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i recently got a DV6TED4 with the entire car around it.

As is have a spare 205 Gentry sitting around in my garage, i'm playing with the idea to put this engine inside this car.

Ultra-low fuel consumption and a torquie diesel ... nice combination in a 205. ;-)


As i heard i can remove the immobilizer and run the ecu without the bsi in standalone mode.

Does anybody know about this?


My plan was:


- put the engine in the 205

- use only ecu (and possibly abs/esp unit)

- get the rpm and stuff via can-bus from the ecu

- get a dpf/egr off bin

- rise the turbo pressure a bit to get around 140-150bhp


I think i heard that for the EW/DW-engines generation i have to build an own right hand engine mount. Is that correct in the case of the DV6 also?


The idea of an DV6-powered 205 is in my mind for 2 years now.

Would be a really nice all-day car.


Thank you for any input and ideas!

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