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1.6 Gti Rear Drum Brake Springs

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Just overhauling a drum brake rear axle, Fitting new drums, shoes and fitting kit (Girling type)


When I stripped down the old brakes (axle has been stored for a while and brakes too rusty) there were 4 springs, in the new standard fitting kit there are only 3, there seems to be 4th longer spring not in the kit and the existing are a bit too past it.


Any ideas where I can get the 4th spring from or a complete kit. Its NFP as far as I can see

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Thanks for the reply welshpug.


Think problem solved - I took a photo as I stripped it down - Just realized what the 4th spring was on the photo.


Its the spring tensioner at the end of the handbrake cable!!


Should be OK now

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