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205 GTI 1.9
By Cal_Jones, 05/08/2014
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Color White
  • Year 1989
  • Short Description An Immaculate example of the 205 GTi in Alpine white, it is in extremely good condition with some serious additions such as 309 rear end, gti6 brakes all round, bilstein rally suspension and most importantly an mi16 engine under the bonnet with lovely throttle bodies and gsxr1000 bike carbs running 200bhp with an emerald ecu to keep it all running smooth.
  • Car Type / Usage Road car
  • Engine & Gearbox Mi16 engine, Throttle Bodies, Bike Carbs.
    1.6 Gear Box.
  • Suspension & Steering Bilstein Suspension,
    309 rear set up.
  • Brakes GTi6 Brakes all round.
  • Wheels & Tyres 05 GTi Speedlines with Toyo Proxes.
  • Bodywork & Exterior Standard, with recent respray.
  • Interior & ICE Not sure. I think 309 interior.
  • Comments & Plans No particular plans , maybe make the track a bit wider with some hub-centric spacers and a nice exhaust system.

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