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Revised Technical Forums Structure

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For the past year, we've been evaluating the current (now obsolete) technical forums structure

and the profile and interests of our members. We have now decided to implement a revision,

that will hopefully make for a better organisation of technical topics for years to come.



What this means for you is that the following forums have now been locked for new topics:

  • XU Engine & Gearbox Service and Maintenance
  • XU Engine & Gearbox Modifications and Performance Upgrades

and have been replaced with (or perhaps better defined as evolved to):

  • XU 8v Engine Maintenance and Performance Upgrades
  • XU 16v Engine Maintenance and Performance Upgrades
  • Non-XU/TU Engine Maintenance and Performance Upgrades
  • Gearbox & Drivetrain

Furthermore, the TU forum is now purely for engine related topics, while any MA gearbox

topics should go into the new all-containing Gearbox & Drivetrain forum.



Also, due to the merge of 405Mi16.com Forum with this one and considering there are many

non-205 owners on board now, we have created the following forum too:

  • Other Model-specific Technical Questions


It all appears a little bit crowded now, but please keep in mind that the obsolete XU forums,

along with the whole of the 405Mi16.com Forum Archive, will be eventually resyncronised

with the new structure and ultimately removed.



Should you have any questions or further suggestions about this change, please post a topic

in Questions, Comments and Suggestions Forum.



Thanks, The 205GTIDrivers.com Management.

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