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205 GTI 1.9
By seab, 11/14/2020
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Color Silver
  • Year 1990
  • Short Description Started life as a 1.6, now a 1.9 but certianly not standard
  • Car Type / Usage Road car
  • Engine & Gearbox Standard
  • Suspension & Steering koni with skip brown springs
  • Brakes Standard
  • Wheels & Tyres 1.9
  • Bodywork & Exterior Standard
  • Interior & ICE Standard
  • Comments & Plans Been my daily for just over a year. Very reliable but most days are a surprise. Its quick when its not suffering from a fuel/air problem that generally hits at 3.5k revs and seems to vary depending how hot/cold. Its very non standard so my question is has anyone come across this car before and have any info about it. Reg is F 840 OFL. I need info on what has been done etc, really for all further work and curiosity as its great when its on form, my dad had the 2nd cheetah from charters back in the day and im sure this one is quicker!