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Krisb's 405...

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Hi Guys.


I'm a new user here, but VERY well known across the 306, saxo, 106, 406, 206 forums due to my nature of work.


My names Kris, I'm a french car specialist based near Dorking, Surrey, dont usually dabble with the 205's, not many of them left nowadays!


I currently drive a 405 Dturbo, I also own a 405 Le-mans which is now a bare shell as i've robbed the best bits for my Dturbo, the Le-mans is number 391, i purchased it at scrap value to take bits from.


Here's my 405 Dturbo....


Current spec is:


Mild stage 1 tune. 124.3bhp on RR.

20.5mm Torsion bars and ARB.

Static -70mm front and (now) -60mm rear.

G-maxx shocks (306 fitment, currently casting 16mm tubes and new bushes into the rear shocks)

16" Airaine alloys fitted with 195/45/16 Pirelli P-Zero Nero all round now.

Le-mans Leather + Alcantara heated seats.

Rear windows tinted.

Just one exhaust box... a stainless xsara vts mid box and a 'Bus' Style rusty mild steel tip.

HDi Gearbox

Loads of stickers and generally looking silly :D


I have plenty more mods in the pipeline, mainly tuning related but insurance is already enough (been banned, this is 'legally' my first year, hence no no claims):


Solid rear axle mounts,

New exhaust - powerflow 2.5" probably.

TD04 or similar turbo

Hybrid Diesel Injection pump

Mi16 front ARB


Currently i'm halfway through fitting the mi16 kit, i've done arches, skirts, spoiler and rear bumper, just no front bumper as i'd like to get new fogs and the headlight washer things are missing.


I've replaced a fair whack on the car, all 4 tyres, 7 services in the last year, brakes all round, rear wheel cylinders, brake hoses, cambelt, waterpump, clutch, engine mounts, topmounts, lower arm bushes, balljoints, front lights re-wired and much brighter! Other than the general stipud look of the car it's really a great car underneath, tight as a nunns.... hmm. Aircon works perfect aswell, not bad for an 18yr old car :) Engine was replaced about 20k ago for my customer that previously owned the car. Picked it up for £220, by the time the total reached £400 it had Tax, MOT, cambelt, waterpump, full service and tracking done.


Most of the stickers are now removed, Will be starting my 'Digital Cammo Red' vinyl wrap in the next few days. Doing it on the cheap so it's basically loads of different coloured Red and black squares. £50 beats doing or paying for a respray on a car that racks up stupid miles and is used daily for a commute and kids.


The pictures start with the oldest, then the most recent.


And yes, i know it looks miles better without the stickers...


















Since the pics, the Le-mans bumper has been fitted, all 4 tyres match and the rear windows have been tinted and most stickers on the rear removed. Time is short with me, and by the time i've worked on everyone else's cars I can't be bothered to touch mine.


Assumingly, there are more updates to come, especially now all my vinyl has been cut and the DA is ready to pull off some of the manky, reacted paint and all those stickers.





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Very interesting.


So 306 suspension parts fit the 405 do they?


Any problems lowering your beam or was it recently refurbed?


20.5mm torsion bars - Are they thicker than the mi16 and the estate?


Nice little project mate :)

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thickest bars the 405 used was 20mm, 306 front dampers will fit straight in, that's about it though.


Torsion bars are 309/partner/berlingo/xsara picasso length

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Hey, thanks Daz.


I have to admit i'm relatively new to 405's so dont know anywhere near as much as i do with the 306's, saxo's etc, but... there's things i do take notice of.


I originally had 19mm t-bars, as far as i'm aware, on Peugeot servicebox, they only went upto 20.5mm thickness, so same as mi16 and estate.


My t-bars were a doddle to remove, but then I have experience of over a thousand torsion bar adjustments and approx 100 rebuilds. I've adjusted it 4 times including fitting the 20.5mm bars, it's all nicely greased up and the bars pull out 'By Hand (yes!) Currently has no play but i'm on the lookout for a pair of rear disc callipers for the mi16 beam on the le-mans (same thing), then i'll rebuild the good le-mans beam and get that fitted... currently one of my rear drum adjusters has a tiny bit broken off, peugeot want £80 for the smallest ever Tab of metal, my offside drum slackens off over a 5k service interval (handy) so i just whip the drum off and re-adjust every now and again.


Yes, 306 suspension fits. Well, the front shocks do. Initially I fitted PH1 Citroen Xsara front shocks and -35mm apex springs. The xsara shocks are already an inch shorter than 405, therefore -35mm - 1" lowering. I have a picture of the difference in shocks actually. The front shocks have the tabs on them for Droplinks, you can grind them off, i ground off the tabs on the xsara shocks but i've left them on the g-maxx shocks as i didnt want to de-value the brand new kit.


The 306 REAR shocks use a 12mm and 14mm bolt hole. The 405 uses 16mm bolts so the tubes need to be removed from the rear shocks and fitted with 16mm tubes. Obviously when you do this you'll destroy the bushes, so... I'm currently mid-flow sourcing the stuff to cast my own polyurythene shock bushes, however, i recently found that i think Saxo/106 powerflex rear axle bushes will fit the g-maxx shocks, then i just need to get a peice of 16mm tube into each one. May need to trim down the powerflex bits, but thats only last resort if casting my own bushes doesnt work.


405 Shock on left, xsara shock on right.




Result, with -35mm springs and massive 205/50/16 tyres (now sorted, obviously with g-maxx shocks and 195/45 tyres):





Edited by KrisB

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