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Degraded performance motronic 1.3 with error code 54?

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I am currently in the process of playing around with an Ostrich on my trusty XU9_frankenstein* equipped 205. (* XU9J1 block / crank / rods/ pistons, XU9JA head with 3 angle valve seats and Catcams 4900365 cam, vernier pulley adjusted to spec, "thick" head gasket)


I've noticed recently my ECU keeps throwing a code 54, but it does not light the CEL while driving. The car runs great above 2000 RPM, below it is a bit jerky like the older Jetronic equipped cars, but I blame that mostly on the cam.


Does anyone know if these old ECU's already have a degraded performance mode in case of a code 54? I know they have some things in place for failing sensors, but this one is unknown to me. If anyone knows how the checksum is calculated and at what location it is stored would be highly appreciated as well ;). I know it is a CRC16, but I do not know what address range to include in the calc, neither do I know the location for sure. I suspect the last two bytes though.




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