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head gasket or inlet gasket leak?

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Looking for some help and advice. My 1.6 gti was running fine....then started blowing white smoke/steam and coolant level light came on. The temp gauge is erratic so could not tell for sure if it was overheating. Didn't smell super hot or anything and car ran fine no missing or issues. I pulled the plugs and cylinder 3 plug was water wet as was top of piston...clearly coolant in bore. I then did a comp test and all cylinders were 145 psi except 3 which was 90.


I figured must be head gasket so started strip down. Once I pulled the inlet manifold off I noticed a lot of coolant ran out of the area around cylinder 3 and notice also the inlet track was very clean compared to the others (see pic's) My question is could it be the gasket on the inlet manifold letting coolant into the cylinder and if so would that affect the comp in that cylinder?



















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updated pic's

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