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TALBOT sport

Highway Speed Steering Wheel Shimmy,vibration.

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TALBOT sport

Hi everyone.

205 driver from sweden here.

I have some vibration in steering wheel when driving 60 mph and up to topspeed.

Tonight i swapped out the ten year old michelin exalto because of suspected flat spots. Car is just driven in the summer so stands still alot.


I put new conti 5 on my speedline sl 474 and balanced them to zero. Been out driving tonight and alot

of vibration was gone. But still there is some felt going up the column to the steering wheel.

Where is the best place to put weights on the sl474. I put self sticking weights on the inside of the

rim but the weights closest to the spokes are placed on a tapered part of the rim. How do you balance youre sl 474. Do you put weights on the outside so they are visible or clampweights on the edge?


Maybe these rims need to be balanced in a certain way?


What are other common wear items that cause highspeed shimmy? I have som deadspot in the rack but rest of the frontend is restored. Hope you have some ideas about this.


Regards Daniel

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It's worth taking the wheels off and cleaning the hub face, the brake disc and the wheel itself where they mate together, a small deposit of corrosion here translates to a significant offset of position at the rim of the wheel!

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