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205 GTI 1.9
Don Howarth
By Don Howarth, 05/30/2020
  • Country New Zealand
  • Color Mayerling Green
  • Year 1994
  • Short Description My car was labelled a 205 GTi 1.9 Classic. It was No. 7 of 30 Limited Edition models, the last 205s to be imported to Australia & New Zealand. My car started life in Australia, being sold new in Adelaide , South Australia. The woman owner then emigrated to Auckland, NZ about '97, then sold the car on some years later, to a Japanese dentist. Some years on again the dentist traded the car to the European car dealership where I worked. I owned a 205 CTi Cabrio 1.6 at the time. I bought the "Classic" but it needed a roof & rear quarters/tailgate repaint, as NZ sun had bleached the exposed panels. That was done, then the full black leather upholstered front seats needed recovering as leather had gone hard and had split on the stitching. This model had charcoal carpets in place of red, air conditioning and the factory sliding sunroof. After refurbishing it was a superb looking drivers car. I sold the car after 3 years, when the mileage was 198,000 km, before it stared to lose good value. I was then in the market for another sporting Pug, so bought a '91 309 GTi 5 door, which was a great driving car.
  • Car Type / Usage Road car
  • Engine & Gearbox Standard
  • Suspension & Steering Standard
  • Brakes Standard
  • Wheels & Tyres Standard with Bridgestone W rated sports tyres
  • Bodywork & Exterior Standard
  • Interior & ICE Standard
  • Comments & Plans Since owing the 205 GTi Classic, I have owned a 1.9 C Ti Automatic with ZF 4 speed transmission, a 406 Coupe V6 3.0 5 speed manual(still owned), a '70 404 sedan with a 2 litre 504 engine(still owned), a 306 Cabriolet 2.0, a 206 GTi 180 and currently own an '05 Citroen C4 VTS 2.0 5 speed. I have owned 22 Peugeots, 1 Citroen and 1 Renault Megane C/C 2.0( a bit of a lemon, sold it on quickly !). I have restored 2 early model Pugs, a 1978 104 ZS Coupe and a 305 GT sedan. I am 78 now so slowing down in the restoration department although the 404 needs regular attention the the rust demon. Cheers