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205 GTI-6 2.0
By Thijs_Rallye, 05/23/2017
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Color White
  • Year 1990
  • Short Description Trackday car of me and two mates
  • Car Type / Usage Trackday car
  • Engine & Gearbox Standard XU10J4RS
    Xsara VTS 5 speed gearbox
    Gripper LSD
    Nodiz Ignition
    45 Webers
    Zeitronix ZT-2 Wideband/datalogger
    Fire extinguisher (engine bay and passenger compartment) with outside activation
  • Suspension & Steering Bilstein B6 around
    309 GTi wishbones
    309 GTi ARB front
    106 GTi 24mm ARB rear
    21 mm torsion bars
    309 GTi-16 rear arms
  • Brakes 306 GTi-6 front calipers, DS2500 pads, standard 283 disks
    Rear standard
  • Wheels & Tyres 1.9 (Italy) alloys with Toyo R888
  • Bodywork & Exterior Reinforced shell and struts
  • Interior & ICE Sparco buckets
    OMP 10 point rollcage
  • Comments & Plans Rebuild another (fresh!) XU10J4RS with forged pistons, larger valve cutouts and other camshaft(s).
    Brembo bigbrake conversion (406 Brembos)
    Probably an upgrade to 16" wheels.