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Diagnostic fault code 33. 1.4 TU engine

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I have done the old moorse code diagnostic testing on the 205 gtx 1.4 year 1993


It's coming back with 33


Have check the fault codes for old Peugeot using Haynes (image attached below) 


33 fault code has 3 different types of fault codes. I'm guessing it depends what model you have


The 3 fault codes are


33. Air flow sensor

33. Map sensor

33. Throttle position sensor


Just wondering what code would be the right one for my 1.4 gtx TU3M/Z PSA engine with Bosch Mono-jetronic injection system with Catalytic converter


I have been looking for a map sensor but can't seem to find it in the engine bay. Took air filter housing out etc


Any help appreciated 





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Not AFM for sure and I don't think there is a MAP sensor on the early Bosch ECU so it must be the TPS.

The MAP sensor can be external in the engine bay or hidden inside the ECU so you can look for some vacuum tube going to the ECU just in case.

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Max Nilsson

Hey Paul, are you still there? I have a question for you. I'm about to switch my MAF sensor on the same engine as above. Need some tips! Let me know if you see this. Cheers /Max

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