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Leslie green

Barn Find Laser Green 1.9 Gti.

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Leslie green

The waxoyl I sprayed is still as soft as chicken soup but drying ok , will be a while in the cool temps from now on ,

Got the bonnet pin mount adjusted today , used a piece of round bar with an m8 bolt through it ( only bolt I could find in a hurry so had to space it out to stop denting bonnet skin)  This pulls on the threaded mount stopping it bending or pulling spotwelds and the round bar bends the piece the bonnet striker base sits on rather than just the threaded bit it screws into,worked fine and now matches striker plate perfectly .Heated the paint first incase it would crack. .I used a piece of tube over the mount to bend it easily and without going too far.

  I also got a used beige slam panel  at last ( there seem scarse now in original paint , it's not good enough to use as is but will do for now and good to try and get a colour match ) as the one came with mine was black and I'm sure looking at pics 19988 to 1992 were all or certainly most were beige for a gti . I did notice though that there is a little bracket on the passenger side of the black one with 2 captive nuts the beige one doesn't have  ,does a gti use this as the slam panel may not be off a gti ,been years since mine was together ? Don't want to get it painted to find it's no use 


52486869614_a7ad4d8e0a_k.jpgIMG_20221108_162121 by Leslie, on Flickr


52486096852_23ab01ae39_k.jpgIMG_20221108_163154 by Leslie, on Flickr


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Tom Fenton

The bracket is for the shunt box, where the battery positive feeds off in the the rest of the car, I think a phase 2 thing maybe, my laser green ph 2 car has the shunt box mounted there but earlier cars don't.

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