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205 Other STDT 1.9
By forbeslongden, 10/09/2014
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Color Oberon Green
  • Year 1993
  • Short Description 1993 STDT, all seems to be pretty original and well cared for, took a punt on this one since it was close to my location. I'm fixing it and then selling it.
  • Car Type / Usage n/a (ex-owner)
  • Engine & Gearbox Normal 1.8TD
  • Suspension & Steering Standard
  • Brakes Standard
  • Wheels & Tyres Peugeot 306 steel wheels fitted to this one, they look alright I s'pos.
  • Bodywork & Exterior Apart from the green moss on it, it's standard with no mods, there is one massive dent in the back though, hopefully I'll hammer that out.
  • Interior & ICE Carpet has been removed so that needs to go back in but all is present and correct.
  • Comments & Plans Bought this one from a nice chap in Exeter, it was advertised for £350, but needed quite a lot of work so I managed to get it for £250 in the end, I'm planning on selling it as soon as the work is done to it, just keeping another one on the road!

    (This one went MIA after I sold it)