortunately someone had decided to paint the trims black whilst leaving them on the car! :wall: they where kind enough to mask with 2 inch masking tape next to the trim but nothing else!! Which resulted in a ********** line of overspray, all around the car. Shocking. On the plus side, the engine bay was looking good with a new battery, powdercoated airbox and correct period jack all installed. Interior condition is not horrendous, however some of the dash plastic trim is broken and needs replacing, which is incredibly hard to source! A few weeks later... replacement matts, correct phillips headunit and a bit of TLC. I moved onto the bodywork issues, a few weekends work with the polish and tar remover saw the bodywork back to life. The NSR quarter will require paint though.
  4. Afternoon all, This is a quick and simple question for those in the know; Does the BE3 box in the 1.6 CTI use the same ratios/final drive as the 1.6 GTI box? Basically, are they the same box? I have been searching the forum, the ratios spreadsheet and various other places for a day or two and I can't seem to find a definitive answer on the subject, or any kind of answer. I've found nothing to confirm they are the same but equally nothing they confirms they are different. I've found much about the differences between the 1.9 CTI and GTI boxes but nothing regarding the 1.6. Does anyone know? Thanks guys.