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TU5J4 conversion not starting and gear rods

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Hi All 


i have put a 106 gti engine and gearbox in my base model 205. 


I have t it to a point in which it turns over but will not fire. I have had the ecu checked. I have checked the fuel pump and put a separate feed to it but still nothing. I have wired it in using the single plug off the 106 and have connected the tarted and ignition live to what I think is the correct pin. I have a couple of connectors left on the engine loom but after continuity testing them think they relate to the 106. 


i have noticed on my fuel pump relay that the wire on the loom to pin  1 has been cut. Would this be the culprit? Where should this wire connect too? I have tried to power loom directly bypassing the relay from a thread on here but still it just turns over. The fuel pump doesn’t prime or operate. 


my second question is the gearbox from the 106 has meant that the gear shifter is over towards the passenger seat. The selector arm has only one ball slightly lower down so it has shifted it over. I have a gti front subframe to go on. Could I fit the gti subframe and purchase a  Satchell gearever (be3 one) kit and make it work without re welding the subframe mount? Alternatively I think a shorter old should solve it. 


Thank you for any help





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