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Drivers' Cars: 205 GTI 1.9 by MarkKJFLtd

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Just for the record then, some recent jobs completed:

- Refurbished original seats (were pretty good really, but bolster stitching was just starting to come apart)

- Engine top-end rebuild (mid-life refresh, and sorted a leaky gasket)

- New Clutch (was deep into the enginebay anyway, so seeing as the original one was still in there...)

- Refreshed rear beam (anally good quality, purchased from, and fitted by jord294 on here, thanks Andy)


Upcoming jobs:

- Sort laquer out on the roof (it's noticably white now)

- Clean up brake callipers and fit new pads.

- Possibly refresh front suspension over the summer to match shiney new rear beam


Other than that, 135,000miles now, so just going to keep enjoying using it on the nicer days.


Oh... and a bulb has gone on the instrument display (dipped beam tell-tale), so that's another job to do!

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