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[Misc_Work] 307 Breaknck

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Next up - 307 CC white clocks with chrome rings, red needles and radial writing. Got them from the UK

(eBay once again), so they're in mph but they also have a km/h scale, in small print.




It was not a simple plug'n'play affair though, because I needed to keep my circuit board. Therefore,

armed with a Torx bit, I started disassembling them to bits. I even had to go the lengths of cutting out

and swapping the center "display" part, so the warning lights would remain correct.




Et voila! Clocks finished, fitted back into the car and looking classy, in my opinion.





And finally - a "before and after" shot, to sum it all up. The new details really smarten up the interior

and the steering wheel is much nicer to use.




As far as interior mods are concerned, that's it for now, but I've definitely got another thing or two planned ;-).



Full size photos available here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=12

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My exhaust had developed a booming noise and eventually the pipe going into the backbox broke off,

so I took it over to an exhaust service place for a fix.





While at it, I took an opportunity to remove the broken spare wheel mechanism to finally check

what's going on with it. The problem was quite obvious and it's a common one on 307 Break & SW cars.

The solution was simple - new cable made based on the original one - much cheaper than a complete

new mechanism from Peugeot.




Fitting it back on isn't such a simple job when you're doing it in a car park but the spare wheel

will finally be gone from the boot and back under the car!





Meanwhile, my expensive Varta battery had died (just outside the warranty period - typical).

I purchased a cheaper 60Ah one this time, that seems to do the job just as well.





Full size photos available here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=13

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Just a quick update.



I've had this idea for winter wheels setup for a while and I've finally got it done now.

406 Coupe V6 Starfish wheels, 7x16" ET12. I don't think I've ever seen another 307

with them on.


Nice and wide, they fill the arches just like the later version Coupe wheels (Hoggar)

I've had on the car in the past, but visually suit the 307 better. All I now need is

a V6 engine, haha.

Full size photos available here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=13

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Hello and Happy New Year! :)


The last year went without updates, but that doesn't mean I haven't done any work on the car.



First, a few photos from from a Winter trip to Budapest (HUN) and Spring trip to Split and Trogir (CRO).

Nice stance and still able to carry four people without any issues. And I love getting standard 307 Break

and/or SW examples in the same shot with 307 Breaknck :-).





Other than low stance and big wheels, I also like big and powerful brakes! That's why I fitted

406 Coupe V6 Brembo 4-pot calipers that I used to have on my 405 T16 as well. However, the original

406 Coupe V6 setup uses 305x28 mm discs, but due to the design of 307's hubs, they fit straight on

only with standard 307's 283x26mm discs (just ilke on 205/206/306). This is not a huge upgrade,

looks silly and I don't like making compromises.





Therefore, I decided to go a step further - here's a 305x28 mm drilled and grooved disc fitted on.

However, there's not enough space for caliper-adapters, therefore I've had to get creative with it.

The solution I went with are Renault Megane RS 225 Brembo calipers with custom-made caliper mounts

(they have no mounts, unlike 406 Coupe V6 Brembo calipers with integrated mounts). Let's see how

it works out.





The caliper goes on just like planned. And here you go - 4-pot Brembo calipers with 305x28 mm discs

(note that the caliper is test-fitted up-side down in this photo). It's a massive improvement over

standard brakes! With custom caliper mounts, I could have gone for any disc size, but I've had to

stick with 305 mm setup in order to be able to fit my Winter wheels (406 Coupe Hoggars, 7x16" ET12).

They fit straight on, without spacers.





Just a test to see how they fit with Compomotive MO 7x17" ET15 - these wheels also clear the calipers

without the need for wheel spacers. However, with 307 Challenger 6.5x17" ET31 wheels, a 20 mm wheel spacer

is required in order for wheels to fit over the Brembo calipers. Of course, my RS GT 7.5x18" ET15 wheels

could easily house even bigger brakes with no bother.





Although I do have a few more things planned for the car (I'm quickly running out of ideas though),

I've now provisionally put the car up for sale, as I'm not really using it much. But I hope to be

able to do a few more updates first :).



Full size photos available here: http://photos.cybernck.com/307breaknck?page=13

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