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Donations To Keep Us Running

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Dear members,


As some of you may remember, about 4 years ago we've had a round of user donations

that saved 205GTIDrivers.com from closing down and we thank you for that once again.


Since then we've been able to run 205GTIDrivers.com as a self-sustained system but

ever increasing popularity of the site and primarily the forum has led to multiplied

running costs due to the recent major hosting server upgrade, so we're once again

faced with a fight for the existence.


Since 205GTIDrivers.com has always been completely free resource of information,

by members for members, rather than introducing subscriptions or other similar

limitations - we opted to once again ask for your free-willing help.


The donations are not obligatory at all and you won't be judged for not donating.

The donation amount is also left for you to decide, based on how you value your

membership and what are you able to share with us. We are sure that, even if it's

just a fraction of what the forum membership has saved or gained you over the months

or years you've been a member, be it by receiving help and valuable information for

DIY work, buying and selling parts or even for the sheer entertainment value, it will

be enough to keep us running for some time.


We will "reward" the donors by placing a donor logo on your profile (the previous donor

status logos have now been reset) and of course - keep providing great service and expanding

205GTIDrivers.com with new features (more on this very soon).



You can find the instructions on donating and post your comments in this topic:





We hope you'll appreciate our ongoing efforts and give us your support once again.



Thank You.



205GTIDrivers.com Management

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