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205 GTI-6 2.0 Supercharged
By woodymi16, 01/03/2018
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Color White
  • Year 1983
  • Short Description Peugeot 205 supercharged
  • Car Type / Usage Trackday car
  • Engine & Gearbox Forged low compression engine with Rotrex high boost conversion, 370BHP with a VTS gearbox.
  • Suspension & Steering AST coilovers up front, AST shocks on the rear. Satchell Engineering front subframe and wish bones. Machined negative camber rear stub axles. Larger torsion and roll bars.
  • Brakes AP four pot calipers with Carbone Lorraine pads up front standard rears.
  • Wheels & Tyres Standard 1.9 wheels A048 tyres
  • Bodywork & Exterior Front arch extensions.
  • Interior & ICE Welded in roll cage Sparco seats and harnesses.
  • Comments & Plans Tidy up the bodywork, change the roof to get rid of the sunroof. Poly windows.