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Tom Fenton

Rear Bump Stop Missing- Bolt Blob Of Rust- How To Repair?

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Tom Fenton

So this is something that commonly occurs on our 205's and also is a common question on the forum, how to rectify it.


Now those that follow my incoherent ramblings will know that on a few occasions I've have waxed lyrical about the virtues of Irwin Nutgrips. These things really are one of the most useful things for undoing rusted or rounded nuts. Especially good on such as exhaust manifold or downpipe nuts/bolts which may not have been touched for years and so are often badly corroded and much smaller than they originally were.


SO, this is my first line of attack on the remains of the rear bump stop bolt. Usually it works, sometime it doesn't and then it is time to break out the drilling and tapping equipment.


Start with this, looks grotty eh? Not going get that out I hear you thinking..


36232711832_6404c4f80a_z.jpgUntitled by Tom Fenton, on Flickr


First step, take a small hammer and chisel and and gently chisel away the loose corrosion around the hex of the bolt head. All of a sudden it doesn't look so bad eh?


36003959550_1f6a169b0d_z.jpgUntitled by Tom Fenton, on Flickr


Now get the nutgrips out. Usually the 1/2" one (12.7mm) works best on this job as its a tighter fit than the 13mm one. Fit it to a decent length extension bar, this gets you out the way of the trailing arm etc to get a good swing at it. Next take a hammer and give it a decent pisser to get the nutgrip to bite into the bolt head, don't be shy at this stage.


35592917803_94c974cf01_z.jpgUntitled by Tom Fenton, on Flickr


Next step simply undo....! You need to be pushing firmly into the job an holding the ratchet square whilst undoing with your other hand. They can be quite tight to get moving. Hey presto!


36003961580_652a7067ab_z.jpgUntitled by Tom Fenton, on Flickr


Remains of bolt and cup!


36003962090_7db27a3890_z.jpgUntitled by Tom Fenton, on Flickr


Clean up the area it clamps to, I usually apply Waxoyl here.


36263801221_30c8f4101d_z.jpgUntitled by Tom Fenton, on Flickr


I also Waxoyl the new cup and apply plenty copper anti seize to the new bolt. Hopefully I will never return to this particular job but you never know!


36400600355_74508aed8e_z.jpgUntitled by Tom Fenton, on Flickr


There you go job complete! This used to be an ABS equipped car so it has an extra washer under the bump stop cup.


36400600415_4933d47705_z.jpgUntitled by Tom Fenton, on Flickr


Here are the worth their weight in golds-


36003961980_43d71736ec_z.jpgUntitled by Tom Fenton, on Flickr


Here are the tools I used doing this job,


Hammer and small chisel

3/8 ratchet and extension


13mm spanner and socket

Wire brush

Big screwdriver to work the rubber bush into the cup


36356019756_87c6505fda_z.jpgUntitled by Tom Fenton, on Flickr

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ive got a set of the irwin nut removers (well not a full set just the 8/10/13/19mm ones) and they are great, up there with one of my top 5 must have tools

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Great write up Tom. Thanks for taking the time to post. I have not heard of those Irwin nut removers before but having just got started on the next 'donkey', I think I'll be investing in a set :-)

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Makes it look so easy.......!


I seem to remember welding another nut on to get a socket to fit, then snapping the said bolt......, hole sawing the insert out then welding in a new captive nut.......


Oh the joys!

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Excellent Tom :) , fully explained and with pictures !


"Irwin Nutgrips" , have seen something like that in one of the tool shops (sold per piece like the usual sockets) .. but to be honest , i wasn't quite sure for which purposes of use ..


Myself , i always used "nut welding" method for removing broken/rusted/rounded bolts .. and it always worked for me (though , not always at first go !) especially for bolts which where snapped flush with the surface .

I also rather use an impact gun when fighting with rusted bolts/nust .


Must try these nutgrips B)



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Tom Fenton

Photos mended

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Leslie green

Mine look like that , another job on the to do list !

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I'm quite surprised there isn't any stainless steel cups in circulation? That would be a great.

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