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205 GTI 8v ITBS Megasquirt map

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Hello boys, 


I recently had my ECU programmed and i have an issue when i get to the 1500 RPM zone. The car stalls as I open the throttle slowly from start, but I can drive normally if i accelerate, before releasing the clutch.


I´m attaching my tune file for help and opinion. Everything is welcome.


Just for information, the car has ITBS, DB6 1.9 8v engine, and a very soft cam.







205 CTI FL.zip

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Tom Fenton

Quite what you expect anyone to tell you from the map numbers I've no idea.


You'd need as a start to identify the cells the map is using when you have the problem, and then what a wideband lambda is reading when it happens.


It sounds to me like the map is possibly too lean at that point and acceleration enrichment is masking that.

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Posted (edited)

I'd suggest the numbers circled need to be bigger. The scale of the butterfly opening is logarithmic. Thus a lot happens in the 2%, 4% and 8% cells. For your info, I normally use 1, 3, 7, 15 and 30%. So you've actually got plenty of scale in there. I'd start by upping those three cells up 2 units each. Maybe even 3, 2 and 2? So as soon as the throttle is cracked is gets some fuel. Does it have a throttle pump map?

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 5.11.44 pm.png

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