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Our New Free Resource - Pugsforsale.co.uk

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We are delighted to be able to make this announcement at long last!

http://www.PugsForSale.co.uk is a free, specialised and international resource, created in order to connect people like yourself - Peugeot enthusiasts.

The idea is based on our successful Cars For Sale section we've had for a short while on our old website, about 10 years ago now.

PugsForSale.co.uk features Cars For Sale, Cars Wanted, Parts For Sale and Parts Wanted sections and will be tightly woven into 205GTIDrivers.com core too.

Just like 205GTIDrivers.com, it is a completely free, donation based resource - it exists for you and because of you. And it will be free forever!

Please help us make it THE place to buy & sell EVERYTHING Peugeot related, by registering and posting your adverts right now!


Stay in touch with the latest news by liking our Facebook Page and please spread the word about the new site.


And remember - it is there for you and will always stay free!

Many thanks.

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