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Dta S40 Idle Problems

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Good morning all,


I'm at the final hurdle of finishing a J4 conversion on my 205 using the DTA S40 ECU.


The cylinder head has been ported and polished, is running Catcams 708's and the engine has a Helix Lightened 2.9kg flywheel.


The ECU has had a J4 base map uploaded so I can run in the engine before getting it tuned on a rolling road, it starts, it'll rev, but doesn't want to idle at all. I've read that other people have had issues setting the idle using the s40, it was suggested to use the ignition advance to sort it out, but it has had no effect on mine.


Yesterday, I had a look at the throttle stop settings again, to make sure they were correct, the closed position was sat at 184 and fully open was set at 949 i think it was.


I had a go at 'Reversing TPS Movement' and it started without having to add throttle and the idle was spot on for a while, until the rpm would go up by around 500 and then it would have a massive blank spot and would only rev with slow throttling.


Here's a video of it on idle and you can clearly hear the rpm increasing




Any help would be gratefully appreciated, as I need to get the idle sorted so I can get it MOT'd.


Thanks in advance for any help given :)

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