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Serious attempt to find my old car

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Like anyone who's owned and driven a 205GTi and then been foolish enough to sell it, I regret my choice. I'm trying to find my old car and wondered if it was known on here.
I've also gathered the following information from the guy (Matt) I sold it to:
"Matt’s lecturer (Colin) goes to Lotus club at The Hampshire Hog on the first Monday of the month and knows Tony who Matt sold it to"
The Hampshire Hog is a pub near the A3 in Hampshire and the car was believed to have gone in the Surrey direction. As the guy I sold it to was a trusted bloke at my (then) local garage and had a thing for 205s, he used to work on and own loads of them, so can't really remember too much about it, aside from what a nice car it was and how little I sold it to him for * angry face * 
So, has anyone known "E482 RFX"?
Last MoT'ed in around 2009... 
The HPI check seems clear though... 
Worst comes to the worst I will start to hang around that Lotus meet and see if anyone can at least help me discover "Tony"'s second name and I'll carry on the search from there...

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 11.03.42.png

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I bought this car in 2012. Can't recall where from though. Don't believe it was Surrey way. When did you sell it? 


Paid around £150 for it and unfortunately it was broken down for parts. I did pass the shell on to someone as it was a non sunroof model, so it may well have lived on in some respect. 


Appreciate that's probably not the news you wanted to hear!

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